Chapter 121 - I Only Need One Strike

MGA: Chapter 121 - I Only Need One Strike

“That’s Chu Feng! He seems quite young!”

After Chu Feng showed himself, he became the focus of everyone on scene. After all, everyone was waiting for his appearance. However, Chu Feng’s young and tender face shocked everyone.

Although the New Excellence Assembly had an age limit of 18 and under, to gain more outstanding results, all of the cities would choose those who were 18 years old to participate. After all, if everyone was a genius, naturally, the longer one cultivated, the stronger their strength would be.

However, Chu Feng was clearly far from being 18 years old and he was quite a young man. Although having that cultivation at that age was really quite unordinary, compared to the core disciples from first-rate schools, Chu Feng still seemed rather weak.

The thing that confused everyone was why the Golden-purple City chose Chu Feng who was such a young man as a representative. Even if he had potential, all in all, his cultivation right now was still too weak. He was simply unpresentable when he was compared to the other participants who were there.

“Where did you run off to? Why were you so slow?” Su Mei pouted from anger as she ran over and worry was still on her face.

“Heh. I was a bit tired yesterday so I slept for a bit.” Chu Feng scratched his head and embarrassedly smiled.

“You… Others were killing Ghost Horn Beasts with everything they had yet you had the mind to sleep?!”

“Did you even concentrate on killing Ghost Horn Beasts? You wouldn’t be excluded from the top 10 right? You are really underestimating everyone too much!” Seeing Chu Feng like that, Su Mei pouted her little mouth from anger and she did not know whether to chuckle or weep.

“Although I did not concentrate on killing Ghost Horn Beasts, there shouldn’t be many problems for me to enter the top 10.” Chu Feng was very confident.

Seeing that scene, the surrounding observers were suddenly enlightened. After all, those who had eyes could see that Su Mei, the third lady of the Su family, did not have a simple relationship with Chu Feng. Most likely it was Su Mei that made Chu Feng able to participate in the New Excellence Assembly.

“So after so much, it turns out that he had some assistance from the third lady of the Su family. No wonder he had the city lord’s Golden-purple Commanding Badge!”

“Hmph, so what if he has connections? This New Excellence Assembly is about strength. The top 10 has already been chosen. With his cultivation, is he going to push one out from the top 10?”

Several of the Golden-purple City participants harbored ill-feelings towards Chu Feng. They felt that Chu Feng should not have joined the New Excellence Assembly with his strength. Not only would it lose the face of the Golden-purple City, it would also lose their face.

After a short chat with Su Mei, Chu Feng also went in front of the guard who collected the results. Under the stares of the crowd’s gazes, he threw the 200 or so purple horns of the Ghost Horn Beasts in front of the guard.

“Heavens, he killed so many Ghost Horn Beasts?”

“How is that possible? With his cultivation, how was he able to hunt so many? Looking at that amount, there should be around 200 right?”

Seeing the large pile of sharp, purple-coloured horns, the people inside and outside of the plaza went into an uproar. No matter what, they would not have guessed that with Chu Feng’s cultivation, he could hunt so many Ghost Horn Beasts in which the amount was even comparable to Chen Wanxi’s results.

“Impossible. Absolutely impossible. He cheated. He must have cheated!”

Compared to others, Wan Wenpeng was endlessly depressed. He was ranked as 10th this time, and currently, Chu Feng’s results was far above his so he was certainly going to be kicked out.

If the person who kicked him out was another person who had strength that was far above him, he could accept it. However, when a person like Chu Feng who he deeply looked down upon kicked him out, he had no way of accepting it.

In reality, not only Wan Wenpeng had those thoughts. Many other people who were on scene also thought like that. After thinking of Chu Feng and Su Mei’s relationship, they felt that Chu Feng used some underhanded way to get so many purple horns from the Ghost Horn Beasts and they were not killed by him personally.

However, even though they had those assumptions, they did not dare to speak those words out loud. After all, no one would offend the Su family’s third lady for things like that.

Just like that, because of Chu Feng’s exceptional results, he gained the spot in the competition. As for Wan Wenpeng, he got pushed out of top 10 and he was knocked out in advance.

