Chapter 118 - Endless Treasures

MGA: Chapter 118 - Endless Treasures

“Evil Tomb?!” Chu Feng was greatly stunned. Although the him who knew the level of tombs did not know what Evil Tombs meant, he still knew that it was an ominous place.

“That’s right. The symbols on the wall are Anti-Demon Symbols and they are spells for sealing Evil Spirits.” Eggy explained.

“Evil Spirits? What are those?” Chu Feng asked.

“Evil Spirits are actually just World Spirits. However, when a World Spirit escapes from the World Spiritist’s control and lives in this world in their own original shape, they are called Evil Spirits.”

“The ‘Evil’ in Evil Spirits represents them hugely annihilating living things for Source energy absorption because of their thirst for power. That’s why they are called Evil Spirits.”

“The most important thing is that after the agreement between a World Spirit and a World Spiritist, they had to use the body of a World Spiritist as a medium in order to use their own power after entering the Spirit world of a World Spiritist. All in all, World Spirits are restrained by World Spiritists.”

“However, when a World Spirit becomes strong to a certain point, they can break the agreement and escape the bindings of the World Spiritist. Then, by using their own willpower, they would step into the world of living. To break that agreement requires the cultivation of at least the Heaven realm or else they would have no way of doing that.”

“Heaven realm?” Chu Feng was greatly shocked again. In the continent of the Nine Provinces, that was the realm only the peak of experts could reach.

“So, that’s why the strength of all Evil Spirits are strong and they would have at least the cultivation of the Heaven realm. Since the exit is filled with Anti-Demon Symbols, it means that there is certainly an Evil Spirit being sealed here.”

“Think of it. Will an area that imprisons an Evil Spirit be a simple Ancient Tomb? Will those who are able to imprison an Evil Spirit be simple people?”

“On that topic, I really did underestimate these Nine Provinces. At least within the Azure Province, quite an impressive fellow should have appeared once. The tomb owner already proved his methods by catching an Evil Spirit to guard his own tomb.” Eggy sighed and said.

“That strong? Do we continue going deeper in?” Hearing Eggy say it so terrifyingly, Chu Feng had no more confidence anymore in his heart.

The Heaven realm was like a realm from the legends to him. If there was an Evil Spirit who had the strength of the Heaven realm, probably with a single breath, it could blow and shatter him into pieces. If he saw it, most likely, his little life would be gone.

“No need to be afraid. These Anti-Demon Symbols can restrain the Evil Spirit so you are safe as long as you are in the areas with the Anti-Demon Symbols. At least the Evil Spirit would not be able to harm you.”

“There will certainly be endless treasures within the Evil Tomb. You can continue searching for them, and even if you get just a corner of an iceberg, you will still be able to rise significantly and you will be able to get great benefits. Perhaps you can even get cultivating resources required for you to enter the Profound realm.” Eggy said.

Hearing Eggy’s words, Chu Feng instantly received motivation and started to continue probing forward. The more he walked, the wider the world in the cave got. The more he walked, the more vast it became, and the so-called Anti-Demon Symbols also became denser and denser. Although he could not see the walls that surrounded him, at least he saw that the Anti-Demon Symbols under his feet got more and more.

According to what Eggy said, the Evil Spirit that was sealed there would certainly be very fierce or else there wouldn't be such strong Anti-Demon Symbols laid all around there. Those symbols were not set up by ordinary World Spiritists.

The deeper he entered, the more frightened Chu Feng got. That area was simply too big and it was just like an underground world. It was as if there was no end and he didn’t even know how long he walked himself nor how many miles he walked for. However, he could hear the roar of water splashes in front of him.

“What a beautiful lake!”

As he continued forward, a vast lake appeared in front of Chu Feng’s eyes. The water of the lake filled his sight and it continuously slammed against the shore. It made rumbling noises, and on top of the lake, there were countless fireflies that emitted a dark-green glow. It was their glow that let Chu Feng recognize that it was a vast lake.

However, looking at it in more detail, Chu Feng discovered that it could not possibly be fireflies. It was a lot bigger than fireflies and he could not say what it was. But it did emit a dark-green glow and it was very bizarre.

It was too distant so Chu Feng’s Spirit power had no way of reaching it. He could not determine what it was or whether it was dangerous or not.

He continued forward. His range of vision became more and more broad and he could see that the shore had countless bones on them. It was densely filled and it extended into the lake.

It was too terrifying. Who knew how many people died there? There were at least several tens of thousands, however, the exterior of the bones were quite different. Most of them were shattered and they died by external force. Those were only the amounts on the shores and who knew how many more bones there were within the lake.

“What happened here? How did so many people die?” Chu Feng was endlessly shocked. He carefully approached and he discovered, under the white bones, all sorts of strange, faint lights were flickering.

“Spiritual beads! Not only spiritual beads, there are also Origin beads! Heavens, there really are boundless treasures here.”

At such a distance, Chu Feng’s Spirit power finally came into use. He could examine the ocean of bones, and within them, countless of spiritual beads and Origin beads were hidden underneath. Who knew how many there were? It could be said to be uncountable.

“Do not enter.” However, just as Chu Feng wanted to step into it, he was stopped by Eggy’s voice.

“Why?” Chu Feng was confused.

“The area in front is covered by the bones so you cannot see whether there are Anti-Demon Symbols there or not. However, it is certain that there are no more Source energy within the bones. The Source energy in them was already sucked dry.”

“That range is the attacking range of the Evil Spirit. Whoever enters will die and it’s a trap. It’s a trap that baits people to step into.” Eggy reminded seriously.

“So that means there really is an Evil Spirit guarding? Is there a way to escape its perception and let me enter? Not only are there spiritual beads in there, there are even tons of Origin beads. If I can get them, my cultivation will certainly rise significantly.”

To Chu Feng who urgently needed cultivating resources, the treasures within the bones were too attracting. Not to mention taking them all, even if he took a portion, Chu Feng’s cultivation could be increased greatly. He could certainly enter the Origin realm and even possibly the Profound realm.

“If you want to die, then go ahead. Do not be blinded by the benefits. Within the several tens of thousands of bones, every single one of them had higher cultivation than you when they were alive. Didn’t they also just die wretchedly?”

“This would be the end of the Evil Tomb exploration. As long as no Heaven realm World Spiritist find this place, the treasures here will sooner or later be yours. In the future, when you have more success in your cultivation, you can come here again to take it. However, absolutely do not rashly enter when you are not certain.”

Chu Feng was not an unintelligent person so naturally, he knew what Eggy said was correct. So, after looking at it for a while while being unwilling to part with it, he could only wipe away the drool next to his mouth, turn around, and leave.


But just at that time, an ear-piercing howl suddenly exploded from the middle of the lake. The sound was extremely frightening as if it was a demon that came below the 9 hells and was there to take one’s soul.

At the same time, the calm ripples abruptly rolled into waves. the dark-green dots of light on the surface of the lake also emitted a strange sharp cry as it flew towards Chu Feng with lightning fast speed.