Chapter 135 - I Want Both Sisters

MGA: Chapter 135 - I Want Both Sisters

Su Rou did not understand and felt unfathomably strange. Although her chastity was taken away by Chu Feng just like that and she was extremely angry, when Chu Feng said that he would marry both her and Su Mei, what was that sour feeling?

Was it that she fell for Chu Feng? But how was that possible? Chu Feng was her own sister’s lover. How could she fall for him? The current Su Rou was tangled up and for the first time, she discovered that she did not understand herself.

At that moment, Chu Feng walked out as well. He wore his clothes, entirely new, because the clothing he wore last night was already ripped to shreds by him.

“Will this be kept secret or opened to the public?” Chu Feng spoke and asked.

“What are you thinking about? How can this be publicized? If it is, how will little Mei look at you? How will little Mei look at me?” Su Rou was very nervous.

“ I’ll listen to what you say right now since it will be made public sooner or later.” Chu Feng seemed rather calm.

“What is your meaning?” Su Rou’s willow-like eyebrows slanted inwards and she was nervous that Chu Feng would stir something up.

“It’s nothing. I’m just saying that you’re mine, sooner or later.” The corner of Chu Feng’s mouth slightly raised and he revealed an unruly evil smile as though everything that happened last night did not burden him at all. Rather, it was like he indulged in reminiscence.

Su Rou viciously shot a glance at Chu Feng, then she turned her head around and did not bother with Chu Feng anymore. With a strangely emphasized tone, she said to drive him away, “Quickly leave. Take advantage of the unlit sky and don’t let anyone know that you passed the night at my place.”

“Mm. I was planning to leave anyway. Speak to little Mei and your father on behalf of me.” As Chu Feng spoke, he prepared to walk down the stairs.

“Wait.” Su Rou’s expression changed greatly as she questioned closely, “You said that you’re leaving the Vermilion Bird City?”

“That’s right.” Chu Feng nodded.

“How can you be like this? We did all this without understanding why, yet you don’t even bother to figure out what happened and leave just like that?”

Su Rou’s gaze flickered and her fury was increased because she felt that Chu Feng was too irresponsible. After all, what he took away last night was her body.

“Figure out what happened? Last night, your servant from your residence invited me over. She said that there was something you needed me for and said that you even specially prepared a pot of tea for me. After drinking that tea, I became how I was last night.”

“Also, there was a fragrance in the bathroom. That fragrance was extremely strange and it could restrain one’s cultivation and make them completely powerless. Last night, you didn’t even have enough strength to hold a chicken so I’m sure that it was caused by that fragrance.”

“Who do you think, within your own Vermilion Bird City, is able to command your servant to betray you, and also take out such strong drugs?” Chu Feng asked tranquilly.

“You...” At that instant, Su Rou was dumbfounded. She never would have thought that Chu Feng could analyze everything so quickly and determine who the person behind the scenes was. That calm judgemental power and exceptional observation skills was really quite unbelievable.

“Looking at your expression, it seems that you know who that person is as well. As for that person’s goal, you and I mutually understand. I don’t blame him, rather, I want to give him my gratitude.”

“If he didn’t do that, perhaps I would only marry his little daughter. But right now, I’ll take both of his daughters.” Chu Feng smiled and walked down the building.

“For what reason do you say that? How do you know that I will marry you?” Su Rou interrogated.

“I cannot be sure that you will marry me, but you are already mine. You better not like another person or else I’ll kill him.”

“No matter what, you cannot deny that from today on, you are mine. You and little Mei both are. You two sisters better not think of going anywhere.” Chu Feng’s attitude was resolute and directly overbearing. After saying those words, he didn’t even look at what expression Su Rou had and quickly left.

Su Rou stood there blankly without knowing what to do. Her, who was steadily maturing, got muddled up for the first time.

Before Chu Feng left for long, Su Hen walked in. When he arrived on the 5th floor, he saw Su Rou. He had an apologetic face but he did not say anything. He walked into the bathroom, and after seeing the bloodstain on the ground, he sighed, “Daughter, I am sorry for wronging you.”

Su Rou was also very calm as she asked, “Why did you need to do this?”

“Sigh. The strength of the Shangguan family cannot be underestimated. If little Mei and Shangguan Ya’s marriage was forcefully canceled, the Shangguan family would certainly feel resentful. If he revolts against my Su family, even if we win, we will be greatly damaged and this Vermilion Bird City will be in a crisis.”

“Little Mei has fallen in love for that Chu Feng and everyone can see that. If it was another person, I could forcefully cut off their relationship. However, that Chu Feng just so happens to be a genius and when he grows up in the future, his power cannot be obstructed. My Su family cannot offend him, so I can only rope him in with us.”

“So, you had be wronged. A relationship happened between you and him, so naturally he would feel guilt in his heart and I believe he will not go for little Mei anymore.”

“From what I can see, Chu Feng does not seem to be a person who doesn’t take responsibility. So, in the future, even if he doesn’t work for my Su family, he will certainly protect us. Not for anyone else, but just for you, he would do all that.” Su Hen did not hide anything and he explained everything in detail.

After hearing Su Hen’s words, Su Rou suddenly smiled. Her smiled was abnormally strange and Su Hen who looked at it had his hair stand up, “My lord father, you are indeed correct. Chu Feng really is a responsible person, so you better not give little Mei to that Shangguan Ya. Or else, not only will he exterminate the Shangguan family, he will even exterminate my Su family and leave only me and little Mei, the two of us, behind.”

“What do you mean? Will Chu Feng still think about little Mei after doing that to you? Exterminate my Su family? Chu Feng would dare to exterminate the family of his lover? Wouldn’t he be afraid of the ridicule of the world?” Su Hen’s face changed greatly and he was clearly slightly anxious because he could tell that Su Rou did not seem to be joking.

“My lord father, if you had to blame something, you can only blame your lack of understanding towards Chu Feng. He does not live for the world, he lives for himself and those who he care about. Other people in his eyes can be useful, or they can be useless. It would be in vain to hold that against him.”

After speaking those words, Su Rou turned around and walked down. Although her expression was calm, her own father sold her out for his family. How could she not be furious? That fury could very possibly last an entire life.

Seeing Su Rou who left the palace and headed towards the outside of the Vermilion Bird City, Su Hen’s had an extremely complex expression on his face. After a good while, he said in a low voice, “Could it be that I really made a mistake?”