Chapter 3399 - Chu Feng Within The Hidden Path

Chapter 3399 - Chu Feng Within The Hidden Path

“Never would I have expected that Wuma Shengjie to be so powerful.”

“It would appear that it’s no coincidence that he was able to defeat Chu Xuanyuan’s son. That Wuma Shengjie is the actual prophesied child, the person who will compete against Linghu Hongfei.”

Upon seeing Wuma Shengjie’s current performance, the crowd’s previous disappointment was not only completely swept away, but they also began to view Wuma Shengjie in a new light.

Many people even felt that Chu Feng’s defeat was justified.

At that moment, only Grandmaster Liangqiu would, from time to time, cast his gaze at the rat zodiac.

The reason for that was because he knew that Chu Feng was not defeated by Wuma Shengjie. Instead, he had entered the hidden path.

After all, it was Grandmaster Liangqiu who had discovered the secret in the Fire Prison.

Thus, he also knew all that Chu Feng knew.

Indeed, Chu Feng was currently inside the hidden path.

The hidden path was filled with difficulties. It was simply not a place that one could successfully traverse by passing hurdles.

Instead, passing every hurdle, every checkpoint, would also bring torment to both Chu Feng’s body and soul.

He was not able to avoid that even if he wanted to. It came about very aggressively and directly, ripping through Chu Feng’s soul and forcibly entering his body.

At the instant when the power entered Chu Feng’s soul, he would feel his soul was being burned, and his internal organs turning into ashes. Then, he would feel bone-chilling cold, and feel as if his body was about to shatter.

In the end, he would feel countles sharp blades penetrating his body, cutting every inch of his flesh.

The pain was unbearable. It was much more cruel than the pain of impending death that ordinary people would feel.

Due to the fact that the pain was simply too unbearable, even Chu Feng let out miserable screams.

If someone happened to be inside the hidden path and heard Chu Feng’s screams, they would definitely feel their blood run cold, and their hair stand on end. They would think that it was some sort of malicious spirit from hell that was undergoing some sort of inhumane torture. Otherwise, how could one scream so miserably?

“Damn it! The contents never mentioned that the hidden path would be this difficult.”

“Successfully breaching a spirit formation will always be rewarded. Why would I instead be punished?”

Chu Feng passed through another series of tortures. At that moment, his clothes were completely destroyed. His body was starting to recover. However, his complexion was still completely pale. Not only was he gasping for breath and sweating cold sweat, but his body was even shivering slightly.

The inescapable power had affected Chu Feng massively.

If he could choose, he would definitely turn around to leave. No one would enjoy being tortured like that .

However, although he was complaining about the situation he was in, Chu Feng still continued onward after stabilizing his condition.

The reason for that was because there was no way out for him, apart from proceeding onward.


Inside the grand formation. The twelve people that had entered the grand formation were all trying their hardest to breach the spirit formations and ascend the mountains.

The fastest among them was naturally Wuma Shengjie. Through her efforts, she arrived at the mountain peak first.


When the spirit formation on the mountain peak was breached, everyone turned to look at her. They all wanted to know exactly what Wuma Shengjie had obtained.

Could it be the legendary spirit formation sword? Or could it be some other sort of treasure?

Merely, the outcome brought astonishment and disappointment to the crowd.

After the spirit formation was breached, there was nothing at all.

Originally, the crowd had thought some sort of heaven-defying treasure would appear after waiting a bit.

However, a sudden power enveloped Wuma Shengjie. She who was originally standing on the mountain peak suddenly appeared at the foot of the mountain.

As for all the spirit formations that she had breached on the way up, they reappeared.

“What’s going on here?”

The crowd were even more astonished upon seeing that.

“The inside of the grand formation is unpredictable and ever-changing. It is not that one will be able to obtain what one wants just by ascending to the top of the mountain peak.”

“Luck is also a factor as to whether or not you’ll be able to obtain what you want.”

At the moment when the crowd were all confused, Queen Mother Fox Immortal’s voice sounded in the grand formation, bringing an answer to the crowd’s confusion.

“Luck is actually a factor in play? This is simply too difficult; too unfair, no?”

“Wouldn’t this mean that even if we managed to reach the mountain peak, we might still return empty-handed?”

At that moment, the people that were breaching the spirit formations all started frowning.

With a result determined by luck, it was very possible that the outcome of reaching the mountain peak might merely be the opportunity to start all over again.

It must be said that that piece of information had greatly demoralized them.

However, compared to them, Wuma Shengjie, whose efforts had gained her nothing, was not affected much. She merely asked, “Does it mean that even if the same mountain peak returns empty-handed for a couple of runs, it is still possible for the spirit formation sword to appear later on?”

“That’s correct. That is indeed the case,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal’s voice sounded in the grand formation again.


Once her answer was heard, Wuma Shengjie started moving again. She rushed up the mountain peak that she had just completed earlier.

Due to the fact that Wuma Shengjie’s formation breaching speed was so fast, she became both the first and the second person to ascend to the mountain peak.

However, her result the second time was exactly the same as the first time.

Nevertheless, Wuma Shengjie was not discouraged. Instead, she began to climb the mountain again.

Third time… fourth time… fifth time...

At the time when everyone else was still midway through their ascent, Wuma Shengjie had already reached the summit five times.