Chapter 107 - Undoing the Seal

MGA: Chapter 107 - Undoing the Seal

After knowing all that, there was indescribable warmth within Chu Feng’s heart because he knew that his family did not abandon him. Rather, they already created a sturdy foundation for him.

He felt that there must had been some reason why his family left him. He had to know that reason, he had to find his family, his parents, in order to discover what actually happened.

“Oi oi oi, what are you thinking? Hurry up and release me out!” Seeing that Chu Feng submerged into contemplation, that black egg started to bellow.

“I say. Are you underestimating my intelligence or overestimating yours? Your resentment is so heavy. If I let you out, I’m just looking to die.”

Chu Feng fiercely cast a glance at it and did not pay any attention to it anymore. He sat cross-legged and started to organize the thoughts in his brain in order to connect to the Spirit Formation power.

“Oi, Chu Feng you stinking boy. You dare to ignore me?”

“Bastard, you want to link with the Spirit Formation power right? I can teach you.”

“Do you still want to defeat that Gong Luyun? I can help you. Hey!!!” The black egg started to violently shake as if afraid that Chu Feng would not care about her.

“Can you really help me link to the Spirit Formation power?”

Chu Feng looked at it with suspicion and it wasn’t that he wanted to trick her into anything, but he tried to link it just now. Only then did he know that even if the World Spirit Space was built, it was still very hard to link to the Spirit Formation power.

“Of course I can. You think that I’m just for looks?”

“Right now, the power of Spirit Formation is already within the World Spirit Space. It’s just not letting you use it.”

“If you use your Spirit power to link, you need to search it one at a time and comprehend it bit by bit. That would consume several days of your time and you would only be able to connect to a tiny bit of Spirit Formation power.”

“However, I have a incantation here. As long as you use this incantation, you would be able to use the power of Spirit Formation.”

“Of course, how much you can use will still rely on your personal strength because the strength of the Spirit Formation power is equal to the strength of your Spirit power.” The black egg explained.

“Incantation? It wouldn’t be the incantation that will undo your seal right?” Chu Feng did not believe what the black egg said.

“Oi oi oi, what are you afraid of? This is your own Spirit world and everything is controlled by you. I have no way of harming you.”

“Also, I told you that I got sealed. Not only did my body get bound by this damn thing, my cultivation also got restricted. My current strength is far from yours.”

“Or else why would I need you to help me undo this seal? I would have broken this thing already.” The black egg was a bit angry.

Chu Feng thought about what the black egg said and he felt that it was not unreasonable. He then asked, “Tell me the incantation and let me see if it’s useful.”

“Ha! You want to take this for free?!” A voice of disdain came from the black egg.

“Then what do you want in order to tell me that incantation?”

“Very simple. Help me undo this seal.”

“Don’t even think about it!”

“Hey! Are you even a man or not? Why are you so cowardly? I already said that my cultivation was sealed and I have no way of harming you. Besides, this is your own Spirit world.”

“Don’t try to trick me. This World Spirit Space is extremely bizarre and it’s not even controlled by me. Or else, why can’t I use the Spirit Formation power? Why do I still need connecting?”

“Idiot idiot idiot. I swear to the heavens, I won’t harm you okay? Actually, I’m a very kind person.”

[TN: Idiot contains the character “egg”.]

“I just heard that a certain person said that she better not know who sealed her in this place or else she would let that person pay the price.”

“It’s just needing that person to pay the price, but not taking any lives okay? If you were me, after being closed in one place for 15 years, without anything to eat or drink, without even a person to talk to you, wouldn’t you have any resentments as well?”

“Even though you were quite bullied and grieved by the Chu family, at least someone could bully you. As for me? Even if I want to get bullied I can’t.”

“I’ve always been waiting for you here intently. When you finally got in after so many difficulties, you aren’t willing to help me out. You are simply a super matchless big bastard...” Speaking to there, weeping sounds came from within the black egg.

Such a sweet voice cried so sorrowfully and it was unbearable. Especially after hearing her words, Chu Feng’s heart couldn’t help but soften.

After careful deliberation, Chu Feng felt that she was not without reason. So, he asked, “How can I help you to undo the seal?”

“You can’t undo the seal within my body, but you can help me break this thing so at least I can gain freedom in your Spirit world.”

“The method of breaking it is simple. You just need to use your power and strongly punch out once..”

“That simple?” Chu Feng was slightly in doubt.

“It’s that simple. If you don’t believe me then just try it right?” Within the black egg came a voice that was like a spoiled child.

“That’s fine. Back away as much as you can so my punch won’t injure you.”

Chu Feng walked in front of the black egg and at first, he used his Spirit power to investigate it. He found out that the black egg was very weird and he could not see through it at that moment.

As he grinded his teeth, suddenly, Chu Feng threw his fist out. With a bang, a fist-shaped indent appeared on the black egg. Countless small cracks appeared and started to spread out.

*crackle crackle crackle*

The cracks quickly extended and it kept on creating the clear sounds. The strange black egg really was broken with one punch from Chu Feng and pieces started to fall off.

At the end, the huge black egg was cut into two and it split apart. At the same time, a beautiful figure also appeared in front of Chu Feng’s eyes.

It was a youthful girl with white skin like the winter snow yet a rosy lustre was emitted on the skin. With a single glance, one could tell that her skin was so smooth and it really made people want to have a feel.

However, in front of him, the thing that Chu Feng was most attracted to was this girl’s face. On the perfect goose-like face were a pair of shiny big eyes. Within the black pupils, it was as if there was a river of stars and it was both deep and captivating.

Under her beautiful eyes was a delicate nose. Under her nose was a soft and pink little mouth. Her lips slightly stuck out and it was enchantingly beautiful and extremely seductive.

Her black hair scattered on her snow-white shoulders and it was very alluring. Her figure can be said to be perfect. Sticking in and out where needed and it was very well-developed.

Her skirt was very special as well. It was weaved together by black feathers and although no one knew what feathers they were, they was extremely beautiful.

Especially when the black skirt was extremely short. It revealed snow-white shoulders on top, snow-white legs on the bottom, and the alternating between black and white made her look just like a fairy. The beauty coming from her could suffocate people.

Beautiful. She was extremely beautiful. She was simply the most beautiful female that Chu Feng had ever seen in his life.

If it was said that the sisters Su Rou and Su Mei could destroy a city with their beauty, this girl’s looks could absolutely stun all living things.