Chapter 138 - Special Ability

MGA: Chapter 138 - Special Ability

Chu Feng was endlessly excited. Unprecedented change was currently happening to his dantian.

9 Lightning Beasts. 9 colours. 9 shapes. They were constantly changing and constantly roaring. Every single roar could shake the world but at that instant, only Chu Feng and Eggy could hear it.


Suddenly, a golden Lightning Beast left the group. Bringing its dazzling golden lightning, it abruptly dashed out of the dantian and bore headfirst into Chu Feng’s heart.

*bum bum*

At that instant, Chu Feng could clearly hear his own heart violently jump two times. Also, an unfathomable feeling spiraled around his mind.

The golden Lightning Beast split apart in Chu Feng’s heart. It turned into countless tiny little golden streams of lightning that were like little golden snakes. They went along Chu Feng’s veins and roamed within them. Very quickly, they occupied the blood in Chu Feng’s entire body.

An indescribably strong feeling spread out from Chu Feng’s blood. Just then, Chu Feng’s blood was no longer a normal person’s blood. It was blood that was filled with golden lightning.

At that instant, the 8 Lightning Beasts in Chu Feng’s dantian all stopped surging and roaring. They gathered into a lump again and settled down. At the same time, spiritual energy was no longer emitting from his dantian. Origin power started to cleanse every single part of his body.

A breakthrough. Chu Feng finally had a breakthrough as he broke the bindings of the Spirit realm and entered the long awaited Origin realm. As he felt the strong Origin power in his body, Chu Feng was abnormally joyful.

Although Chu Feng already felt the feeling of being in the Origin realm, under the assistance of Eggy, it was completely different this time. Not only was it Chu Feng’s own power, the most important thing was that there were golden lightning added in his blood.

The golden lightning linked up with the Origin power and caused harmonization with Chu Feng, for the purpose of being used by him. If Bodies of God had special abilities, the current Chu Feng was as though he grasped the special ability that should have belonged to him.


Suddenly, Chu Feng explosively yelled. Within his eyes, two golden lightning emerged out. The golden lightning surged within his eyes and his entire atmosphere seemed completely different.

At the same time, the golden lightning wandering around in his bloodstreams started to surge and roar. With Chu Feng as the center, the Origin power around Chu Feng formed into a human-shaped shield. Chu Feng’s cultivation entered the 2nd level of the Origin realm from the 1st.

“Waa! This is your ability? Impressive. It can directly raise your cultivation by one level and it was after the lightning merged with your body. If all 9 lightning blend into your body and be able to be used by you, how strong would you be?”

“Good guy, this Divine Lightning really isn’t simple. If you get the power of one lightning every time you break through a big realm, your future accomplishments really would be overwhelming.”

Eggy excitedly cheered and happily shouted out. Even she felt admiration towards Chu Feng’s special power that he got.

After all, the reason why Chu Feng could directly raise a level in cultivation was because of the lightning that merged with his body. If the 8 Lightning Beasts in his dantian were all able to be used by Chu Feng, it was simply unimaginable what kind of power he would gain.

After all, currently, it was only the power of the golden lightning. It was unknown what mysterious effects the other 8 would have. However, the thing that could be confirmed was that the 9 Lightning Beasts would bring terrifying power for Chu Feng.

“It’s really strong and this feeling is very good as well. I don’t need to fear anyone at the 5th level of the Origin realm, even if they’re at the 6th level of the Origin realm, I can still fight them. As for those at the 7th level of the Origin realm, even if I cannot win, they would have quite some difficulty in harming me. As long as I am willing to, no one can stop my steps within the Origin realm.”

Chu Feng was also madly happy because compared to Eggy who lived in his Spirit world, Chu Feng could feel the changes to himself. The brutal Origin power surging from his dantian and the tyrannical lightning in his blood made Chu Feng extremely confident.

He felt that he could easily kill those at the 5th level of the Origin realm. As long as he gave it his all, those at the 6th level of the Origin realm could not beat him. Even if he could not face those at the 7th level of the Origin realm, with the superb rank 7 bodily martial skill, the Imperial Sky Technique, as long as Chu Feng wished to escape, no one could stop him within the Origin realm.

“It seems that your arranged battle with that Gong Luyun really isn’t too big of a problem. He is at the 1st level of the Profound realm right now, but even if he had better talent, he is still a normal person and at the time of the arranged battle, his cultivation would not exceed the 2nd level of the Profound realm.”

“Although you just entered the Origin realm, you have a Divine Body. You are crowned with the title of a real genius with the body that grasps special abilities. With the methods you currently have, you don’t even need to step into the Profound realm. As long as you reach the 9th level of the Origin realm at the date of the arranged battle, you can easily defeat Gong Luyun.”

“With this, you only need to raise your cultivation by 7 more levels to win against Gong Luyun. Although it’s extremely hard to do that within the time of one year, don’t forget you have me overseeing everything.”

“As long as you can absorb enough Source energy for me before the arranged battle and let my cultivation reach the 9th level of the Origin realm, naturally, I can guarantee your victory.” Eggy giggled and said.

“At the end, you still want me to find Source energy for you. I want to rely on my own strength in the battle against Gong Luyun so unless I am forced to with no other choice, I won’t use your power.”

Naturally, Chu Feng knew that continuously breaking through 7 levels of cultivation straight to the 9th level of the Origin realm in less than one year was quite difficult because he required large amounts of Origin beads as resources.

Compared to large amounts of Origin beads, the Source energy from the remains of Profound realm experts really were quite a bit better. After all, within the Azure Province, there were many Profound realm experts. As long as Chu Feng firmly grasped the Spirit Formation Technique, Source energy was not as hard to find as imagined.

However, Chu Feng still wanted to rely on his own power to defeat Gong Luyun because he wanted to depend on himself to defeat and kill the person that humiliated him before.

After the breakthrough in cultivation, Chu Feng left the horse station and chose to continue his journey. Although Chu Feng would not feel any burden while using the power of the golden lightning, he would still seem different than the others with his eyes which were sparkling with golden lightning and also from the shield formed by Origin power.

So, when it was peaceful, Chu Feng would obviously not use that special method. Also, for better infiltration into the White Tiger Mountain Range, Eggy even gave Chu Feng a technique that hid his realm cultivation through the Spirit Formation power.

That technique was quite something and it really could hide his true aura. Unless it was an extremely strong World Spiritist, even a cultivating expert of the Profound realm could not see through Chu Feng’s cultivation.

Chu Feng rode the Ferghana horse and galloped with flying speed. Very quickly, he left the influential range of the Vermilion Bird City. However, just at that time, in front of the broad road, there was a group of familiar faces. It was the big person that fought over his Ferghana horse.

“Hehe, damn brat. We’ve waited a long time for you.”