Chapter 139 - Encountering a Surrounding Attack

MGA: Chapter 139 - Encountering a Surrounding Attack

Seeing the group of big persons that swarmed over and surrounded him, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be at a loss. He could tell what the group of people wanted to do, but he could not tell how did they know he was going to go on this specific road.

“Damn it! That wretched attendant!” Suddenly, Chu Feng thought of something and he cursed in his heart.

Before, the shop attendant asked Chu Feng where he was heading towards. It was so that he could give Chu Feng some pointers to some shortcuts for the goal of reaching the White Tiger Mountain Range quicker. So, Chu Feng told him, but he never would have thought that the attendant sold him out and informed the group of big persons what his route was.

“Hehe. Boy, you’ve got quite the nerve to dare to steal our boss’s treasured horse.”

As they held big blades while rubbing them against their pants, they quickly walked towards Chu Feng. Looking at their aggressiveness, it seemed that they did not plan to leave him alive.

Chu Feng did not put the group of people in his eyes. Other than the big person with sideburns who was a cultivator at the 9th level of the Spirit realm, all the others were weak and not worth anything. They were simply looking to die if they wanted to rob and kill Chu Feng.

“This aura.” But just at that time, Chu Feng tightly frowned and he couldn’t help but cast his gaze behind.

He saw dust flying up and he could vaguely see dozens of quick horses that were rushing towards them. The horses were good horses, and almost every single one were not worse than the Ferghana horse that he was riding on. They were even extremely well taken care of.

The people on the horses were not ordinary as well. Not only did they have fitting clothing, their cultivation were not bad as well. The weakest was still at the 4th level of the Origin realm. Chu Feng could even faintly feel the aura of a Profound realm expert within the group of people. Although it was only the 1st level of the Profound realm, it was still, without a doubt, the Profound realm.


The appearance of the group of people also attracted the attention of the big persons. They quickly hid their blades behind them, stood on the side of the road and acted as if they were peaceful.

It was because they were afraid that the people and horses who were arriving came from the Vermilion Bird City. If they were discovered by the people from the Vermilion Bird City that they were currently robbing a young man, they would most likely die.

Chu Feng also stood where he was and silently looked at the group of people. He wanted to wait until they passed by before taking care of the big person who did not have eyes.

However, the unexpected thing was that as the group of people and horses neared, they surrounded Chu Feng and the big persons. A handsome and beautiful male who was riding a white-coloured fine horse coldly looked towards Chu Feng and said,

“Boy, you’re quite clever huh? You chose to leave the Vermilion Bird City during the night. However, did you think you could escape just from that?”

“Who are you? I don’t recall having any history with you.” Chu Feng carefully examined the handsome male and he found out that his cultivation was not weak, being at the 8th level of the Origin realm.

But compared to that person, Chu Feng was more fearful towards the cold-faced middle-aged man behind him because that man was the person at the Profound realm that Chu Feng felt before. An expert of the 1st level of the Profound realm.

“Ho? You don’t recognize me? I’ll introduce myself. I am Shangguan Ya, Su Mei’s fiancé. Do you understand now?” Shangguan Ya sneered and said while his gaze was filled with chilly killing intent.

“Fiancé?! When did Su Mei have a fiancé like you? I never heard her mention that before. You didn’t grant that title to yourself right?”

Chu Feng’s eyes narrowed and a cold gaze surged out. Although he already felt that they might not have come for kind reasons, when he heard Shangguan Ya say that he was the fiancé of Su Mei, Chu Feng instantly got angry.

It was because Chu Feng already had good feelings towards Su Mei, and Su Mei also hiddenly loved Chu Feng. The two of them just didn’t poke through the layer of window paper. However, in Chu Feng’s heart, Su Mei was already his so how could he bear letting others call themselves as Su Mei’s fiancé?

“Hmph. The marriage between me and Su Mei has been set for many years. This is something that everyone in the Vermilion Bird City knows.” Shangguan Ya loudly said and he was very smug. It could be seen that he really liked Su Mei.

“Brother, there is no need to waste words on a person who is going to die. Just directly kill him and it would be fine.” Just at that time, the male behind Shangguan Ya spoke

The cold-faced male was called Shangguan Tian and he was Shangguan Ya’s elder brother. When he was 30 years old, he entered the Profound realm. Although his potential was lower than Shangguan Ya, his cultivating talent was not bad and he was still quite the character in the Shangguan family.

“Brother, you are correct. While facing people who are going to die, I really shouldn’t waste any words.” Shangguan Ya smiled and replied. Although he was the secretly determined future family master in the Shangguan family, he was still very respectful towards his elder brother.

“‘Mm, attack.“ Shangguan Tian coldly spoke. He did not personally attack because he felt that a person like Chu Feng was not qualified for him to personally attack.

In the instant that he finished speaking, dozens of Shangguan family experts attacked simultaneously. Even the group of big persons suffered. With a blink, several fell on the ground, dead.

“Milords, don’t kill us. We don’t know who this boy is.” The big person with sideburns was terrified. He never would have thought that Chu Feng had such a group of enemies. They were people that truely “killed without blinking”! Also, from their strength and cultivation, it was clear that they had quite an important status.

If they knew about that, how would they have even dared to rob Chu Feng? Not only were they not successful, they even lost their little lives.

However, how could the people from the Shangguan family let them go? An expert waved his hand and directly shattered the big person’s brain and he died quite wretchedly.

After killing the group of big persons, the Shangguan family crowd all swarmed and surrounded Chu Feng. The atmosphere they were giving off showed that they were planning to take Chu Feng’s life.

“Hmph. Want to kill me? I’m afraid all of you aren’t capable.”

Seeing that the situation was not good, Chu Feng fiercely kicked the Ferghana horse under him and the horse suddenly jumped and galloped towards the two people who were blocking Chu Feng in front of him.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

The two of them attacked at the same time. They did not use any martial skills but the most direct attacks. They threw a punch out, and the Origin power ripples were like invisible boulders. With lightning speed and unconcealed might, they were smashing towards Chu Feng.


Chu Feng only coldly snorted when facing their attacks. Golden lightning flashed into his eyes and a layer of Origin power shield encircled him. His cultivation instantly rose to the 2nd level of the Origin realm and he waved his big sleeve, dispelling the two Origin power fists.

At the same time, Chu Feng clenched both his hands and two golden, long flickering rows condensed out. Chu Feng’s arms moved and the two rays of golden light cut through the air. The two experts at the 5th level of the Origin realm had their bodies and heads in separate locations.

*whoosh* After decapitating the two people, Chu Feng broke through the surrounding trap of the Shangguan family. While driving the Ferghana horse, he rushed straight out.