Chapter 114 - Ancient Tomb

MGA: Chapter 114 - Ancient Tomb

“Of course this isn’t cheating!” Su Mei quickly explained.

“Then what is this?” Chu Feng was quite curious.

“This, ehh, this is just me giving you a little help because of friendship.” Su Mei sweetly smiled, but then she quickly pointed towards a nearby crowd and said in a quiet voice,

“However, do not be careless. Those are not the disciples from the Azure Dragon School. They are disciples from first-rate schools, and in certain areas, what they learn are indeed stronger than us.”

“But, I still have good impressions of you. Although, currently, their cultivation is higher than yours, they are also older than you. I believe when you reach 18 years old, you will certainly be stronger than all of them.”

After saying that, Su Mei put her hands behind her back and skipped towards Su Rou. After the two sisters waved their hands at Chu Feng, they left together.

Chu Feng’s heart had all sorts of complications as he looked at the sisters. Although he already guessed that Su Rou and Su Mei’s identity would be special, he never would have thought that it was that impressive.

At that instant, Chu Feng was a bit perplexed. He felt that his estimation before was wrong. The reason why the sisters were in the Azure Dragon School shouldn’t have been for roping in those who had potential because with their family’s strength, so many strong people would be willing to serve them. So, why did they even need to get him close to them?

“What goal do you two have to need to rope me in like this?”

Chu Feng heart was very nervous. Although Su Rou and Su Mei treated him very good at that moment, he would not forget that there was a reason why the sisters approached him in the first place.

“The little girl called Su Mei probably likes you. Boy, don’t let her down!” Suddenly, a pleasant voice rang out and the Eggy in his Spirit world spoke.

“Oh? How do you know that?” Chu Feng chuckled as he asked.

“A woman’s intuition. However, you better not have any bad thoughts towards her. She is still young so don’t do anything bad to her. So, I suggest that you go for that elder sister first.”

“Damn. What are you thinking in your brain?” Chu Feng naturally understood what Eggy meant within her words. But, he never would have thought that she could say it so bluntly.

“Don’t pretend that you’re a decent person. You dare to say that you don’t want to go for those sisters?” Eggy said disdainfully.

“I want to go for you the most right now.” Chu Feng sinisterly smiled.

“You dare?!” Eggy became a bit timid and she quickly changed the topic, “Perhaps you’ll get extremely lucky this time.”

“What do you mean?” Chu Feng was confused.

“Most likely, there’s an Ancient Tomb under the red-coloured fog that Su Mei talked about!”

“Ancient Tomb? That is?”

“You wouldn’t understand even if I told you. When you enter the Ghost Horn Forest and look around that red-coloured fog, you will know. If there really is an Ancient Tomb, you will certainly get good things there.”

Eggy created some suspense and Chu Feng didn’t bother asking any more because he knew that Eggy wouldn’t harm him. After all, the two of them established a Spirit Connection Contract. If something really did happen to Chu Feng’s life, his Spirit world would collapse as well. At that moment, with Eggy’s current cultivation, most likely, her life would be lost to the Yellow Springs.

[TN: Yellow Springs = Hell]

From then on, the lord of the Vermilion Bird City announced the method of this year’s New Excellence Assembly. Indeed, it was exactly the same as how Su Mei said it was. With the limit of one day, only the top 10 who kill the most Ghost Horn Beasts gain the qualifications for the competition. The final victor, naturally, would be the winner of the New Excellence Assembly.

After that, Su Hen gave a map of the Ghost Horn Forest to all 200 participators. On top of that, certain sections were marked with red and he clearly told everyone that the red area were not to be entered or else they would take responsibility for their own life and death.

Su Hen did not state the reason. He only said that the area was extremely dangerous. Also, on the maps that were handed out, only red sections were drawn on them and there were no black sections like on the map that Su Mei gave him.

After some explanation of the rules, Chu Feng and the others were led out of the Vermilion Bird City and they entered the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range. With that, they arrived at the so-called Ghost Horn Forest.

The black-coloured forest was everything that their eyes could see. The wood was like iron and the leaves were like needles. They did not even seem like trees. They were simply sharp weapons, and the most important thing was that within the forest, there was not a single sound from animals. The silence was a bit weird.

“Brat, don’t pull us back or else you’ll have it coming.” Within the forest, the people from the Golden-purple City used threatening gazes to look at Chu Feng before leaving towards the deeper parts of the forest.

Chu Feng only faintly smiled to their disdain. Chu Feng really was too lazy to bother with people like them and it would only dirty his hands if he attacked them.

With his eyes, he saw their figures, with all sorts of fancy techniques, head deep into the forest. On the other hand, Chu Feng took out the map from his Cosmos Sack unhurriedly, then took out the map that Su Mei gave him.

After some thinking, Chu Feng chose a special path. He would go through several areas that the Ghost Horn Beasts were most condensed at, then the destination of the path was the red-coloured section that Su Mei and Su Hen clearly forbidden to enter.

Chu Feng used the Imperial Sky Technique and he was swept by the wind. He was quickly going through the forest and very soon, he found the so-called Ghost Horn Beasts.

It had the appearance of a horse yet it was as big as an elephant. It was pitch-black as if it was covered by black-coloured armor. It had violent behavior, and other than those of the same species, when it saw any other living organism, it would start to fiercely attack. It was no different than other Fierce Beasts.

However, Fierce Beasts were still Fierce Beasts. They could not even take one hit from Chu Feng. Even if they were mature Ghost Horn Beasts that had purple horns, they had no way of beating Chu Feng.

As Chu Feng wandered around, he did not let any Ghost Horn Beasts go. After killing, he used their spirit connection to borrow Eggy’s World Spirit power for consuming their Source energy. Although their cultivation Source energy was very weak and it had very little help towards Eggy, Chu Feng did not waste it.

After killing 200 Ghost Horn Beasts, he finally arrived at the so-called red-coloured fog area. However, it was only slightly more silent and he did not see the so-called red-coloured fog.

“Are you sure that there are good things here?” Chu Feng felt quite disappointed. Using his Spirit power to observe, he did not find anything abnormal in that area.

“It’s better not to make a fool of yourself with your tiny bit of Spirit power. If the Ancient Tomb could be seen through with your Spirit power, it wouldn’t even be an Ancient Tomb.”

“What do I do then?”

“Take out your World Spirit Compass and use it to probe.”

Only after hearing Eggy’s words did Chu Feng get enlightened as he quickly took out the World Spirit Compass. When he took it out, a strange instructional map did appear. Although Chu Feng could not see the reason why, Eggy saw it.

Following Eggy’s instructions, Chu Feng started to lay a Spirit Formation in a special area. But because Chu Feng had stiff techniques and lacking Spirit power, he used a large amount of time and he only finished it when it was late at night.

When the Spirit Formation was opened, the formation disappeared. Replacing it was a hole that had an unseeable bottom. Everything was pitch-black but strange noises came from the hole. If one listened more carefully, they would discover that it seemed like the weeping of a female.