Chapter 108 - Two Monsters

MGA: Chapter 108 - Two Monsters

“What are you looking at? If you’re already so lewd at such a young age, what would happen when you grow up?” The girl blinked as she cast a gaze of disdain towards Chu Feng.

“You’re wrong. This isn’t called lewd. This is called appreciation.” Chu Feng wiped his mouth and only then did he discover that he was drooling.

“Tch. Quite a few reasons you have there.” The girl shot another glance at Chu Feng. Then, corners of her mouth faintly rose and the incomparably sweet smile was blossomed.

“Waa, the feeling of freedom is still the best!”

The girl became very happy and first, she spread her arms open and spun around where she stood then she started to run everywhere in the World Spirit Space.

She was like a child that only wanted to have fun, but in reality, she was more like a little bird that gained freedom.

“Young lady, I wonder how I should call you?” Chu Feng spoke and asked.

“What lady? Call me ‘Milady Queen’!” The girl corrected.

“Milady Queen? You’re clearly just a small little girl. Tell me how I should call you or else I will call you Eggy.” Chu Feng evilly smiled and said.

“Bastard. You’re Eggy! Your whole family are Eggies!” The girl stuck out her little tongue towards Chu Feng and pulled her face. Now that was called being naughty.

If it wasn’t because she waited 15 years in his own Spiritual World and already gained mature intelligence 15 years ago, Chu Feng really would have suspected that she was still a little brat.

“Oi, Eggy, being humans means that you need to be honest. Isn’t it time to tell me the incantation for condensing the Spirit Formation power?”

“I’m not a human, so does that mean I don’t need to be honest?”

“You...” Chu Feng was speechless. He had seen shameless people before but he had very rarely seen anyone more shameless than himself so he never would have thought that he lost to a little girl today.

“Haha, fine. Although I’m not human, I am very honest. How about this. From now on, as long as you promise me to call me ‘Milady Queen’, I will tell you that incantation.”

“Milady Queen!” Chu Feng firmly shouted.

“Damn. You really don’t have any integrity.” The girl cast a glance at Chu Feng then said phrases in a language in which Chu Feng did not understand.

The moment she started speaking, Chu Feng could feel within the World Spirit Space, countless strange, transparent gas appeared and started to swirl around the girl.

“Go.” Suddenly, the girl used her finger to point at Chu Feng and the gas surged into Chu Feng’s body.

“Spirit Formation power?” At that instant, Chu Feng discovered that the strange transparent gas was the Spirit Formation power.

“Only I can use the incantation. But, as long as I am here, the Spirit Formation power will be available for you to use.” After transmitting the Spirit Formation power into Chu Feng’s body, the girl smiled proudly.

“Milady Queen, you’re quite impressive. Before, you said that you can help me beat that Gong Luyun. I wonder how you plan to do that?” Chu Feng chuckled and asked.

“Of course I can help you. As long as you become a qualified World Spiritist, you will be viewed as a guest everywhere and countless people will give you benefits.”

“Although I don’t know what the thing within your dantian is, that thing can help you quickly refine spiritual medicine. With it, your cultivation speed will be very quick.”

“However, if you want people to view you as a guest, you need to do things for them. So, what you need to do right now is to become a qualified World Spiritist.” The girl explained.

“A qualified World Spiritist? How can one be regarded as a qualified World Spiritist?” Chu Feng asked.

“To most people, they view themselves as a World Spiritists as long as they are able to use the power of the Spirit Formation, able to cast Spirit Formation spells, and able to create defense formations. But in reality, those people cannot be counted as a World Spiritist.”

“A qualified World Spiritist not only needs to grasp the strongest defense methods, they also need to grasp the strongest attacking methods. Those who use the Spirit Formation for defense and World Spirits for attacks are real World Spiritists.”

After hearing the girl’s words, Chu Feng was quite excited. He finally knew the uses of the girl. She was an instructor that taught him how to become a World Spiritist!

“I know what Spirit Formation is, but what are World Spirits?” Chu Feng excitedly asked.

“The power of the Spirit Formation comes from the energy of the Spiritual World like the spiritual energy, Origin power and Profound power of the human world.”

“As for World Spirits, they’re the organisms that come from the Spiritual World. They have extremely strong power and they can reside within your body.”

“Which also means if there was a Profound realm World Spirit that was willing to serve you, it wouldn’t matter if you were in the 8th level of the Spirit realm. You would be a Profound realm expert with it behind your back.” The girl explained.

“It’s that strong? What do I need to do to be able to link to a World Spirit? Are there World Spirits in this World Spirit Space as well?” Chu Feng started to look everywhere and tried to find even a silhouette of a World Spirit.

“Of course not. World Spirits live in the Spirit world. With your current Spirit power, you have no way of linking to it.”

“Not to mention you. Even that dogbutt Elder Zhuge cannot get a World Spirit to serve him. In reality, he can’t be even counted as a real World Spiritist.” The girl said with contempt.

“What? Even Elder Zhuge can’t do it?” Chu Feng was a bit lost for words. Elder Zhuge’s Spirit power was certainly far stronger than him. If Elder Zhuge couldn’t do it, he had even more distant hope.

“No need to be so discouraged. Someone prepared a huge present for you. They caught at least 2 World Spirits and locked them within your World Spirit Space.” Suddenly, the girl smiled.

“Really? Where are the World Spirits?” Chu Feng understood the meaning of the girl. Without a doubt, it was his family that prepared the World Spirits for him.

“For now, there are two World Spirits. One is very strong, the other is very weak. However, neither one of them will serve you for nothing. So, I want to know, which one are you interested in right now?” The girl giggled as she looked at Chu Feng.

“Let’s talk about the weak one.” Chu Feng thought for a bit and felt that it was more appropriate to control the weaker one.

“The weaker one is behind that huge door.” The girl pointed her finger towards the door that was emitting a terrifying aura.

“There’s a World Spirit locked behind there?” Chu Feng couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. Although he never seen the so-called World Spirit, he also knew that the World Spirit in there was certainly very horrifying.

“That’s right. What did you think was locked behind there? That World Spirit is extremely violent and it would certainly not serve you.”

“Although I said that it was very weak, it’s not weak for you. If you release it out, your Spirit power will not be able to control it.”

“It would take over your body, and with your body as the medium, it would continue living in the human world. With its temper, your Nine Provinces would probably get destroyed by it.”

“It’s that strong? Such a scary monster like that is locked in my body?!” Chu Feng was stunned. However, the more he thought, the more impressive he felt that his family was.

Not only did they force the unmeasurably strong man into insanity and made him lose his mind, they even put a monster that could destroy the Nine Provinces within his body. Perhaps that was a bit too impressive.

But just at that time, Chu Feng suddenly remembered what the girl said. The monster which could destroy the Nine Provinces was only the weak one. It also meant that there was a more scary monster.

Thinking to that point, cold sweat couldn’t help but form, both his hair and bones were terrified as he nervously checked around the area. However, he discovered that other than the big door, there was no other place that locked monsters.

“Where’s the other one? Where’s the extremely strong one?” Chu Feng asked tensely.

“Heh.” Hearing Chu Feng’s question, the girl strangely smiled, pointed at herself and said, “The strong one was already released by you!”