Chapter 134 - Hungry Wolf Pouncing on the White Rabbit

MGA: Chapter 134 - Hungry Wolf Pouncing on the White Rabbit

Chu Feng’s eyes that were consumed by desire glared like a tiger at Su Rou’s body. He was like a hungry wolf that had a rumbling stomach and drooled for a long time while looking at a little white rabbit.

Two peaks appeared in Chu Feng eyes. Perhaps because of the over-fierce actions before, Su Rou’s towel was pulled down a bit and a piece of snow-white instantly appeared. As he looked, Chu Feng swallowed some saliva.

Looking up, it was the white and tender neck and her delicate, perfect face. Su Rou’s attractive eyes were lifelessly looking at him. Her eyes were a bit moist and she looked quite pitiful. Her long eyebrows faintly trembled and fear was evident.

Her face was scarlet-red like an additive that let Chu Feng lose all reason. Su Rou’s closed soft and red lips emitted endless attractiveness.

“Chu Feng, have you gone insane? Let me!”

Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his mouth and fiercely bit down. Su Rou was talking to Chu Feng and being caught off guard, she felt that her red lips were sealed shut.


It was the first time in her life that Su Rou experienced that. She never felt that before, yet it had a unique feeling. Su Rou’s body instantly went limp and lost all ability to resist. She powerlessly laid on the ground.

At the same time that Chu Feng was kissing Su Rou, his hands demonically flew everywhere and ripped the towel on Su Rou’s body into pieces. Her perfect body was shown in front of him while being semi-covered.

At that instant, it wasn’t that Su Rou gave up on resisting, it just that she had no strength. She could only let Chu Feng do what he wished on her body and let him madly take everything.

“Damn it! Who did this to us!”

Su Rou already saw the inklings and knew that the current Chu Feng lost all reason. He was clearly being influenced by drugs and her cultivation was restricted as well. Someone should have done something without anyone knowing. However, not ordinary people could do that to her within her Vermilion Bird City.

“This smell?” At that moment, Su Rou noticed that there was a strange fragrance in the bathroom. That scent was quite familiar, and from that, she understood. Yet, she felt that it was hard to believe.

It was a special type of drug that could restrict one’s cultivation. It was an extremely precious thing, and it was a treasure that her father, Su Hen, collected.

“It’s father? Why did he do this?” At that instant, Su Rou was completely baffled. She could not think of the reason why her own father would harm her, yet that thing really did belong to him. Other than her father, there was no one else that had it within the Su family. Also, other than her father, there was no one else that could put that special type of drug into her bathroom.


However, at that moment, Su Rou’s face changed greatly. She painfully screeched because she felt that a foreign object intruded into her body and tore her most precious thing. Drops of blood slowly flowed out.

“Chu Feng you bastard! Clear your head!”

Su Rou madly struggled and wanted to push Chu Feng away. But, Chu Feng who was on her body was like a mountain and she could not move him in any way. She could only let Chu Feng who had blood-shot eyes and was panting roughly press her down. She was completely helpless.


Chu Feng massaged his aching brain and gradually opened his eyes. As he was in a daze, there was a smile on the corner of his mouth because he remembered that he had a very beautiful dream. So beautiful that he was not even willing to wake up from it. Within the dream, he did a very comfortable thing. Although he forgot about the details and people, it was very beautiful and hard to forget.

“Su Rou!” But when Chu Feng saw Su Rou who was completely bare-naked next to him and the bloodstain on the ground, he was instantly disarrayed.

Associating back to the fragments of memory, Chu Feng thought of an inconceivable thing. It was that he forced Su Mei’s elder sister, the second lady of the Su family, Su Rou, down.

“My Gods, why did I do such a thing?” Chu Feng was completely dumbfounded and he did not know what to do.

“No need to blame yourself. This was not your fault.” Su Rou’s had a very cold expression and her voice was very calm. It seemed that she already woke up a long time ago and organized her own emotions. Su Rou stood up, and her pure white, perfect body appeared in front of Chu Feng’s eyes again.

“This...” Seeing that, Chu Feng subconsciously turned his head away and didn’t dare to look.

“No need to put up an act. You’ve already seen enough last night.”

Su Rou grinded her teeth and bit her lower lip. She was really furious because not only did Chu Feng look all over her body last night, he even took away her most precious chastity.

Although she knew that Chu Feng’s actions yesterday were not done voluntarily, when she saw Chu Feng currently having such upright behavior and had such an ashamed expression, Su Rou was still extremely angry.

From Su Rou’s words, Chu Feng thought about it, and he agreed. As a man, one should be able to dare to act courageously and dare to take responsibility. Since it already happened, how could he escape his responsibility? So, he turned his already turned head back and looked at Su Rou’s so-called perfect body.

Although that glance seemed insignificant, Chu Feng instantly reacted to it. It wasn’t that Chu Feng had uncontrollable lust, it was just in front of such a beautiful woman, those who were male would have a reaction. Not to mention that Chu Feng monopolized the sight in front of him.

Su Rou didn’t pay attention to Chu Feng either. She wore her pink dudou in front of him and also her snow-white cheongsam. However, when she turned her head and saw an upright object, her expression couldn’t help but change as she coldly reprimanded,

“My cultivation has already returned. If you dare to have any evil thoughts towards me, I will break you.”

“I will take responsibility.” Chu Feng was not afraid and instead, he solemnly vowed.

“I don’t need you to take responsibility, and I hope that you don’t spread this out. Also...don’t turn your back on little Mei.” Su Rou gnashed her teeth and said the last few words.

“Don’t worry. I won’t betray little Mei, but I won’t betray you either. I will marry you two sisters.” Chu Feng said extremely seriously.

“You...” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Su Rou’s little face paled from anger and after that, she fiercely shot Chu Feng a glance and said, “You really are too greedy.”

After saying those words, Su Rou quickly walked out of the bathroom. However, after turning the corner, she stopped and leaned against the wall. She muttered to herself, “Strange. Why am I so angry? What is that sour feeling in my heart?”