Chapter 115 - Tomb Classification

MGA: Chapter 115 - Tomb Classification

Night. Stars filled the sky yet it was still dim without light. Only the round moon was bright and clear, but it was always concealed by the never-ending black clouds that floated in the air. The serene moonlight sprinkled down as the clouds appeared and disappeared.

Ground. Rows of iron trees stood upright. They were like “wolf teeth clubs” that rose from the ground. There was complete silence around Chu Feng and not a single trace of blowing wind. However, that special type of silence emphasized the strangeness of the cave noise.

“Damn. Are you sure that I need to go down there? What is that thing that’s screaming down there? Is it a ghost?”

Chu Feng felt slightly uneasy. It was the first time that he heard such a miserable voice and it even came from the bottomless cave. It was just like a ghost that came from hell and screaming their grievances. It was extremely horrifying.

“What is there to be afraid of? Don’t forget, you’re a World Spiritist! You are already fated to deal with things like ghosts or else how are you going to absorb Source energy for me?!” Eggy reprimanded.

“Really… So after everything, World Spiritists are just natural tomb robbers?” Chu Feng was speechless.

“What did you think they were? World Spiritists spiritually connect to World Spirits and because of that, they can catch things that normal people cannot. Within tombs of cultivating experts contain large amounts of treasures. It is simply the best shortcut for martial cultivation.”

“The path of martial cultivation is quite difficult as well. Only idiots won’t walk on shortcuts.” Eggy said scornfully.

“From what you said, the thing that’s howling down there really is a ghost?”

Chu Feng’s heart tightened. Although demons and ghosts were only legends, with his broadening experiences, he discovered that in the world, there were Monstrous Beasts, Strange Beasts, and also those who corruptly cultivated and walked onto the path of evil. By massacring common people, they were viewed as demons. Extrapolating like that, the so-called ghosts really might exist as well.

“What’s so scary about ghosts? Didn’t you already see one before?” Eggy spoke.

“When have I seen ghosts before?” Chu Feng thought back carefully, however, he could not remember when he saw the so-called ghosts.

“When you were in the Thousand Bone Graveyard, was the old man you saw not one?” Eggy reminded.

“What? He was a ghost? How is that possible? He was so strong!”

Chu Feng was hugely stunned. The old man he saw that night had extremely deep impressions on him. Although he did not emit any aura, Chu Feng still felt his powerfulness. So powerful that it was ineffable, so Chu Feng absolutely would not have thought that he was a ghost.

“When one reaches a certain realm in martial cultivation, their consciousness becomes extremely strong. Their consciousness would not even be extinguished after death and they would only float and wander to various places. That would be the so-called ghost.”

“However, if a World Spiritist has extremely strong Spirit power, after death, their Spirit power would combine as one with their consciousness. With that, they could control everything their consciousness did and they would live as another type of life form.”

“Although they would not be as strong as when they were living, they would still have overpowering methods. The old man you saw that day was someone like that. Your sealed Spirit power was also awakened by that person.”

Eggy narrated in detail. On that day, although Chu Feng lost consciousness, Eggy did not. So, she saw everything that the old man did to Chu Feng.

After hearing her words, Chu Feng also suddenly realized that he already had Spirit power, but because of special reasons, it was not awakened. That also meant that his Spirit power was inborn.

“Usually, areas like these which has such a strong consciousness are Ancient Tombs. However, because that Thousand Bone Graveyard had so many bones and also because of the inconceivable old man, most likely, it isn’t just a simple Ancient Tomb. It’s very possible that it was an Evil Tomb.” Eggy continued to explain.

“What’s an Evil Tomb?” Even though Chu Feng was very confused, he could still hear the impressiveness of it.

“You idiot. You really don’t know anything. Whatever. For you to become a qualified World Spiritist, I’ll explain everything so you won’t be a disgrace.”

“Remember. The tomb of normal people is called a Tomb. Although there may be some mechanisms in Tombs and some treasures hidden, even normal people can break through them. Only low-level World Spiritists go look for Tombs and the tomb of the Imperial Sky Sage was a Tomb.”

“As for the tombs that contains a consciousness, those are Ancient Tombs. It’s not related to how long they were buried and it’s just a classification title for tombs. It is very dangerous within Ancient Tombs. They have traps and mechanisms that normal people cannot detect, and even in some strange situations, traps and mechanisms that only World Spiritists can detect and decipher. So, Ancient Tombs are where World Spiritists show their worth.”

“As for Evil Tombs, those who were buried are not just simple cultivation experts. Very likely, they would be extremely vicious things. No one can be sure on what they are. They could be humans, or beasts. They could be living, or dead.”

“Most of them are so strong that even after death, they can still cause disasters for the world. Or perhaps, monsters that were not dead only got just suppressed and sealed somewhere. Those tombs are very dangerous. After entering, more than half will not be able to return. They could even release demonic creations and cause a calamity for the world.”

“These tombs are called Evil Tombs. Unless it’s an extremely powerful World Spiritist, no one would dare to go and open the tomb to cause a catastrophe.”

“So there’s things like these. No wonder. No wonder Elder Zhuge was so interested in the Thousand Bone Graveyard.” Chu Feng was enlightened and he finally knew that the value of World Spiritists laid in tombs.

“That Thousand Bone Graveyard is very impressive. Most likely, it’s an Evil Tomb. It is indeed dangerous, but there is certainly huge treasures contained within. Not to mention anything else, but if the old man’s Source energy could be absorbed, my strength will undoubtedly rise significantly as well. Sadly, the current you should not even touch that Thousand Bone Graveyard or else even ten thousand yous won’t be enough to die.”

“However, that old man seems to have something that requires your help so that’s why he left that map on your body. But, there are hidden mysteriousness within that map, and without reaching a certain strength, you have no way of opening that Evil Tomb.”

“In the future, when you can open the Thousand Bone Graveyard and enter it, that old man must wish to borrow your strength. At least, he would give you some benefits and naturally, as long as there are benefits, a certain price must be paid as well.”

“Also, Evil Tombs are too dangerous for you. Even if you have the map, you have no way of opening it. So right now, don’t think of going to that Evil Tomb and you should search around in this Ancient Tomb.”

As she spoke to that point, Eggy seemed a bit excited. After all, within a complete Ancient Tomb, there would be remains of martial cultivation experts. The strong Source energy was the thing that she yearned for the most.

“Mm, since we’re here, we can’t leave empty-handed right?”

Chu Feng nodded but he did not leap and go straight down. After jumping into the black hole, he quickly used the Bow of Hundred Transformations and condensed two daggers into his hands. He stabbed the daggers into the walls of the black hole and slowly lowered himself down.

At first, Chu Feng’s speed was extremely slow, but very soon he got used of the actions and he started to quickly slide down. The more he went down, the clearer the cry of the female was. The usually daring Chu Feng couldn’t help but have chills go down his spine and he felt the coldness in the air.

“No need to be afraid. This is probably just a roaming soul. Perhaps it was an expert when it lived, but after death, it cannot beat you. Your Spirit Formation Technique can restrain it.” As if she felt the panic within Chu Feng’s heart, Eggy reminded seriously.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded, stabilized his heart and continued to slide down. Finally, both of his foot were steadied and he arrived at the bottom.

It was a huge cave. Although it was still pitch-black, he could still feel the vastness. Chu Feng took out the World Spirit Compass and sent a strand of Spirit power into it. Instantly, light flowed everywhere and the dark cave was lit up by light.

“This is!!” After that, when his vision became clear, Chu Feng’s face greatly changed and he was stupefied by the scene in front of his eyes.