Chapter 140 - Running Towards an Impasse

MGA: Chapter 140 - Running Towards an Impasse

“How is that possible? He’s at the 2nd level of the Origin realm!”

At that instant, all of the people from the Shangguan family were dumbstruck and greatly shocked. They never would have guessed that Chu Feng had the cultivation of the 2nd level of the Origin realm. However, the hardest thing to imagine was that Chu Feng could kill two experts of the 5th level of the Origin realm with one strike and escape right in front of their faces.

“Want to escape? It won’t be that easy.”

Shangguan Tian and Shangguan Ya coldly snorted as they chased after him on their horses. A large portion of the crowd behind them closely chased after, however, two people were left behind to take care of the Shangguan family’s dead. Their methods were extremely experienced and they did not even leave a single trace behind. On their attack on Chu Feng, it could be seen that they were afraid of the Su family knowing about it.

“Damn it. Luckily I bought a good horse or else I really would have died here.”

The Ferghana horse under Chu Feng ran as if it flew. Its speed really was quite something and it was not too much slower than Chu Feng’s Imperial Sky Technique.

However, the thing that made Chu Feng speechless was that the white-coloured horses that the Shangguan family were riding on were no worse than his Ferghana horse. It even surpassed it and they were pulling the distance closer, bit by bit.

“Damn. It won’t do if this continues.”

Chu Feng panicked a bit. He just left the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range and plains were as far as his eye could see. He could only go along the road to escape, but if that continued, very quickly, he would be caught up.

Chu Feng was not afraid of the others, however, when facing that Shangguan Tian, more or less, Chu Feng had some fear. Although he was only at the 1st level of the Profound realm, after all, it was the Profound realm. If he got near to him, Chu Feng really did not know whether he could escape or not.

“Idiot, why aren’t you infusing Origin power to the horse? Won’t you get caught if this continues?!” Just at that time, Eggy anxiously yelled out.

“Infusing Origin power to this Ferghana horse?” Chu Feng was quite shocked. It was the first time that he heard such a trick.

“You idiot. Normal people can’t, but you can. Don’t forget, you’re a World Spiritist.”

Eggy had a look of “hating iron for not being steel” as she gave Chu Feng a type of Spirit Formation power that reduced the Origin power. With that, the two of them could harmonize together and it was a method to increase the physical capabilities of the Ferghana horse.

When Chu Feng infused the Origin power, the Ferghana horse neighed and both of its eyes became blood-red. It was like it went insane. Four of its hooves moved at the same time and it was as if it already left the ground. That speed was called fast, and with a wisp of smoke, the Shangguan crowd were left behind after great difficulty in nearing Chu Feng.

“Damn! What horse is that guy riding? How is it so fast?”

“That’s impossible. It was clearly only a normal Ferghana horse. How can it be faster than my Shangguan family’s meticulously trained little white dragons?”

Looking at Chu Feng who got rid of them with an absolute advantage, the people from the Shangguan family were all dumbfounded because his horse was the quickest horse than they had ever seen and it was so fast that it surpassed their imagination.

“Hmph, quite some methods, but it’s too immature.”

Shangguan Tian narrowed his eyes, his body leaped and he jumped off from his white horse. After that, he strided with long steps. Wild wind danced and his speed was a lot quicker than the horse as he chased Chu Feng.

“Okay, no need to chase anymore. With big bro, Chu Feng will die without a doubt!”

Seeing that, Shangguan Ya waved his hands towards the people behind him and indicated them to stop. In the current situation, it would be impossible for them to rely on the horses they were riding on to chase Chu Feng. They had the heart, but not the power.

However, Shangguan Tian was different. What he cultivated was a middle level Mysterious Technique and he also grasped a very abstruse bodily martial skill. Combining the robust Profound power and the excellent martial skill, it was only the issue of time before he caught up to Chu Feng because even if they were completing in terms of stamina, Shangguan Tian would not lose to the Ferghana horse. That was the scariness of the Profound realm.

“Damn it. How is this guy’s body so good? Can the Profound power in his body not be used up?”

The two of them kept on insanely running. Chu Feng rode the horse, Shangguan Tian ran with his feet. They ran from day straight until night and they had ran for over 10 thousand miles. However, the thing that Chu Feng was helpless against was that Shangguan Tian could not be left behind as he was chasing, and there was not a single trace of fatigue on his face.

“Nonsense. That’s an expert of the Profound realm and it is not comparable to the Origin realm. Do you really think the distance between Profound power and Origin power was like a star or half a dot? Luckily the person you met was only at the 1st level of the Profound realm. If he was at the 2nd level of the Profound realm, he would have already caught up with you.” Eggy explained.

“What should I do? This Ferghana horse is being overworked and he won’t be able to continue soon.”

Chu Feng had Spirit power so he could feel the state of the Ferghana horse. Although Chu Feng’s Origin power greatly raised the physical abilities of the Ferghana horse, its body was unable to endure such high pressure and it had reached its limit.

“It seems that you can only abandon the horse to escape. Go. Go to that mountain. It would be difficult for him to catch you in the forest.” Eggy reminded.

At that moment, Chu Feng also noticed a mountain range that was nearby. So, Chu Feng urged the horse towards it. However, just as he arrived at the foot of the mountain, the Ferghana horse was completely exhausted and it started to decelerate.

“Horsie, sorry.”

Chu Feng stroked the Ferghana horse that ran for over 10 thousand miles while being unwilling to part with it. After that, he leaped, did a beautiful flip in the air, and landed on the ground from the horse’s back. After his feet touched the ground, lightning snakes surged as he used the middle stage of the Imperial Sky Technique.


However, before even walking two steps, the wretched cry of a horse came from behind. Turning his head to look, Chu Feng discovered that the Ferghana horse was split into half by Shangguan Tian and blood was scattered on the ground.

“Damned Shangguan family. If I, Chu Feng, can escape this calamity, I will annihilate your entire family.”

Chu Feng was furious. It was the first time that he was forced into a situation like that as Shangguan Tian wanted to kill him with no room for discussion. It was also Shangguan Tian’s bloodlust that initiated Chu Feng’s flames of anger. He already put the Shangguan family into his “Elimination List”. As long as he could escape that disaster and grow up, in the future, he would certainly go and slaughter the Shangguan family without even leaving a single chicken or dog alive.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Chu Feng rushed into the mountain range and he looked with his Spirit power. Relying on the speed of the Imperial Sky Technique, Chu Feng ran west and east in the forest. But even so, he had no way of getting rid of Shangguan Tian. For the first time, he understood the powerful strength of Profound realm experts.

Between the Origin and Profound realm, there was indeed a gap that was unable to be passed over. Even if it was Chu Feng who had a Divine Body, even if he had Spirit power, he could not fight against a Profound realm expert with insufficient cultivation, despite Shangguan Tian only being at the 1st level of the Profound realm.

“Boy, you can’t escape.”

Suddenly, the bellow of Shangguan Tian came behind Chu Feng. At the same time, his expression changed greatly because he suddenly found out to his left, and to his right, two auras appeared. Those auras were both at the 1st level of the Profound realm. At that instant, from behind as well, Chu Feng was surrounded.