Chapter 148 - Decisive Slaughtering

MGA: Chapter 148 - Decisive Slaughtering

An invisible wall was formed in front of them. It was like a transparent fort that that protected both Chu Feng and Murong Xinyu.

Despite the martial skills that endlessly bombarded over and continuously exploded, they were stopped by the fort and there was no way to penetrate it in any way.

“Is this a Spirit Formation Technique?”

Murong Xinyu was stunned. Although she could not cultivate, after all, she was the big Miss of the White Tiger Villa so she had heard about a lot of things. Naturally, she would have heard of World Spiritists, so she also knew that the Spirit Formation Techniques were the strongest defense methods in the world.

However, no matter what, she never would have thought that a young man who was so much younger than her was a World Spiritist and even had such strong cultivation.

There was no one who had that kind of strength at that age in her White Tiger Villa. With that, Murong Xinyu couldn’t help but look at Chu Feng in another light and thought: “Could it be that outside of the White Tiger Villa, there are countless experts and geniuses form crowds?”

“Damn it. What strange method did this boy use? How are my attacks not landing on him?” Facing that situation, the black-clothed people felt very helpless.

“Impossible. Is he a World Spiritist? A World Spiritist at such a young age… Where did he come from?” Even the leader of the black-clothed people tightly frowned and felt that Chu Feng was too hard to deal with.

“What? You’re done? If you’re done, it’s my turn!”

Chu Feng waved his big sleeve and the Spirit Formation quickly contracted. From a Spirit Formation fort that was as large as a house, it became an extremely small space that could only fit Chu Feng and Murong Xiyun.

At that time, Chu Feng raised his feet and took a step forward. He stepped out from the Spirit Formation. His left hand formed into a fist and a golden longbow appeared. His pulled with his right hand and a golden arrow condensed and appeared.

From then on, Chu Feng explosively and repeatedly shot out. Howling wind noises never-endingly sounded out. Rain of golden arrows filled the sky as they all flew over. Every single arrow saw blood and none of them missed.

Under the burst of shooting, very quickly, over half of the hundred black-clothed people died or were injured. Almost no one could dodge Chu Feng’s arrow because it was as though the arrows had magic. They wanted to dodge, yet they could not. They wanted to defend, yet they could not.


Seeing one body after the other being pierced and laying within a pool of blood all around him, even the leader panicked. He yelled and took the lead to escape.

“Hmph. You think you can get away?”

Chu Feng coldly snorted. He aimed at the black-clothed leader and shot. Wherever the flash of a golden light went, nothing could stop it. Several enormous trees that could touch the sky had holes bore through them. At the end, only when it landed and forcibly exploded the head of the leader did it dissipate.

That was the highest profound meaning of the Bow of Hundred Transformations. There were no wasted arrows and every single one took a life. Unless their strength was above Chu Feng’s, no one could escape from the slaughter of the Bow of Hundred Transformations.

With a blink, no one remained alive within the hundred black-clothed people. All of them died by Chu Feng’s bow. If they were not punctured through the chest, they exploded. All of them died by one arrow and they died quite efficiently.


Looking at the bloody scene in front of her, Murong Xinyu tightly frowned. It was not the first time that she saw such a wretched scene, but when that bloody scene was created by a young man who was a few years younger than her, indescribable shock was in her heart.

Not only was it an issue of cultivation, it was also an issue of the mind. If he was an adult, it would be reasonable. But, it was simply too rare for a young man to slaughter so decisively without any mercy. If Chu Feng wasn’t protecting her, she really would have suspected whether Chu Feng was a cold-blooded monster or not.

“Manager Zhang, what words do you want to say?”

Chu Feng saw that manager Zhang still hadn’t died yet and seemed to have words that he wanted to say. So, he walked over. After all, without that old man, Chu Feng could not sneak into the White Tiger Villa so successfully.

“I don’t care what goal you have, but I wish that you don’t harm my Miss. Right now, if there are people in the White Tiger Villa that dares to assassinate the Miss so openly and boldly, that means change must have happened in the villa.”

“I hope that you can protect her. As long as nothing harms her, my villa’s master will certainly repay you.” Manager Zhang begged with an extremely weak voice. It could be seen that he really worried about Murong Xinyu.

“Manager Zhang.” At that instant, Murong Xinyu also ran over. When she saw he was dying, painful tears flowed down and it was clear that their relationship was quite good.

Chu Feng stood on the side and silently looked at the two people. When manager Zhang closed his eyes, he patted Murong Xinyu’s shoulder and said, “He’s gone. Manager Zhang is gone.”

Murong Xinyu was also not a stubborn person so she stood up, wiped the tears on her face away, looked at Chu Feng, then said, “So, who are you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am. You only need to know that I am a person who can protect you right now.” Chu Feng replied tranquilly.

“Protect me? You are a spy who sneaked into my White Tiger Villa with malicious intents. How would know if you protecting me is due to other goals?”

“I have malicious intents? You are a person who does not have any cultivation. What malicious intents would I have towards you? I just saw that you were pitiful so I helped you out. If I want to kill you, I don’t even need to move a single finger.”

“I do indeed have goals in the White Tiger Villa, but that is certainly not you. It is fine if you believe me or not. You have no other choice. If you don’t follow me, you have no way of surviving and returning to the White Tiger Villa.”

Chu Feng was too lazy to explain. He strided towards the nearby carriage, cut off the ropes, and directly went onto a treasured horse.

It was exactly how manager Zhang said it was. If the people from the White Tiger Villa dared to assassinate Murong Xinyu, most likely, some change must have happened. What Chu Feng hoped for the most were internal changes. With that, the White Tiger Villa would be in a chaotic state. It would be more convenient for Chu Feng to dive into deeper areas, use his Spirit power and investigate the secrets of the White Tiger Villa.

As for Murong Xinyu, Chu Feng really did only help her from a spur of kindness. That girl had no usefulness. Also, Chu Feng was not afraid of telling her his secret by saying that he was a spy who snuck into the White Tiger Villa. If certain changes really happened to the White Tiger Villa, Murong Xinyu would have no way of even returning to the White Tiger Villa so how would she tell his secret to others?

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng did not hesitate as he fiercely kicked the horse under him and prepared to return to the White Tiger Villa. At that time, a panicked voice also rang out behind.

“Don’t leave me behind!”

Turning his head and looking back, he saw Murong Xinyu running towards Chu Feng and she had expressions of fear and anxiousness. It could be seen that she was truly scared that Chu Feng would abandon and not care about her.

“What, you’re not afraid that I have ill-intents towards you now?” Chu Feng unpleasantly smiled and said.

“Regardless of what goal you have, it is a fact that you just saved me. As long as you protect me all the way back to the White Tiger Villa, I will certainly not treat you unfairly.” Murong Xinyu said quietly. It was obvious that she gave in.

“Come up.”

Chu Feng lightly smiled and pulled Murong Xinyu to the back of the horse. Although that girl was a burden, at crucial times she could also be a life-saving badge. He could bring her, or he could leave her. Chu Feng’s choice was to protect her once again.