Chapter 3401 - The Strongest Genius

Chapter 3401 - The Strongest Genius

The appearance of Linghu Hongfei brought endless excitement to the people of the younger generation.

Linghu Hongfei was truly different from everyone else. The moment he appeared, all of the geniuses, even the sparkling geniuses like Linghu Yueyue and Wuma Shengjie, appeared worthless by comparison.

However, because of the fact that Linghu Hongfei was too powerful, after he appeared, the people within the grand formation were both joyous and worried.

Although Linghu Hongfei possessed the ability to protect them, his appearance also meant that they would no longer have the opportunity to seize the spirit formation swords.

Although they were all geniuses of the younger generation, they knew that the disparity between them and Linghu Hongfei was akin to the heavens from the earth. They were simply not on the same level.

“That is?”

Suddenly, the crowd’s expressions changed. They suddenly noticed that a sword was floating behind Linghu Hongfei.

That was… a spirit formation sword!!!

“Linghu Hongfei… has actually already obtained a spirit formation sword?”

The people of the younger generation were all very shocked. They felt that the speed with which Linghu Hongfei obtained a spirit formation sword was simply too fast.

Most importantly, it would appear that the second spirit formation sword would evidently also… end up in Linghu Hongfei’s possession.

“Brother Wuma Shengjie, that sword guardian beast is not something that you can defeat. Could you allow me to obtain that spirit formation sword instead?”

Linghu Hongfei did not directly attack the ferocious beast. Instead, in a very courteous manner, he asked for Wuma Shengjie’s permission.

Although Linghu Hongfei was very powerful, he still possessed great manners.

“What if I were to tell you that I wanted to give it a try?”

Many people were surprised upon hearing Wuma Shengjie’s words.

Even though her performance was indeed very astonishing, the sword guardian beast was an Exalted-level existence, something Wuma Shengjie couldn’t possibly defeat.

Furthermore, even amongst the people of the younger generation, no one dared to go against Linghu Hongfei’s desire like that.

“I am merely suggesting it out of kind intentions. If brother Wuma wishes to give it a try, you can go ahead and do so. If you are able to defeat that sword guardian beast by yourself, it would naturally be the best.”

“If you’re unable to defeat it, it would not be too late for me to take it on then.”

Linghu Hongfei was not angered by Wuma Shengjie’s refusal. Instead, he had a smile on his face, and reacted extremely courteously.

“Very well,” faced with such a courteous Linghu Hongfei, Wuma Shengjie nodded her head.

Then, she began to release her spirit power. She began to set up a spirit formation.

“This guy, he’s truly powerful.”

In the beginning, the crowd felt disapproval towards Wuma Shengjie’s refusal. However, many people began to view her in a new light as her spirit formation formed.

Wuma Shengjie’s spirit formation seemed to be effective against the sword guardian beast.

Before her spirit formation was even completed, the sword guardian beast had already revealed a slightly uneasy expression. When her spirit formation was completed, the sword guardian beast’s body actually started to shiver slightly.

“This guy, he must’ve learned some sort of secret regarding this place. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to know of a spirit formation that would bring fear to even the sword guardian beast.”

“It’s no wonder that his formation breaching speed was ten times faster than mine, even though we’re both Insect Mark Exalted-cloak World Spiritists.”

At that moment, Linghu Yueyue’s gaze became slightly hostile.

She felt very unreconciled. She felt that if it wasn’t for the fact that Wuma Shengjie had obtained some sort of secret, she couldn’t possibly be suppressed to such a miserable degree.

She felt that she was not defeated because of her own strength. Instead, she was defeated because her knowledge of the grand formation was lacking.


Suddenly, Wuma Shengjie raised her arm and pointed. Her spirit formation immediately rose into the sky and turned into a giant net that flew toward the sword guardian beast to seal it away.


The sword guardian beast appeared to be extremely afraid of that spirit formation. Its body could be seen shivering violently as it stood there like a fool, afraid to even dodge. In fact, it was even letting out a frightened howl.


In the next moment, that spirit formation net successfully enveloped the sword guardian beast.

The sword guardian beast began to sway its body frantically as it let out a mournful howl.

Even though the sword guardian beast was clearly an Exalted-level being, it was ruthlessly suppressed by that spirit formation.

The spirit formation net turned fiery red. Like red-hot steel, it started to carve into the body of that sword guardian beast, riddling it with wounds.

At that moment, all of the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen subconsciously took a glance at Linghu Hongfei.

They felt worried, worried for Linghu Hongfei.

Originally, that spirit formation sword was destined to be his.

No one expected that Wuma Shengjie would actually be able to set up a spirit formation that could suppress the sword guardian beast.

All of this was very inconceivable. However, it really happened before them.

If Wuma Shengjie succeeded, Linghu Hongfei would lose that spirit formation sword.

However, compared to the others from the Linghu Heavenly Clan, Linghu Hongfei himself was looking at it all with a smile on his face.

He was not at all worried. On the contrary, he seemed to be smiling out of joy for Wuma Shengjie.

Soon, the crowd discovered that even though Wuma Shengjie’s spirit formation was very powerful, it started to gradually weaken as it entered the sword guardian beast’s body.

In the end, the spirit formation disappeared completely.

As for the sword guardian beast, although it was riddled with wounds, it was still alive.


Suddenly, an ear-piercing roar resonated throughout heaven and earth. The sword guardian beast was incomparably enraged. At that moment, everyone within the grand formation was capable of feeling its killing intent.

Evidently, the spirit formation Wuma Shengjie set up earlier had thoroughly enraged it.


A loud roar shook heaven and earth.

Following that, the sword guardian beast opened its ferocious mouth and rushed towards Wuma Shengjie.

It was truly enraged. That sword guardian beast was not only planning to kill Wuma Shengjie, it was planning to rip her to pieces.

However, at the moment when the sword guardian beast arrived before Wuma Shengjie, a phantom like figure, appeared before her .

It was Linghu Hongfei.

Linghu Hongfei extended his arm and actually managed to, with his body that was much smaller by comparison, stop that three thousand meter-plus mountain-sized sword guardian beast.

“Brother Wuma, can I take care of it now?” Linghu Hongfei asked.

“Mn,” Wuma Shengjie nodded. As matters stood, she no longer had a choice but to allow Linghu Hongfei to handle the sword guardian beast. Besides, if he hadn’t stopped the beast, she would likely have died already. She was indeed no match for the sword guardian beast.


Right after Wuma Shengjie agreed to it, the enormous body of the sword guardian beast disintegrated to pieces.

The spirit formation sword within its mouth flew to Linghu Hongfei’s back, seemingly recognizing him as its master.

At that moment, astonished expressions filled the crowd’s faces, including even Wuma Shengjie.

Before Linghu Hognfei, that Exalted-level sword guardian beast was actually defeated from a single attack.

This… was the power of the strongest genius of the Ancestral Martial Starfield.