Chapter 106 - World Spirit Space

MGA: Chapter 106 - World Spirit Space

The power of Spirit Formation. Only useable by World Spiritists because normal people had no way of even touching it.

The power of Spirit Formation. It was not power from this world. It came from the Spiritual World, a mysterious world.

World Spiritists used their own body to link to the Spirit World and they drew the power of Spirit Formation into their body before using it.

In order to be able to link to the Spirit World, one must use their own Spirit power to create a World Spirit Space in their Spiritual world.

As long as a World Spirit Space was created, they could open the gates towards the Spirit World and use the power of Spirit Formation. So, what Chu Feng needed to do was to condense his Spirit power and create the World Spirit Space.

That was a method that required extreme skill. They had to have enough control over their Spirit power and it would also consume a lot of Spirit power. It was an extreme process.

It was like building a house with Spirit power as the raw materials. The controlling strength over their Spirit power determined the quality of that house.

However, just as Chu Feng was able to use those methods and entered his Spiritual World to create his own World Spirit Space...

He discovered with astonishment that within his own Spiritual World, there was a World Spirit Space built already.

“What is this?” At that instant, Chu Feng already entered his own Spiritual World.

It was a boundless and vast world and it was like he was within the stars in space. However, the lights lingering around him were not stars. They were strands of floating gas.

Chu Feng could walk in the air and wander anywhere in the world as he wished. He could reach any corner and everything was within his grasp.

In front of him, not far from Chu Feng, a huge palace appeared. It was extremely beautiful with brilliant colours and dazzling lights as if it was made by crystals.

The shape was very strange as well. It was indescribable but it was a very bizarre sight that sat within his boundless Spirit world. It stretched up and the end could not be seen, as if it entered another world.

Chu Feng believed that it was the World Spirit Space. However, he could not understand how the boundless World Spirit Space appeared within his own Spiritual World.

How much Spirit power was required to create a World Spirit Space like that? How perfect would one’s control had to be to create that? At least, it was impossible for him to do.

“Oi, what are you thinking about? Why aren’t you coming in you bastard? How long are you going to keep me waiting for!”

Just as Chu Feng was at a loss, a sweet voice suddenly rang out in the World Spirit Space. It was very pleasant to listen to and it was the most lovely voice Chu Feng had ever heard of.

However, after that voice rang out, Chu Feng was greatly shocked because he had heard that voice before. He heard it when he thought he was dreaming.

“So everything was real?” Chu Feng felt that it was inconceivable but he still jumped straight into the World Spirit Space.

The World Spirit Space looked like a palace from the outside, but it was better said to be a tall tower that pierced the heavens. It had no doors, however, Chu Feng could go through the walls and enter it.

After Chu Feng entered it, he quickly lost the ability to walk where he wished and the ability to roam towards the horizon as he firmly landed on the ground.

Chu Feng had seen the scene in front of him before. A crystal-like wall that extended up without seeing the end.

On a certain wall, there was a weird, big door. On top of the doors were layers of chains and terrifying aura emitted from within.

The most important thing was that nearby, there was a huge black egg. At that moment, it was like a chatterbox as it yelled non-stop at Chu Feng.

Was that not everything that Chu Feng saw that day in his dream? However, Chu Feng knew that he was not within a realm of dreams. It was his World Spirit Space.

“Ahh, idiot Chu Feng, you finally got in again.”

“You’re too stupid, too stupid. Do you know how long I have waited for you? 15 years!”

“Damn it. Bastard. Mm, Your comprehension skills are bad right? They are simply horrible.”

That voice which was pleasant to hear endlessly rang out from within the huge black egg. The words were in disarray yet they were very nice to hear. It was like a child who was difficult to deal with.

But the most important thing was that not only did she know Chu Feng’s name, she even said that she waited an entire 15 years for Chu Feng. That made Chu Feng feel endlessly shocked.

“What are you? How do you know my name?” Chu Feng questioned as he assessed the black egg from a distance and did not go closer.

“You’re a ‘what are you’! You call me as ‘Milady Queen’. Milady Queen okay?”

“I’ve shared your vision and sense of hearing in your Spiritual World. I’ve experienced everything that you experienced in all these years. How would I even not know what you are called? I even know everything that you’ve done!” Within the black egg, a displeased voice rang out.

“In my Spiritual World? You said that you’ve waited in my Spiritual World for 15 years? How did you enter my Spiritual World?” Chu Feng was quite stunned.

“How should I know? When I woke up, I was in your Spiritual World. I’m even sealed by this damned Spirit Formation and I can’t even move.”

[TN: When she uses “I”, she refers to herself as “queen”.]

“It’s most likely what your bastard parents did.” The black egg continued to yell.

“Then do you know who my parents are? What their names are? Where they came from? Where they are right now?” Chu Feng closely questioned.

“I even wanted to ask you that. You better not let me know who they are or else I will make them pay the price. They dare to seal me in your smelly Spiritual World! Damn it.”

Although the voice was very pleasant, Chu Feng could hear that the black egg that called herself “Milady Queen” was very angry at that moment. He could even hear the black egg grinding her teeth.

“So my parents built this World Spirit Space for me?” Hearing the black egg’s words, Chu Feng also sank into deep thought.

“Rubbish. If someone didn’t build it for you, did you build it then? Could you even build such an impressive World Spirit Space?” The black egg struck blows at Chu Feng.

“So the person who helped me build this World Spirit Space should be very strong right and they would also be a World Spiritist?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course the person who was able to create this World Spirit Space was strong. Wait, what do you mean? Are you saying that I’m very weak?”

“Let me tell you. If it wasn’t for me being injured, no one could have sealed me. It doesn’t matter how strong the person who helped you was. As long as I know who that person is, I will make them pay the price. I will.”

“Eggy, I never looked down on you. I was just curious.”

“Curious? What’s there to be curious about? Wait. Eggy? You’re Eggy! You’re a chicken egg! Dog egg! Bastard! You need to call me ‘Milady Queen’.”

“Okay Eggy. Can you tell me what your name is? Where did you come from?”

“Shoo! Don’t even think of trying to get information from me!!!”

[TN:”Bastard” and “Shoo” have the character “egg” within them.]

Chu Feng originally wanted to see if he could get something from the black egg, but later on, he discovered that she replied with three “don’t knows” to every question.

Her mouth was very tight as well and she was not willing to reveal her identity. However, Chu Feng felt that if someone intentionally sealed her in his Spiritual World, there must had been some hidden meaning.

At least, that person would not harm him or else with the methods of that person, they could killed him before.

Why would they help him build a World Spirit Space and then seal something that could harm him? It was simply a waste of effort..

So, Chu Feng determined that that person would not harm him. Instead, they would be helping him and he felt that it was most likely the doings of his family.