Chapter 123 - Enjoying the Process

MGA: Chapter 123 - Enjoying the Process


At that moment, everyone was thoroughly bewildered. The scene on the stage really made them not know what to do. Even the cold Chen Wanxi couldn’t help but turn her head over and cast her gaze towards Chu Feng.

Was Chu Feng really that strong? So strong that he was equal to Chen Wanxi, and with the cultivation of the 8th level of the Spirit realm, he was easily able to defeat those at the 1st level of the Origin realm?

Although there was no lack of outstanding talented people in the world that could defeat the strong while being weak, those were well-known people. Was the young man who seemed normal also a genius like that?

All sorts of inconceivable thoughts kept on emerging into their minds. For the first time, people felt that they might have underestimated Chu Feng. Perhaps, from the start, Chu Feng did not cheat and he used his own strength to reach this stage.

“City lord, this...”

The guards of the Golden-purple City had shock written all across their faces. Before, they kept on looking down on Chu Feng and felt that Chu Feng was using his relationship with Su Rou to come here and to lose the face of their Golden-purple City.

Especially after Chu Feng replaced Wan Wenpeng, their hatred towards Chu Feng rose to the extreme. However, at that instant, they started to doubt their thoughts on Chu Feng before and whether it was correct or not. They couldn’t help but reflect on it.

“Perhaps lady Su Rou was correct. Maybe this Chu Feng could bring us a surprise.”

On Chen Hui’s face, he was brimming with a relieved smile. In reality, before, he also had the same thoughts as his guards and felt that Chu Feng was a burden. However, right now, not only was Chu Feng not a burden, he was even the bargaining chip of the face of his Golden-purple City.

“How is this possible? How does he have such strong power? He didn’t give his opponents any benefits and let them intentionally throw the match right?”

However, compared to others, those from the Golden-purple City were not willing to accept that fact. After all, from the bottom of their heart, they looked down on Chu Feng and looked forward to his humiliation.

Yet right in front of their eyes, not only did Chu Feng not humiliate himself, he even became the focus of attention. In the fights, it was no longer Chu Feng who could not bear through it, it was them.

After all, they didn’t even enter top 10 yet Chu Feng was standing on that stage. He defeated two core disciples from first-rate schools and one of them was even the core disciple of the #1 school, the Lingyun School. He was way too strong. At least they could not have done that. Even Wan Wenpeng could not have done that.

Under the countless shocked gazes of the crowd, Chu Feng brought a light smile as he slowly walked down the fighting stage. The gazes towards him turned from disdain into admiration.

When Chu Feng finished the fight with lightning speed, the young man from the Wind Cloud City became the focus of the entire plaza.

Once again, the young man was the same as before. After some fighting, he achieved victory with difficulty. That made everyone not know whether he was hiding his strength or if his opponents were too strong.

“No need to come down. I’ve already lost patience in this New Excellence Assembly. Let’s quickly end it!”

Just as the young man from the Wind Cloud City was preparing to walk down the stage, Chen Wanxi’s skirt fluttered as she jumped up the stage. She took the initiative to fight with that young man.

“I am Ding Chou. Please give me your guidance!”

The young man from the Wind Cloud City only lightly smiled at Chen Wanxi’s actions. He politely clasped his hands towards Chen Wanxi, seemingly not having any burdens from the strength that Chen Wanxi displayed earlier.

“Hmph.” Chen Wanxi coldly snorted and palmed in the air. It was not a beautiful martial skill yet was filled with strong Origin power. Her previous opponent was forcefully struck and defeated by that palm.

“Ho.” However, facing Chen Wanxi’s attack, Ding Chou did not move nor dodge it. With a random wave of his hand, a layer of Origin power spread out from his palm and easily dissolved Chen Wanxi’s attack.

“So you did hide your strength. Is that meaningful?” Chen Wanxi was not too shocked. Rather, her gaze had a hint of fury.

“Heh, I’m just enjoying the process of fighting. Is there anything wrong with that?”

“Both of us enjoy fighting, however you only aim for the result. I enjoy the process because the result is not important to me. After all, the one who will win will still be me at the end.” The light, calm smile was still hung on Ding Chou face. Although, looking at it now, it was not calmness but confidence.

“Quite some words you have there. I would really like to see how you can win against me.”

Chen Wanxi attacked once again. She patted several palms through the air and every time she struck with her palm, the air would tremble. Bright and golden palms were also condensed out.

Under her extremely quick hand speed, the entire fighting stage was filled with dense, golden-coloured palm marks. They were like golden shooting stars as they attacked Ding Chou.

“Lady Wanxi’s methods are so strong! Although it’s only a rank 4 martial skill, she is using it perfectly without any errors. It could simply be matched with rank 5 martial skills.” The Golden-purple City guards endlessly sighed in admiration.

“This Wanxi really is a true martial genius. On the side of cultivation talent, she really does exceed me.” As for Chen Wanxi’s father, Chen Hui, he was extremely proud and he could not hide his smile.

“Meteor Palm Techniques. Quite nice usage, but regretfully, it lacks a bit of maturity.”

Ding Chou's eyes narrowed and his aura revolved. Following several palm marks, he used the exact same martial skill as Chen Wanxi. In terms of might, they were even stronger than Chen Wanxi’s.

*rumble rumble rumble*

The golden palm marks on the stage continuously exploded and layers of Origin power constantly spread out. Even the people outside of the plaza could feel that might. It was the strength that two Origin realm experts should have.

At that instant, everyone also knew that Ding Chou did indeed hide his strength. Thinking back to his former fights, it wasn’t that his strength was too weak, it was intentional. Not only was he no weaker than Chen Wanxi, he was even a bit stronger.

“Impressive! That Ding Chou is indeed worthy of being the representative of the Wind Cloud City. In terms of strength, he is quite a bit stronger than Chen Wanxi. It seems that the winner of this year’s New Excellence Assembly belongs to the Wind Cloud City again!” Su Hen judged and said.

“Father, those words are said a bit too early right? Even if Chen Wanxi can’t win against Ding Chou, the monster from my Azure Dragon School still hasn’t went on stage yet!” Su Rou sweetly smiled and said while standing behind Su Hen.

“Chu Feng is indeed a genius and there is no need to doubt that. However, this Ding Chou is not ordinary as well. Did you not find out that he hasn’t used his full strength up until now? He didn’t even use any Mysterious Techniques and the martial skills he used weren’t the strongest he had. I estimate that if he used his full strength, he may be comparable to those of the 3rd level of the Origin realm.”

“Although Chu Feng has quite some fighting strength, he is only at the 8th level of the Spirit realm right now. If he had the cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm, perhaps he would have a chance to defeat Ding Chou. However, as long as he is in the Spirit realm, no matter if he’s at the 9th level of the Spirit realm, he will absolutely not be able to beat Ding Chou.” Su Hen shook his head.

“Father, you don’t understand Chu Feng enough. You know that Ding Chou hasn’t used his full strength, but does that mean Chu Feng used his full strength?” Su Rou did not agree on Su Hen’s views.

“You’re quite confident in Chu Feng huh? Do you want to have a wager?” Su Hen smiled very strangely and said.