Chapter 136 - Ferghana Horse

MGA: Chapter 136 - Ferghana Horse

After leaving the Vermilion Bird City, Chu Feng set his goal at the White Tiger Villa. As for the reason, it was very simple. The Black Tortoise Mountain Range was occupied by the Black Tortoise City, and the Black Tortoise City was the territory of Gong Luyun’s family. If Chu Feng’s identity was revealed, he would very likely die. So naturally, without absolute power, he could not rashly go there.

Although the White Tiger Mountain Range was also occupied by the White Tiger Villa, the White Tiger Villa was not the only overlord of the White Tiger Mountain Range. According to what Chu Feng heard, other than the White Tiger Villa in the White Tiger Mountain Range, there were also many other villas. They all shared the resources of the White Tiger Mountain Range so accordingly, it should be easier for Chu Feng to enter the White Tiger Mountain Range.

Since the journey was long and he didn’t really greet anyone while leaving the Vermilion Bird City, when Chu Feng left the city, he went to a station for horses and wanted to purchase a fast horse there. If he walked to his destination, even if Chu Feng had more abundant spiritual energy, he would completely exhaust it.

“Esteemed guest, our horses here are all good horses. Every single one can travel a thousand miles every day. This Ferghana horse is even quicker. It can easily travel 8000 miles every day and it’s the king within horses.” The attendant at the horse station pointed at a red-coloured horse that was tall and big as he bragged.

“Travel 8000 miles easily?”

Chu Feng had his doubts. That horse was blood-red coloured and it did seem more sturdy and healthy when compared to other horses. It was quite similar to the treasured horses of the Golden-purple City and the other cities. It was even slightly more excellent and it was quite a good horse.

However, within the horse’s eyes, there was some unruliness. That proud attitude always faced Chu Feng with a hint of disdain. It would probably not easily let people ride it and it was like a wild horse that was not trained.

“Esteemed guest, how can I be lying to you? This really is a good horse. It was tamed by the combined force of several cultivating experts. However, this horse still has its wild nature. If you aren’t a cultivating expert, there really would be no way to ride it.” The attendant quickly explained.

“Oh, it really is a wild horse.” After hearing his words, Chu Feng got even more interested in that horse and it hooked onto Chu Feng’s taming desires. So, he said, “How much does this horse cost? I’ll buy it!”

“This esteemed guest, are you sure that you want to buy this Ferghana horse? It is not cheap!”

When he heard that Chu Feng wanted to buy it, that attendant was quite shocked. The reason why he introduced the horse to Chu Feng was to let him know that their horse station was quite concrete. However, he did not expect that Chu Feng would be able to buy it. After all, the price of the horse was not able to be bought by normal people. Not to mention a young man like Chu Feng who wore plain clothing.

“Do I look like I’m joking?” Chu Feng faintly smiled.

“Ehh, to be honest, the normal horses in this horse station roughly costs a couple dozens taels of silver. The more excellent ones cost one tael of gold. As for this Ferghana horse, it is a lot more expensive than the previous two types.” The attendant stirred up some suspense.

“How much?” Chu Feng was a bit impatient. If it was before, he might have worried about the cost. But the current him could really be said to be a real wealthy person. At least, when compared to these ordinary citizens, he was an absolute rich person.

“Heh, 1 spiritual bead!” The attendant extended one finger up, smiled, and said.

“What? One spiritual bead is equivalent to 100 taels of gold! A horse like this costs that much money?”

When the attendant’s words came out of his mouth, Chu Feng did not have any reactions. On the other hand, many of the surrounding crowd exclaimed in surprise because something of interest came up. They all gathered around and seriously evaluated the Ferghana horse. They wanted to see what was so special about it that made it cost so much.

Chu Feng only smiled while he looked at the curious gazes of the crowd. To him, 1 spiritual bead really was like a hair from 9 oxens and it was not a problem in any way.

“One spiritual bead is worth it for such a precious horse.” However, not waiting for Chu Feng to speak, a rough voice suddenly rang out.

Looking over, a group of big persons were slowly walking over. The one who led them had net-like sideburns. He revealed well-built muscles from his body and there was even a frightening scar on those muscles. The words that were said just now was from him.

After seeing those people, everyone quickly rushed to the side because just from their appearances, they could see that they should be martial cultivators and they were certainly not kind people. They were unoffendable existences.

“I will take this Ferghana horse!” The big person who had net-like sideburns took out a golden, shiny spiritual bead from his pocket and unhesitantly threw it to the attendant.

After accepting it, the attendant was all smiles from unexpected happiness. No matter what, he never would have expected that the Ferghana horse really sold for such a heavenly high price. However, at that moment, Chu Feng spoke.

“Wait. The so-called first come first serve. I didn’t even say that I wouldn’t buy it so how can you sell it to other people?”

“Little bro, I can see that you are a cultivator as well. But you also know that this Ferghana horse is worth one spiritual bead. One spiritual bead! Think about it more carefully. Are you able to pay for it?”

The big person smiled while examining Chu Feng. Disdain could be seen from his gaze and the group of big persons behind him roared with laughter. They felt that Chu Feng really overestimated himself if he was trying to fight over the horse with their boss.

Even many observing citizens started to point at Chu Feng and felt that Chu Feng “had eyes but could not recognize Mount Tai” as he should not offend a group of people like them.

Chu Feng ignored the gazes of the crowd. He slowly raised his hand and extended it towards the Cosmos Sack on his waist.

“Heavens! Is...Is that the legendary Cosmos Sack?” Suddenly, someone couldn’t help but cry out.

“What? Cosmos Sack?!” At that instant, the surrounding people all cast their gazes towards the Cosmos Sack on Chu Feng’s waist.

After all, the Cosmos Sack was an extremely precious thing. Only people who were rich to a certain realm could use them and only those from real rich families were able to own them. Was the young man in front of them a person from a rich family? However, why would a person from a rich family come here to buy horses?

“Hmph. That’s no Cosmos Sack. It is just some imitation that looks like one. Real Cosmos Sacks do not look like that.” The man with sideburns sneered and said.

“So it’s an imitation. I even thought it was a real one.”

“Sigh. The young people these days really love admiration too much. In order for the higher opinions of others, they use imitations. How shameless.”

After hearing the words of that big person, the crowd all sighed and their gazes towards Chu Feng were no longer curious. Instead, they were filled with contempt.

Chu Feng paid no attention to their words. In the instant that he touched the Cosmos Sack, a strange light radiated out and two golden and sparkling spiritual beads appeared on Chu Feng’s palm.

Chu Feng threw the spiritual beads to the attendant of the shop and said, “One spiritual bead to buy this Ferghana horse, the other one is for you as appreciation.”