Chapter 124 - Stepping Stone

MGA: Chapter 124 - Stepping Stone

“Wager what?” Su Rou smiled and asked.

“Chen Wanxi will certainly be unable to beat Ding Chou, so it’s only a matter of time before she loses.”

“So, naturally, Chu Feng will fight Ding Chou. I bet that Chu Feng will lose to Ding Chou. If I win, I will decide your marriage.” Su Hen said.

“Father, why are you talking about my marriage again? I already said it before. I will decide my own marriage.” Hearing those words, Su Rou was obviously unwilling to.

“It’s fine if you don’t dare.” Su Hen smiled indifferently.

“What don’t I dare? Why not? If I win, trash the marriage between little Mei and that Shanguan Ya. What about it?” Su Rou seriously said.

“That’s...” At that instant, Su Hen slightly frowned and he was clearly in a difficult situation.

“What, you don’t dare?” Su Rou’s eyes formed into two crescent moons as she squinted and smiled at her own father, seemingly enjoying her father being in a difficult situation.

“You jest. Why wouldn’t I dare? Then just as you said, if Chu Feng defeats Ding Chou and win the New Excellence Assembly, I will go and find the Shangguan family and cancel the marriage. Of course, only if little Mei agrees.” Su Hen solemnly vowed.

“Heh, my lord father, don’t worry. Little Mei yearns for you breaking the promise of the marriage.” Su Rou’s smile was extremely happy and her happiness came from her heart.

She first looked at the not too distant Su Mei, then she cast her gaze towards Chu Feng and said quietly, “Chu Feng. Little Mei’s happiness will depend on you.”

Not a single person heard the conversations of the father and daughter because at that moment, everyone’s gazes were all concentrated on the stage of Ding Chou and Chen Wanxi. The battle between the two people entered the climax.

Chen Wanxi unceasingly sent out strong attacks and used all sorts of powerful martial skills. However, the thing that shocked everyone was that Ding Chou could use all the skills that Chen Wanxi used. Also, no matter which martial skill Chen Wanxi used, he would use. Every time he would slightly pressure Chen Wanxi a bit more.

In front of their eyes, everyone could see that Ding Chou was too strong. After such a long period of time, he did not even seriously fight Chen Wanxi. It was as if he were completely playing around with Chen Wanxi.

In front of Ding Chou, Chen Wanxi did not have the atmosphere that she had against her previous opponents. Her cold and proud face was filled with sparkling and translucent drops of sweat as she breathed roughly while taking in large breaths of air. She was almost forced to a dead end by Ding Chou.

“Wanxi, you must hang in there.”

Within Chen Hui’s sleeve, both of his fists were already tightly clenched. He deeply broke into cold sweat for Chen Wanxi. Their Golden-purple City had to win this New Excellence Assembly or else they would meet the situation in which they were unable to hand in their taxes.

Not to mention the punishment they would get from the Vermilion Bird City by not paying their taxes, they would even become the laughingstock of other cities. No matter what they did in the future, they would always be one level lower than others and it would be very difficult for them to raise their heads again.

“Lady Wanxi, you must win!”

“You can do it!”

Compared to Chen Hui’s silent cheering, the guards of the Golden-purple City loudly yelled out and openly cheered for Chen Wanxi because the honor of their Golden-purple City was all on Chen Wanxi. Only victory was acceptable and not defeat.

However, reality was cruel. When Chen Wanxi almost completely exhausted her body strength, Ding Chou finally started his counter attack. His fierce attack surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Although they were only the most simple attacking methods and he didn’t even use any martial skill, his might made people sigh in admiration. In front of him, any attack by Chen Wanxi was useless. She could only stare at Ding Chou as he neared one step at a time.

At that instant, everyone finally knew how strong the seemingly ordinary young man was. Although Chen Wanxi was quite excellent when compared to people of the same generation, she was still greatly lacking in front of Ding Chou.

“This junior, you have lost!”

Finally, Ding Chou arrived in front of Chen Wanxi and his female-like thin palm already pressed down on Chen Wanxi’s shoulder. Although it seemed very gentle and weak, the strength of that palm forcefully pressed Chen Wanxi into a kneeling position on the ground and she had no power to rise.

“This bastard!!”

Seeing his own daughter being pressed into kneeling on the fighting stage by Ding Chou, Chen Hui abruptly and furiously stood up and a visible flame of anger filled his entire face. However, he endured. He had to endure in that situation.

Defeated. Chen Wanxi was defeated, and she was completely and thoroughly defeated. That ending exceeded everyone’s expectations as they never would have thought that Ding Chou hid so much strength. He was so strong that he was invincible on the same level of cultivation.

At that instant, cheers rang out everywhere be it inside or outside of the plaza. No matter what the ending was, Ding Chou and Chen Wanxi provided them with a feast of fighting and Ding Chou’s title of being the first was really well deserved.

Everyone from the Wind Cloud City were happy and excited. Especially the city lord of the Wind Cloud City. His smile was extremely proud as his Wind Cloud City was the champion of the New Excellence Assembly once again and he successfully guarded the boss position of the 20 second-rate cities.

In contrast to the people from the Wind Cloud City, the people from the Golden-purple City were all dispirited. Originally, they thought that they had the position of victor with Chen Wanxi’s strength, however, they did not expect that she would lose to Ding Chou.

Given another New Excellence Assembly, if they lost, they lost. At most there would be some regret. However, it was different this time. They could not lose in this New Excellence Assembly because if they did, huge disgrace was awaiting them. However, they had no other solutions.

Chen Wanxi already walked down the stage and although she still had her cold and elegant countenance, within her eyes were minuscule bits of tears. It could be seen that she felt sorrowful because of her defeat.

As for that Ding Chou, he had a smile as he looked at Chen Wanxi’s departing back. The corner of his mouth raised to form a smug smile and he also started to slowly walk down the stage.

“This New Excellence Assembly isn’t over yet. Where are you so hurried to go?” But just at that time, a clear voice suddenly rang out behind Ding Chou.

Turning his head and looking back, a tiny bit of uneasiness couldn’t help but surge onto Ding Chou’s calm face because he shockingly discovered that a young man suddenly appeared on the fighting stage. The most important thing was that he did not detect it at all and he did not know when he arrived on the stage.

At that instant, everyone inside or outside of the plaza were attracted to that scene. Almost no one sensed when that young man went on the stage. Naturally, that person was Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng? Why did he go on the stage? Does he want to die?”

The people from the Golden-purple City were filled with fury. Even Chen Wanxi was defeated by Ding Chou’s hands so they felt that Chu Feng had no way of gaining victory. Rather, they felt that Chu Feng would only lose more face.

“Are you challenging me?” After assessing Chu Feng, Ding Chou lightly smiled and said.

“Challenge? No need to even mention that right? I’m just interested in being the champion of this New Excellence Assembly. As for you...You are just one of the stepping stones on my path towards being the victor.”

Chu Feng had a faint smiling expression on his face but his gaze was filled with laziness. After the battle between Ding Chou and Chen Wanxi, Chu Feng still did not put Ding Chou in his eyes.