Chapter 141 - Life and Death on a Thread

MGA: Chapter 141 - Life and Death on a Thread

The auras that abruptly appeared greatly changed Chu Feng’s expression because he discovered that the aura belonged to Shangguan Tian. However, clearly, Shangguan Tian was still closely chasing behind him. How did he surround him from both left and right?

“This..It’s a martial skill?

After looking to his sides, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be astounded. He shockingly discovered that the aura really seemed like Shangguan Tian’s, but they were not actual bodies. They seemed to be translucent, illusionary bodies. They were similar to consciousnesses, yet they were clearly not.

“Hmph. This is a rank 6 martial skill, Illusionary Body. I would not usually use it, but today, I will let you open your eyes.”

As he spoke, Shangguan Tian’s Profound power on his body moved around and two more illusions came out from his body. They separated and almost blocked Chu Feng’s retreating path. making it so Chu Feng could only continue forward and without being able to change directions.

“Damn it. Why is there such a twisted martial skill in the world?”

Chu Feng was extremely speechless. That martial skill was simply too revolting. The auras were same as the original body, which meant that they grasped the same amount of power. If that skill was used while fighting an enemy of the same strength, he could create a state in which he completely crushes the enemy.

“Hmph. Being startled for such an insignificant thing. It is merely a rank 6 martial skill, and since the road of martial cultivation is broad and profound, there are countless more strange and odd things.”

“His martial skill just looks a bit more spectacular. If he meets someone with absolute strength, it would be useless even if he had more people. However, it is quite efficient for him to use this martial skill to catch you.” Eggy said.

“Rubbish. If I keep on being pressured by him like this, sooner or later, I will reach an impasse. Can’t you think of anyway that would let me get rid of him?” Chu Feng was quite anxious. He did not want to be killed in the wilderness while he did not know all the reasons why.

“In these kinds of situations, you can only leave it up to fate. If there’s a tall mountain that blocks the road, you climb it. If there’s a cliff in which you cannot see the bottom, you jump. As long as you can escape his pursuit, you will have a strand of chance to live. If you get caught by him, without a doubt, you will die.” Eggy said.

"Damn it."

It was just like how Eggy said it was. Chu Feng had no other methods. He could only leave it to the heavens and rely on luck. Who told him to have worse skill than others? Even if he was forced to death, he would not have any words of complaint.

As he madly ran, Chu Feng climbed higher and higher. In front of him, there really was a steep cliff as an obstruction. But luckily, it wasn't too steep and with Chu Feng's methods, he could climb on it.

Within the boundless mountain range, after running away for 6 hours, Chu Feng suddenly felt that something was wrong. There was a dead end in front of him as there was an extremely tall cliff.

"Does the heavens really want, I, Chu Feng, to perish?"

Standing on the peak of the cliff, Chu Feng looked down. He found out that the cliff really was the end. It was steep to the extreme and if Chu Feng jumped down like that, he would not have much luck.

“Don’t be afraid Chu Feng. Listen carefully. There are water sounds so there is a river current down there. Even if this place gets higher, you will only be badly injured but you shouldn’t die.” Eggy calmly interpreted.

“Run! Let me see where you’re going to run! This is called the Suicide Cliff. The rocks are special, and even those at the Profound realm cannot grab onto the cliff wall.”

“At the bottom of the Suicide Cliff, it’s the Dragon River. The Dragon River’s water rushes extremely quickly and it is incomparably vicious, just like a sharp knife. Living things would be shattered into pieces by the water sprays and there are even Monstrous Beasts in the Dragon River. Even if the water does not slam you to death, or if the whirlpools don’t roll you to death, the Monstrous Beasts will swallow you.”

Shangguan Tian walked over. He no longer chased and his steps slowed down. He had a smug expression all over his face and his gaze towards Chu Feng was filled with mock. So, from the start, he was already planning to force Chu Feng to this dead end.

“Jump! If you jump, at most, your body would be shattered and your bones crushed. But if you die from my hands, you will disappear like a strand of smoke.” As Shangguan Tian neared, he sneered.

At that instant, Chu Feng suddenly smiled. His smile was very eerie as his spoke, “Shangguan Tian, pray. Pray that I will die just like this. Pray that you won’t see me again.”

“Or else I, Chu Feng, will find you. When that day arrives, it will not only be your end. It will be the extermination of your Shangguan family.”

After saying that, Chu Feng suddenly leaped and elegantly jumped down the cliff. Very quickly, he sank into the fog as it concealed any trace of him.

Seeing that, Shangguan Tian immediately rushed to where Chu Feng was standing before. He focused and looked carefully. For some reason, a hint of worry was created in his heart. He suddenly regretted it. He regretted not killing Chu Feng personally and instead forcing him down the cliff.

It had to be said that the cliff was extremely high. After jumping, quite a while passed before he passed through the fog and saw the bottom. At the bottom, it was exactly as Shangguan Tian described as. There was a wide and fierce river.

That river was extremely bizarre. The spray of water were very brutal and there were countless underflows. Even in an instant, he could see several whirlpools swirling within the water currents.

At that moment, Chu Feng quickly revolved the Origin power through his body to protect himself. The drop from the cliff really was too high and even if he dropped into the river, a huge force would still be brought on impact. If it were others, they would directly become meat sauce. However, even Chu Feng did not have much luck.


Powerful water sprayed everywhere as Chu Feng sank into the Dragon River. In the instant that he sank in, Chu Feng completely lost consciousness as he was swept away by the violent currents.

Chu Feng drifted along the water flow and his consciousness was in a mess. He was really heavily injured and despite of Eggy’s yells, Chu Feng could not concentrate his awareness. Life and death really was on a thread.

Roughly 5 days passed under that situation and Chu Feng’s consciousness finally started to gradually recover. When he felt the piercing pain coming from his body, he vaguely heard a sweet and beautiful voice of a young female.

“Oi! Are you alright? Wake up!”

As he was in a daze, Chu Feng slowly opened his eyes. Only then did he discover that he was lying on grass. Near him was the fierce Dragon River. It was like a vicious, wild beast and it was still surging and roaring.

“Saved? Not dead!” That were Chu Feng’s subconscious thoughts because everything that he saw, and also including the pain coming from his body, let Chu Feng acknowledge that he was still alive.

“Oi, I’m talking to you. Why aren’t you replying?” Just at that time, the sweet and beautiful voice rang out again.

Turning his head to look, Chu Feng found out that there was a young female standing behind him. She was around 15 years old, with a tall stature, delicate facial features, pretty appearance, and her pair of clear, big eyes were staring at him while blinking.

Behind the young female stood a big person and an old man. In contrast to her curiosity, they were filled with alert.

“Miss, it seems that he is fine. Let’s quickly leave as we must reach the White Tiger Villa before the sky gets dark.” The old man spoke and urged.

“Mm.” The young female meaningfully shot Chu Feng a glance before turning around and leaving.

“Wait, all of you are heading towards to the White Tiger Villa?” Chu Feng quickly spoke.