Chapter 3400 - Linghu Hongfei

Chapter 3400 - Linghu Hongfei

After nine successive failures, Tantai Xing’er advised, “Young master Wuma, why must you insist on ascending that mountain? Why not try a different mountain?” 

However, Wuma Shengjie completely ignored Tantai Xing’er’s advice, and began to ascend the mountain as soon as all of the formations on it were restored to normal.

“That little fellow is truly stubborn.”

“Actually, for something that relies on luck like this here, no matter which mountain peak he chooses, it would not increase the odds of discovering the treasure.”

“That said, his unyielding zeal is quite delightful.”

“They all say that there are a lot of people with great talent. However, those that are capable of reaching the summit and rising above others are all individuals with unyielding zeal.”

“Even if that Wuma Shengjie is unable to become the strongest expert of the Ancestral Martial Starfield, he will definitely become one of the peak experts.”

Seeing the unyielding Wuma Shengjie, Grandmaster Liangqiu, Liangqiu Chengfeng and the others all began to praise her nonstop.


Finally, Wuma Shengjie managed to reach the summit again.

This time around, after the formation at the mountain peak was breached, Wuma Shengjie was pushed down the mountain by a burst of mighty power.

The mountain peak began to flicker with light. At the same time… the grand formation started to tremble violently.

A terrifying oppressive might had completely enveloped the grand formation.


Suddenly, a roar was heard. The light and the mist on the peak of the mountain instantly scattered. Then, an enormous body appeared on the mountain peak.

It was a ferocious beast. It had a wolf-like body, a tiger-like head, scorpion-like legs, and a snake-like tail.

Its eyes were scorching bright, and its nails razor-sharp. Its massive body reached three thousand meters tall. It was truly a colossal monster.

The crowd noticed that one of the fangs of that ferocious beast was not a fang. Instead, it was a sword.

The enormous spirit power emitted by the sword allowed everyone to know that it should be the legendary spirit formation sword.

However, no one dared to rashly advance toward the beast.

The reason for that was because not only was that ferocious beast vigilantly eyeing its surroundings, but it also emitted the aura of a rank one Exalted!!!

Rank one Exalted was a cultivation that none of the younger generations inside the grand formation could contend against. Even Wuma Shengjie and Linghu Yueyue would be helpless against that ferocious beast.

No matter how powerful Martial Immortals might be, an Exalted would still be an existence that they could not contend against.


Suddenly, the ferocious beast let out another roar.

Once that roar was heard, black clouds began to surge as thunder exploded in the sky. There was even lightning striking down from the black clouds, leaving massive craters in the ground.

“Crap! That thing is planning to attack us!”

“Seniors! What are we supposed to do?!”

Seeing that the situation had turned bad, the geniuses within the grand formation started to panic.

The reason for that was because the zodiac entrances had closed after they exited them. At that moment, there was no way for them to escape.

“Since you all have managed to summon a spirit formation sword, your fate will either be to defeat it, or be killed by it. It will be up to you all and your abilities,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal said.

“But, that’s an Exalted level monster. How could we defeat it?”

At that moment, even the geniuses started to panic.


Suddenly, the ferocious beast roared once again. With the roar, violent winds flew from its mouth.

The winds turned into wind blades. There were a total of thirteen such wind blades, aiming straight for everyone present.

Seeing the incoming wind blades, the crowd’s faces turned ashen.

Those were simply not ordinary wind blades. Instead, they were the grim reaper’s sickle, coming for their lives.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang~~~”

Suddenly, muffled explosions were heard nonstop. The wind blades were all shattered.

such a sudden change shocked the crowd. Evidently, they still had no idea what had happened.

“Thank you, seniors, for saving us.”

Suddenly, Tantai Xing’er expressed her thanks.

Following her, the other younger generations inside the grand formation also began to express their thanks.

They all knew that they were saved by someone. As for the people that could possibly save them, it would only be Queen Mother Fox Immortal and the other three Insect Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists.

“Don’t thank us, we are not the ones who saved you all,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal’s voice sounded in the grand formation.

‘Not seniors? Then who could it be?’ Hearing those words, the crowd inside were all confused.

That ferocious beast was an Exalted-level existence. Furthermore, it was inside the grand formation.

Apart from Queen Mother Fox Immortal and the other three, who could possibly save them?

“Why don’t you all check out where the thirteenth wind blade flew?” Queen Mother Fox Immortal spoke with a laugh.

Hearing those words, the crowd came to a sudden realization.

There were clearly only the twelve of them inside the grand formation. Yet, the ferocious beast let out thirteen wind blades from its mouth earlier.

Thinking of that, the crowd immediately looked in the direction that the thirteenth wind blade was shot toward.

“That person is?!!!”

Upon doing so, their expressions all changed enormously. Excitement, joy, worry and all sorts of complicated emotions appeared simultaneously on their faces.

The location where the thirteenth wind blade was shot was a corner that they all wouldn’t have paid attention to had that wind blade not shot there.

At that moment, there was a person standing in that corner.

That person was wearing a white gown. He was over two meters tall, and had a slender build. His skin was extremely fair, and his long, ink-black hair scattered down his back and fluttered in the wind. His hair was actually a hundred and thirty centimeters long. That long black hair of his created a clear contrast against his fair skin and white gown. Most of all, his hair appeared very natural and unconstrained.

As for his facial appearance, he was an extremely handsome man, even among all the handsome men. He had sharp brows, bright eyes and a sharp nose. Although his features were very delicate, they still possessed a look of masculinity.

As for that man, he was the widely-accepted number one genius of the Ancestral Martial Starfield, the strongest of the Ancestral Martial Decastars...

Linghu Hongfei!!!