Chapter 3385 - Under The Heaven’s Eyes

Chapter 3385 - Under The Heaven’s Eyes


A loud sound was heard. The table before Wuming Xingyun had shattered into pieces. Even the palace was trembling.

Wuming Xingyun stood up. His gaze was akin to sharp blades as he looked at Tantai Changfei.

Tantai Changfei was shivering in fear at that moment. He was completely stunned.

Someone pointed to the title plate that had fallen to the ground and asked, “Mi… Milord, co… could it be that this title plate is real?” 

“That title plate is something personally made by me. Even if others wanted to counterfeit it, they would not be able to do so. How could it be fake?” Wuming Xingyun asked coldly.


Tantai Changfei immediately knelt on the ground. As matters stood, he was certain that he had courted a disaster.

“Milord, please spare me, please spare me.”

“This lowly one’s eyesight was lacking, and he was unable to distinguish whether that title plate is real or not. Merely, the Chu Heavenly Clan is a fallen clan, and simply unworthy of mention in our Ancestral Martial Starfield. This lowly one truly never expected that that Chu Heavenly Clansman would be able to obtain Milord’s title plate. That’s why this lowly one…” Tantai Changfei immediately began to try his hardest to justify his mistake.

“Milord, this matter really cannot be blamed on Elder Changfei. Even if it were me, I would have done the same,” at the moment, a Supreme Elder of the Tantai Heavenly Clan also began to plead for leniency.

“Are you implying that your Tantai Heavenly Clan are all fools??!”

“Are you all so stupid that you cannot even differentiate whether a title plate is real or not?!”

“Whether or not a title plate is real or not is dependent on the title plate itself! What relationship does it have with the person holding the title plate?!” Wuming Xingyun shouted angrily. The palace shook so violently that it seemed like it was on the verge of collapse.

“This lowly one was stupid, this lowly one was stupid.”

Seeing that Wuming Xingyun actually became so furious, that Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder also hurriedly apologized, and no longer dared to plead for leniency for Tantai Changfei.

“Humph, even if one is to beat a dog, one will have to determine its master first! That’s even more true for someone holding a title plate!”

“For you all to dare imprison someone holding my title plate, you all are simply not placing me, Wuming Xingyun, in your eyes at all! Or could it be that you all are not placing our Starfield Master Realm in your eyes?! Today, I shall have a proper listen as to how you all are going to provide an explanation for your actions!”

With his hands behind his back, the expression of anger on Wuming Xingyun’s face grew even stronger. He was determined to obtain an explanation.

Seeing Wuming Xingyun like that, that Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder’s expression changed greatly. Even though he was a person of great status, he still hurriedly knelt, “Milord, we wouldn’t dare, we truly wouldn’t dare. It’s a misunderstanding, it’s really a misunderstanding. Our Tantai Heavenly Clan has always been loyal and devoted to the Starfield Master Realm.”

“Milord, this is indeed a misunderstanding. Milord, please give Elder Changfei another chance.”



All of the Tantai Heavenly Clansmen hurriedly knelt, and were begging for forgiveness.

The reason for that was because what Wuming Xingyun had said had frightened them.

Actually, at that moment, they all knew very well that the Linghu Heavenly Clan intended to seize the position of the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s overlord from the Starfield Master Realm. Furthermore, they had been raising a large army recently.

In fact, the Linghu Heavenly Clan had also contacted their Tantai Heavenly Clan.

However, the Tantai Heavenly Clan did not wish to involve themselves in the mess. Thus, they did not accept the Linghu Heavenly Clan’s invitation.

After all, for the Tantai Heavenly Clan, regardless of whether it was the Starfield Master Realm controlling the Ancestral Martial Starfield or the Linghu Heavenly Clan controlling the starfield, the result was the same.

In the end, they would still have to bow before their masters.

Besides, the Starfield Master Realm had treated their Tantai Heavenly Clan very well over the years.

As such, the Tantai Heavenly Clan could not guarantee whether the Linghu Heavenly Clan would treat them as well should they be able to seize power from the Starfield Master Realm. Thus, they would naturally not be willing to rashly follow the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

However, it must be admitted that they were currently in extraordinary times. As such, they not only did not dare to offend the Linghu Heavenly Clan, but they also did not dare to offend the Starfield Master Realm. Most importantly, they did not wish for the Starfield Master Realm to suspect them of being disloyal.

However, faced with the Tantai Heavenly Clansmen begging for forgiveness, the fury on Wuming Xingyun’s face did not lessen.

Indeed, they were in extraordinary times. Because of that, if it were someone else from the Starfield Master Realm, they would definitely try to downplay the matter and let it pass.

While it was true that the Tantai Heavenly Clan was under the rulership of their Starfield Master Realm, they were not weak. As such, the Starfield Master Realm needed to entice the Tantai Heavenly Clan so as to avoid them siding with the Linghu Heavenly Clan.

However, Wuming Xingyun was a special existence within the Starfield Master Realm.

He did not involve himself with the Starfield Master Realm’s internal affairs, and would follow his heart’s desires, doing as he pleased.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he possessed a good relationship with Wuming Fenghuo, he would not have handed him his title plate.

Furthermore, he had mentioned to Wuming Fenghuo that, regardless of who he handed that title plate to, as long as he, Wuming Fenghuo, wrote a letter for that individual, then he, Wuming Xingyun, would definitely help them regardless of what it might be.

For that Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation to come with that title plate, he most definitely had something that he sought his help for.

Yet, he received such treatment. That was not only a slap to the face of Wuming Fenghuo, but it was also a slap to his face.

That was precisely the reason why he was so enraged at that moment.

“I have heard that the Linghu Heavenly Clan has been very close with the Tantai Heavenly Clan recently. That Linghu Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder Linghu Boyuan and that brat Linghu Hongfei seem to be on the Ice Summit right now. It would appear that the Tantai Heavenly Clan thinks that they don't have to take the Starfield Master Realm into consideration, now that they’ve gotten close with the Linghu Heavenly Clan,” Queen Mother Fox Immortal spoke with a beaming smile.

She totally looked like someone enjoying the show, and wishing for things to get worse.

Seeing that the situation was very bad, a trace of ruthlessness appeared in the eyes of that Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder.


Chu Feng had no idea what sort of situation the Tantai Heavenly Clan was faced with on the Ice Summit. He also had no heart to concern himself with that sort of thing.

The reason for that was because he was currently imprisoned in the ferocious and dangerous Fire Prison beneath the Ice Summit.

The Tantai Heavenly Clan had created the Fire Prison by altering a spirit formation left behind by the World Spiritist Immortal King. Thus, the Fire Prison was extremely powerful.

The Fire Prison was an isolated space. Looking up, one could not see the sun and moon. Looking down, one could not see the soil of the earth. As far as one could see, all that was visible was a vast outstretch of fiery red. They seemed like flames, and also seemed like blood-rays.

Apart from the sound of chains, one could only hear wolf-howls and ghost-cries. That place was simply akin to a hell on earth.

However, what caused Chu Feng to have no heart to concern himself with anything else was not how terrifying the Fire Prison was.

Instead, he was captivated by the southwestern direction of the Fire Prison...

There was a mountain there. The mountain was completely barren, and covered with fiery red stones.

However, Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes told him that that place was… very extraordinary.