Chapter 116 - Su Rou's Birth Mother?

MGA: Chapter 116 - Su Rou's Birth Mother?

On the jagged cave walls, there were strange patterns engraved on them. They seemed like symbols, yet did not. It gave people an indescribable feeling and it made one’s heart extremely uncomfortable.

Not too distant from Chu Feng, there were even piles of bones. Although it was not like the oceans of bones in the Thousand Bone Graveyard, the amount in front of his eyes were still shocking.

“Waa, so much Source energy! Quick, help me absorb all of them.” Eggy was incomparably joyful as if she discovered treasure.

“Wait, there’s a ghost watching us!” Chu Feng’s heart tensed up, and behind a pile of bones, he discovered a silhouette.

It was a beautiful woman. She wore a silk cheongsam and her long hair went behind her head. Her clothing was fitting and she had a grand atmosphere. She was currently staring with alert at Chu Feng and weeping noises kept coming out from her mouth.

That was the so-called ghost. To be precise, it was a consciousness that was formed after death, and because her body was near transparent while faintly flickering with light, it was absolutely not a physical body.

However, after some more detailed observation, Chu Feng was shocked. He felt a familiar feeling from the face of that woman. She really looked similar to Su Rou and Su Mei.

“You are?” After thinking of a frightening possibility, Chu Feng quickly spoke to question.

*whoosh* However, just as Chu Feng spoke, that consciousness displayed fear. She spun its body and flew away. Her speed was extremely quick and with a blink, she disappeared.

“That consciousness does not have intelligence, only instinct. She will not answer any questions you ask because she does not even have memories.”

“Also, she should have died a long time ago. Her consciousness will disappear soon and her power is currently very weak. She will have no way of harming you so no need to bother.”

“Right now, quickly help me absorb these Source energy. There are so many complete remains of cultivators and they have very strong Source energy. They can certainly raise my cultivation significantly and maybe I can even enter the peak of the Spirit realm!”

Eggy said as a reminder. Her cultivation by consuming Source energy was extremely terrifying because after letting Chu Feng consume the Source energy of 200 mature Ghost Horn Beasts for her, the girl who had absolutely no cultivation before already had strength that was not inferior to Chu Feng. Currently, she already reached the 8th level of the Spirit realm. If she engulfed the Source energy of the bones, she could indeed break through to the peak of the Spirit realm.


Chu Feng nodded and did not waste any words. He started to consume the Source energy from the remains while a formless absorption power spread out. Within the mountain-like bones, invisible gas appeared. That was the Source energy. Unseeable by the naked eye, and only detectable by Spirit power.

Layer after layer, the Source energy surged into Chu Feng’s body and all of it was absorbed by Eggy. Within the Spirit world, the girl sat cross-legged as if cultivating. She was refining the Source energy and her cultivation also started to suddenly increase by huge chunks.

“Quickly go and find me the remains of that consciousness. Those who are able to form a consciousness after death will have at least the cultivation of the Profound realm when they were alive. If I can refine her Source energy, I can certainly enter the Origin realm.”

After absorbing all the bones there, Eggy really did enter the 9th level of the Spirit realm. She was clearly more excited because she felt that she could gain many benefits in the Ancient Tomb.

“This girl is just too freaky.”

Chu Feng was extremely speechless. Normally, his cultivation speed could be said to be completely overpowered, however, when compared to that girl, it was not even worth mentioning. Within half a day, she went from completely no cultivation to the 9th level of the Spirit realm. That was quite a bit frightening.

Sighs of surprise were sighs of surprise and Chu Feng’s feet did not stop. He held the World Spirit Compass and went deeper into the cave while following the crying to find the remains of that lady. In the path of searching, Chu Feng couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Where did the bones come from? Seeing how they were, they should have died for a long time right?”

“Do you even need to ask that? No matter if it was intentional or accidental, those were the sacrifices that intruded the Ancient Tomb.” Eggy explained.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng was hiddenly shocked. Although those people already became bones, from their Source energy, Chu Feng could feel that they were at the Origin realm when they were alive. So many people from the Origin realm died just like that and at least, it meant that the Ancient Tomb was dangerous.

However, as he currently had the World Spirit Compass within his hand, he could predict all the dangers so Chu Feng was not too worried. His thoughts still remained on that beautiful lady. He had a premonition that the lady might have been related to Su Rou and Su Mei.

“She wouldn’t be the mother of those two girls right? Would that mean that this is the tomb of the city lord’s wife?”

However, after some thinking, Chu Feng felt that it was wrong. If that lady really was Su Rou and Su Mei’s mother, and also Su Hen’s wife, how could she possibly be buried here, where there wasn’t even a tombstone? Why did she need to weep? Why was her weeping so sorrowful?

As he brought up all sorts of questions, Chu Feng walked within the cave. Under the guidance of the World Spirit Compass, finally, he heard that dreadful crying sound again. When Chu Feng went closer, he shockingly discovered that there really were remains next to the lady.

It had already decayed into bones but the clothing on the body were still there. Although they were a bit tattered, he could still tell that the lady was wearing a cheongsam made out of silk. Very clearly, it was the corpse of the beautiful lady.

“This is great! It’s really the remains of Profound realm person! Although it’s only the 1st level, that’s not too bad. As long as it is refined, I can certainly breakthrough into the Origin realm.” Within his brain, Eggy’s joyful voice rang out.

“That won’t do. I cannot let you refine this lady’s Source energy.” Chu Feng stopped her and said. Although he could not confirm, he felt that the beautiful lady was very likely the birth mother of Su Rou and Su Mei. Chu Feng did not want to destroy the body of his friends’ mother.

“Are you stupid? It’s just absorbing Source energy. It won’t destroy the remains and besides, she already died a long time ago. This consciousness does not have any intelligence and it is getting weaker and weaker right now. Very soon, it will disappear.”

“If I refined her Source energy, I can reach the Origin realm. There will be huge advantages for you and me. At that time, you can most likely even defeat experts of the 3rd level of the Origin realm. Do you want to miss such a good chance?”

Hearing Eggy say it like that, Chu Feng was slightly moved as well. The Origin realm. If it was really how Eggy said it was and she gave her power to him to make his strength reach the Origin realm, that did indeed quite attract Chu Feng.

According to Chu Feng’s current strength, if he could reach the Origin realm, not to mention the 3rd level of the Origin realm, he could probably put out quite a fight towards those of the 4th level of the Origin realm. How could Chu Feng not thirst for such strong battle prowess? Especially when the clock for the arranged battle in 1 year was already ticking.