“Hmph.” Looking at Chu Feng who took his place and was walking onto the stage, Wan Wenpeng was limitlessly angry and his expression was extremely ugly.

“Wan bro, no need to be angry at little people. With his cultivation, he would only disgrace himself when he is on the stage.”

“That’s right. In a while, let’s see how he will get beaten off the stage.” Some of the people from the Golden-purple City soothed him.

“The person who will fight with Chu Feng is a core disciple in my Wind Hearing School. I understand his strength very well. When Chu Feng exchange blows with him, he will only shame himself.”

“However, not only is he losing his own face, he is also losing my Golden-purple City’s face. He doesn’t need any face, but we, being people of the Golden-purple City, don’t want to lose any.” Wan Wenpeng had plenty of fury yet he seemed to speak selflessly and every word seemed to be just.

After hearing his words, those from the Golden-purple City felt that Wan Wenpeng was correct and they couldn’t help but deepen their enmity towards Chu Feng.

“Originally, I wanted to beat up that Wan Wenpeng, but I never would have thought that it became you. I could still beat him a bit fiercerly if it was him. However, I really don’t feel like I would accomplish anything by beating you up. Concede so I don’t need to dirty my hands.” The disciple from the Wind Hearing School disdainfully looked at Chu Feng and he did not put Chu Feng in his eyes at all.

“Of course you won’t feel that you accomplished anything by hitting me since you can’t even hit me. However, I’m sure you will feel quite some accomplishment by being defeated by me because not everyone is qualified to be beaten by me.”

Chu Feng smiled while squinting at the disciple from the Wind Hearing School. That was not simple disdain, nor did he not put him in his eyes. He completely looked down on his opponent.

“You really 'don’t shed tears unless you see the coffin’. I only need one strike against people like you.”

The Wind Hearing School disciple seemed to be enraged by Chu Feng. He coldly snorted, stepped forward, and he displayed a gorgeous martial skill.

His body instantly became several as it appeared and disappeared. On the stage, he vanished then reappeared. His speed became quicker and quicker, so quick that one would be dazzled. At that moment, Chu Feng was completely surrounded by silhouettes from every single direction.

As that spectacular martial skill was used, it made countless people sigh in admiration. The young females that knew nothing even sharply cried in adoration.

“This is my Wind Hearing School’s rank 4 bodily martial skill. It is called Layers of Blurred Shadows. He already cultivated this martial skill for 3 years so he already grasped the essence of it and he can use it perfectly.”

“Not to mention that Chu Feng, even if it’s me, I would need to carefully face it or else it would cost me quite a bit.” Wan Wenpeng described to the crowd.

“That means Chu Feng already lost?”

“Not only will he lose, he will lose extremely miserably!”

Wan Wenpeng was full of confidence. That martial skill was that person’s strongest killing card that even he was fearful of. Naturally, Chu Feng would be defeated without a doubt.

In actuality, it was just as how Wan Wenpeng said it was. The Layers of Blurred shadows was an extremely superb bodily martial skill. If it was others, they would certainly be baffled by the grand methods. However, Chu Feng already seen through it. From the start, he already knew which one was his opponent’s real body.

*whoosh* Suddenly, that person attacked. The figures ran with flying speed towards Chu Feng and the might was magnificent.

At that instant, those who were waiting for Chu Feng to become a joke couldn’t help but raise the corner of their mouths into an angle. They felt that the moment of Chu Feng losing his face had arrived.

After that, clearly, Chu Feng was going to disappoint those people. They only saw that Chu Feng did not dodge nor avoid it. He directly punched towards one of the figures.

He did not use any fancy methods and he simply punched. However, his fist was as fast as lightning and his position was crafty. With a bang, his fist fiercely landed on that person’s face.


The fist landed and with a cry of pain, the figures that filled the air around Chu Feng all disappeared. The Wind Hearing School disciple violently landed on the floor and he was holding his own face, rolling on the floor while howling wretchedly.

Looking at the person on the floor, Chu Feng faintly smiled and said, “You were correct. Against people like you, I really do only need one strike.”