Chapter 117 - Land of the Evil Graveyard

MGA: Chapter 117 - Land of the Evil Graveyard

“Will it really not damage the body of the remains?”

Chu Feng asked with doubt. In fact, since he had already absorbed the Source energy from various bones, he knew that it would not damage the bones. However, he was still worried. On the bottom of his heart, he still felt that it was disrespectful to absorb other people’s Source energy.

Chu Feng would not blame himself if it was a stranger’s. Rather, he would feel that it was reasonable and justifiable because if he didn’t take it, other World Spiritist would take it. However, this person could possibly be Su Rou and Su Mei’s mother so naturally, Chu Feng would have some hesitation.

“It will absolutely not harm her body.”

As if knowing the burdens in Chu Feng’s heart, Eggy guaranteed with a serious tone and she also added, “This is certainly also not her tomb. Looking at it, she might have also intruded in this place and was killed by something.”

“If you let me absorb her Source energy, perhaps I can even help you figure out her cause of death. I’m sure that since you are the friend of those sisters, you would really want to know how their mother died right?”

Eggy was very smart. It wasn’t only Chu Feng who saw that the lady could be Su Rou and Su Mei’s mother. She also saw the inklings.

“Mm. I’ll follow what you said.”

Chu Feng nodded. The area was way too mysterious and it was very possible that it was the same as what Eggy said, that there were huge treasures there. If there really were the remains of a Heaven realm expert and Eggy absorbed its Source energy, she could reach the Profound realm.

To Chu Feng, it was a heavenly good occasion because that meant he would have the ability to defeat Gong Luyun. Although it wasn’t his cultivation, at least it was his own method.


However, just as Chu Feng was getting near the remains, the lady leaped towards Chu Feng viciously and from her mouth, she made ghost-like howling sounds. It was extremely terrifying.

That aura was very special and strange, but he could confirm that it was extremely strong. It could even be comparable to experts of the 5th level of the Origin realm. That was not something Chu Feng could take care of.

*whoosh* Feeling that something was wrong, Chu Feng subconsciously used the Imperial Sky Technique. Lightning surged and he retreated a few meters back.

*boom* Her strike hit nothing but the air and the lady violently crashed into the ground. Although the cave rocks were very hard, a half-meter deep hole appeared while debris flew everywhere. It could be seen how much overwhelming power the lady had.

“Waaa!” After hitting nothing, the lady attacked again. This time, her speed was even quicker and she almost arrived with a blink.

“Don’t panic. Use the Spirit Formation Technique.”

Eggy’s voice rang out again, and at the same time, a hot roasting feeling came from within Chu Feng’s body. A strong wave of spiritual energy started to emerge from his body and in an instant, it filled his entire body. Chu Feng’s cultivation reached the 9th level of the Spirit realm.

Chu Feng already expected that change. He knew it wasn’t his personal cultivation that became stronger as he only borrowed Eggy’s cultivation that she lent to him.

*hummm* Chu Feng could link to the Spirit Formation with just a thought. The power of Spirit Formation surged out from his brain and appeared in front of him without a sound. It formed into a invisible wall and blocked his front.


The lady and the Spirit Formation collided and a huge sound boomed out. Several cracks appeared on the Spirit formation but at the same time, she also howled and flew back.

As she landed, Chu Feng shockingly discovered that the area she collided with the Spirit Formation was steaming and her face had terror on it.


Chu Feng was quite frightened. The defense power of the Spirit Formation was certainly something. He only grasped the basic methods yet he could defend against enemies of the 5th level of the Origin realm. In the future, with more proficiency, he could simply invisibly defend against the enemy and it would become his strongest defense method.

“Use the Spirit Formation to seal her right now. Although she does not have any intelligence, she will still subconsciously guard her remains. However, with the Spirit Formation Technique restraining her consciousness, even if she has power to break your Spirit Formation, she will not dare to get close.” Eggy reminded.

Chu Feng did not hesitate as well and with a thought, layers of Spirit Formation kept on condensing and layer after layer, it sealed the lady within. Chu Feng only stopped when he felt that his Spirit power was going to be depleted.

Spirit power and the power of Spirit Formation were equal. As a World Spiritist, the stronger your Spirit power was, the stronger Spirit Formation power you could use was. So, at the same time that he was laying down the Spirit Formation, his Spirit power was being exhausted as well. With Chu Feng’s current Spirit power, it was his limit to lay down so many Spirit Formations.

“Quick, absorb the Source energy!” Eggy excitedly cheered.

At the same time, Chu Feng arrived next to the body and started to absorb the Source energy for Eggy. That time, because Eggy was already lending her power to Chu Feng, when Chu Feng absorbed the Source energy, he could clearly feel that his own aura was rising abruptly.

Very soon, the aura of his body had some changes. It was no longer Spiritual energy but Origin power. After absorbing the Source energy, Eggy really did enter the Origin realm.

‘Haha! Success!“ Eggy was wildly happy and she was jumping and skipping in Chu Feng’s Spirit world. No need to mention how beautiful she was.

However, at the same time, Chu Feng discovered that the lady he imprisoned in his Spirit Formation was quickly disappearing and she already became transparent.

“Damn it! You tricked me!” Chu Feng suddenly understood that he was fooled. It really would not harm her body if he absorbed her Source energy, but her consciousness would completely disappear.

“Isn’t it just a consciousness? Even if I didn’t absorb her Source energy, she would have disappeared nonetheless. Are you being bitter to me because of her? The one who can help you is me, not her!” Not only did Eggy not admit her wrongs, she even seemed grieved.

“Whatever. What happened already happened. I don’t want to argue excessively with you, but I don’t want this to happen a second time. Also, remember that I, Chu Feng, do indeed need your power, however, it is not absolutely necessary.”

Chu Feng was really angry. After all, that was possibly Su Rou and Su Mei’s mother. Even if she did not have intelligence, Chu Feng would feel some guilt if she completely disappeared because of him.

“Okay, I get it. I won’t trick you next time okay? I’ll even tell you a secret.” Eggy smiled and said naughtily.

“What secret?”

“I dare to be sure that the sisters’ mother was killed by someone. Because of her status, it would be impossible for her to have no treasures. However, look at her. Although her clothing is complete, her Cosmos Sack is gone. Her breastbone is shattered and it was obviously caused by other force.”

“Of course, I saw that too. But the problem is, who killed her? Who took away her Cosmos Sack?” Chu Feng questioned. He really wanted to help Su Rou and Su Mei find out the killer of their mother.

Chu Feng also wanted to get the treasures that were there because not only did he discover that the lady’s Cosmos Sack was gone, there were no treasures around the bones that he absorbed the Source energy from earlier.

Which most likely meant that the treasures on their body were taken away by someone. So, Chu Feng really wanted to know who that person was. More importantly, whether that person was alive or not.

“How should I know? I didn’t even personally see it. However, I am sure that it was by a person.”

“You damn girl.” Chu Feng was quite annoyed because he felt that he was toyed by Eggy again.

“Hehe, no need to get all worked up. If I’m not mistaken, the person who killed the sisters’ mother is already dead because there’s an even more terrifying thing. This is probably not Ancient Tomb but an Evil Tomb!”