Chapter 122 - A Real Genius

MGA: Chapter 122 - A Real Genius

“Damn! What’s going on?”

“Heavens! What’s this situation?”

The scene on the fighting stage shocked everyone. Before, because of the densely packed silhouettes, many people did not even see Chu Feng attack. They only saw the figures abruptly dissipate and the person from the Hearing Wind School becoming like that on the floor.

“What a strong attack.”

However, compared to the perplexed crowd, the lord of the Vermilion Bird City, Su Hen, lit up his eyes. He was always focused on Chu Feng’s stage so he saw the scene in which Chu Feng attacked.

“Father, like I said. Chu Feng has Spirit power so martial skills that trick the eyes are useless against him.” At that instant, Su Rou, who was standing behind Su Hen while being well-behaved had loveliness all across her face.

“Not only because of his Spirit power. Even if he had Spirit power, he only cultivated the beginning level Mysterious Technique. He should not be able to so easily defeat a person who was at the 1st level of the Origin realm with a cultivation of the 8th level of the Spirit realm. His talent is quite something so that’s why he has that strength.”

“Within the Azure Province, cultivators who have slightly quicker speed are named as geniuses. But in reality, those are just aptitudes that a cultivator should have. A real genius is like Chu Feng who can do things that other cannot.”

Su Hen’s gaze was focused on Chu Feng. Admiration was filled within his eyes and then he said to Su Rou, “Rou'er, you sisters did not make a mistake. This Chu Feng must be roped in with us diligently. Our Su family might even need to rely on him in the future.”

“Strong. That Chen Wanxi is indeed worthy of being a core disciple of the Lingyun School. With one strike, she defeated her opponent.”

Just at that time, there were suddenly yells of surprise because on another stage, Chen Wanxi also defeated her opponent with lightning speed. She used only one strike as well.

However, her strike was not as mysterious as Chu Feng’s. It was displayed right in front of everyone and she let everyone personally see how she extinguished the might of her opponent with the might of her one strike.

“Sister Wanxi is really too strong. It seems like my Golden-purple City has hope for being first this time.”

“Not only hope. We can certainly get it. Right now, on the stage, there are only 2 experts who are at the 2nd level of the Origin realm. Sister Wanxi defeated her opponent with one strike. On the other hand, that person is still struggling with his opponent. His opponent is clearly only at the 1st level of the Origin realm. An entire level of cultivation lower!”

“That’s true. Although he is very strong as well, he’s a lot worse than sister Wanxi and it is as if he doesn’t have the might of the 2nd level of the Origin realm. Strange. How did a person like him get such a better result in the Ghost Horn Beast hunt?”

“Hmph. Perhaps he played around with some tricks like Chu Feng.”

The people from the Golden-purple City cast their gaze towards the other core disciple from the Lingyun School. Everyone paid the most attention to that person and there was no other comparable to him.

It was because in the Ghost Horn Beast hunting earlier, his result was way too eye-grabbing. However, the fight in front of them made everyone feel quite disappointed.

As the representative of the Wind Cloud City which continuously won in previous assemblies, as a core disciple of the Lingyun School, as an expert of the 2nd level of the Origin realm, the outcome was undetermined against his opponent who was at the 1st level of the Origin realm.

No matter if it was speed or power, he was quite similar to his opponent’s. Even his martial skills were ordinary and there really was not a single special point.


Suddenly, the young man who was at the 1st level of the Origin realm displayed his power. When heavy punches with the might of three hundred thousand catties were thrown out, the entire stage shook. It was a rank 4 martial skill, but by the hands of the young man, its might had an entirely new appearance. That attack was no small matter.


Facing his opponent’s attack, the young man from the Wind Cloud City was not rushed nor slow. Not panicked nor impatient. He also threw out a punch and it was also a rank 4 martial skill.

Normally, with his cultivation and being also a rank 4 skill, his power should be far stronger than his opponent. However, it did not. It could only be said to be fairly equal and it made others feel that his skill was not proficient enough.


Finally, the two of them fought. Both of their fists collided and layers of Origin power endlessly surged out. The emitted energy ripples even made tiny cracks on the stage.

“Haa!” The young man from the Wind Cloud City loudly yelled and suddenly used more strength. It jolted his opponent’s heavy punch and also his entire body away. At the end, his opponent fell on the ground.

He won. Finally, the person from the Wind Cloud City won. However, compared to Chen Wanxi who defeated her opponent with one strike, he won with too much effort. People couldn’t help but think that his cultivation was far below Chen Wanxi’s.

“Hiding strength? Interesting!”

At that instant, Chu Feng already won and he was waiting for the start of the next fight. He also focused his gaze on the young man from the Wind Cloud City and with a glance, he could tell that the young man was intentionally hiding his strength.

When that person won, the curtains of the first competition fell. Chen Wanxi who had the best results in the first round could temporarily rest.

Chu Feng stepped onto the stage again. At that moment, his opponent was quite a bit stronger than his previous opponent because he was a core disciple of the Lingyun School. Although they were both at the 1st level of the Origin realm, his atmosphere was a lot more powerful.

“I know you. You were with that fatty city lord!” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said.

“Being sharp with words is useless and I will beat your mouth shut!” That person was very cold.

“The person just now had quite a similar tone with yours, however the one who laid on the ground was still him.”

Chu Feng really did not put his opponent in his eyes. When he was at the 7th level of the Spirit realm, Chu Feng could defeat those at the 1st level of the Origin realm. Right now, he was at the 8th level of the Spirit realm. Even those at the 2nd level of the Origin realm could not beat him. No matter how much stronger his opponent was, in Chu Feng’s eyes, they would all fall with one strike.

“Hmph. You think that I will be as useless as him? You underestimate the disciples from my Lingyun School too much.”

He suddenly made his move. He operated the Mysterious Technique, used his martial skill and his entire body emitted a golden glow. It was as dazzling as the sun and at the same time, his body also became golden-copper-coloured.

It was not a simple body anymore and it was even harder than black iron. He could chop black iron swords with his hand, break black iron bells with his body and it was an extraordinary strengthening martial skill. Not only did it turn his entire body into a weapon, the shine pierced one’s eyes and it made them unable to observe any actions.

“Chu Feng is dead this time. This person’s attack is several times stronger than the person from the Wind Hearing School. Aggressive and direct without any false bravado. Chu Feng has no way of picking up advantages.”

“That’s right. Although we don’t know why that Hearing Wind School disciple lost, against this person who has steel tendons and iron bones, Chu Feng has zero chance of victory. He has no luck here.”

On the stage that Chu Feng was on, golden light shot in every direction. No matter how much better people’s vision were, they had no way of seeing the two people on the stage clearly.

However, they could feel the might that was emitted by the Lingyun School disciple. They felt that this time, it would be impossible for Chu Feng to pick up any small advantages. After all, without absolute power, there were no ways of beating strengthening martial skills.


But just at that time, a miserable cry suddenly rang out. The golden light on the stage started to vanish. When the light completely disappeared, everyone instantly had their eyes and mouths wide open and they were infinitely shocked.

They discovered with astonishment that Chu Feng still stood there and was not harmed in the slightest. As for the Lingyun School disciple, he already laid on the ground with white foam coming from his mouth, overturned eyeballs and he already lost consciousness.