Chapter 3386 - Intention To Kill Chu Feng

Chapter 3386 - Intention To Kill Chu Feng

Ever since Chu Feng fell, he had pretty much only taken a single glance at the situation within the Fire Prison before his gaze was captured by the mountain rocks.

At that moment, he had been staring at the fiery-red rocks for some time.


Suddenly, the sounds of chains began to sound from behind Chu Feng. An aged old man was slowly walking toward him.

That old man had a very short and small stature, and was as thin as a matchstick. He looked very weak, and seemed like someone on the verge of dying.

However, the chains that tied him up were thicker than even his arms. The chains passed through his flesh and were engraved with symbols and runes that flickered repeatedly with red light. With each flicker of red light, the old man’s expression would distort in pain.

Those chains were connected to the grand formation deep within the Fire Prison. When the chains flickered with light, they would bring him pain.

The people that were screaming inside the Fire Prison were all screaming because of the pain caused by the flickering of the chains.

However, it seemed that the old man had already grown accustomed to the nonstop pain.

However, seeing his weak aura and health, one could tell that the torture of the pain was not limited to only his flesh.

“A brat from the Chu Heavenly Clan? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Chu Heavenly Clan’s title plate. What have you done to be imprisoned here?” The old man seemed to be filled with curiosity toward Chu Feng.

Chu Feng smiled and glanced at the old man. However, he did not answer him. Instead, he turned his eyes to the mountain rocks again.

“It would seem that you’re very interested in that place. There’s actually a history to that place,” the old man said.

Chu Feng originally did not plan to involve himself with the old man, as he felt him to be a sly old fox, and did not wish to engage in conversation with someone like that. However, the words spoken by the old man caught his attention. Thus, he asked, “Senior, what sort of history does it have?”

“Do you know the story about the World Spiritist Immortal King and the Ice Summit?” The old man asked.

“This junior knows a bit,” Chu Feng nodded.

“That’s good.”

“The Tantai Heavenly Clan has been trying to breach the spirit formation of the Ice Summit the entire time. Thus, they’ve been seeking out powerful world spiritists to assist them the entire time.”

“Roughly thirty years ago, the Tantai Heavenly Clan requested the assistance of a world spiritist.”

“No one knows where that world spiritist came from. Reportedly, that world spiritist was not from our Starfield. Furthermore, no one knows that world spiritist’s name. He did not wear a world spiritist cloak. Yet, he was a Saint-cloak World Spiritist.”

“That world spiritist was a rare individual who was proficient in world spirit techniques, but had no heart to engage in martial cultivation. Thus, even though his world spirit techniques had reached Saint-cloak, his cultivation was only that of a mere True Immortal.”

“After that person arrived at the Ice Summit, he began to examine it for a total of ten years. Finally, he managed to comprehend an unsealing formation.”

“However, at that very moment, he ended up offending a Supreme Elder of the Tantai Heavenly Clan, and was then entrapped by that Supreme Elder and imprisoned in this place.”

“Actually, the Tantai Heavenly Clan was only planning to scare him. After all, he was someone that the Tantai Heavenly Clan wanted to exploit.”

“However, the Tantai Heavenly Clan never expected that world spiritist to contract an incurable disease, and not be able to live for long. Originally, he had planned to inform the Tantai Heavenly Clan of the spirit formation that he had managed to comprehend. However, after being entrapped by that Supreme Elder, he became discouraged, and left the spirit formation he had comprehended within the Fire Prison.”

“Reportedly, his unsealing formation is located right there,” the old man said as he pointed to the direction that Chu Feng was looking in.

“The unsealing formation?” Chu Feng narrowed his eyes.

When looking at that place normally, one would not be able to see anything at all. However, underneath Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes, everything became clear.

There was indeed a grand unsealing formation located at that place. Furthermore, it had been left there roughly twenty years ago too.

Chu Feng was able to determine all of this. Thus, Chu Feng felt that the old man had not lied to him.

The reason why Chu Feng was staring at that place the entire time earlier was because he was very surprised to find such a detailed unsealing formation there.


Right at that moment, the sound of chains being dragged around could be heard again.

There were over a dozen people walking toward Chu Feng.

Those were all people from the Tantai Heavenly Clan. They were walking toward Chu Feng with malicious looks on their faces and many chains in their hands. Those were chains to imprison the convicts there.

Furthermore, several people among them were jointly supporting a case. There was a sealing formation on that case. No one knew what that case contained.

“Crap, they’ve come to make trouble for you,” the old man immediately became nervous upon seeing those people.

“Little brother, they’re coming for you.”

“The people that end up here will never be imprisoned here forever. However, as long as they’re imprisoned here, they will have to endure the bone-piercing pain of those chains. The chains are able to connect to one’s soul, and bring about an enormous amount of pain.”

“Thus, little brother, you must not go against them later. Try to flatter them and give them some benefits. Otherwise… they will be able to decide how intense the pain you’ll have to endure will be,” the old man said to Chu Feng through voice transmission.

“Who are you?! What are you doing here?!” The Tantai Heavenly Clansmen arrived before Chu Feng and glared at the old man in a very displeased manner.

Perhaps because too many people were imprisoned there, they simply did not recognize that old man at all.

“Milords, I am only trying to teach this newcomer here the rules of this place,” the old man spoke with an eagerly attentive look.

“Is there a need for someone like you to teach him the rules of this place? Scram immediately!” The Tantai Heavenly Clansmen shouted loudly. The old man’s body shivered, and he turned around to leave while apologizing repeatedly.

Right at that moment, the Tantai Heavenly Clansmen opened the case. Once the case was opened, a chain appeared. That chain was very different from the chain around the old man’s body.

Although the old man’s chains were also filled with runes and symbols, they were not very concentrated.

However, the chain taken out by the Tantai Heavenly Clansmen was completely covered in runes and symbols.

Originally, the old man had walked far away. However, upon seeing the chains, his expression changed enormously, and he hurriedly ran back, “Milords, is there a need for such chains? That’s too severe, no? He’s so young.”

“The hell does it matter to you? Scram immediately,” a Tantai Heavenly Clansman waved his arm and ruthlessly pushed the old man far away, smashing him into the stone walls.

Although the old man was very old, his cultivation was not very high. He was only a Heavenly Immortal. Being smashed aside by that Martial Immortal-level Tantai Heavenly Clansman, the old man suffered from serious injuries, and looked half-dead.

“Why are you all acting this unfairly against me?” Chu Feng asked.

“Don’t you know who you’ve offended?” The Tantai Heavenly Clansman said.

“That Tantai Changfei, was it?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s good that you know. I will speak frankly. Since you’ve entered this place today, don’t think about leaving here alive,” that Tantai Heavenly Clansman said.

“I only contradicted him once, yet he wants to take my life?”

“Isn’t your Tantai Heavenly Clan too excessive? Too tyrannical? Everyone knows very well what you all have done today. If word of this matter is to spread in the future, do you not fear that our Chu Heavenly Clan will seek you all out to settle this debt?” Chu Feng said.

Indeed, the appearance of their Tantai Heavenly Clansmen had already captured the attention of many people in the Fire Prison.

Although no one dared to approach them, there were countless eyes focused on them.

There were people that sympathized with Chu Feng. However, more than that, the majority of the people were watching as if they were enjoying a show.


Seemingly knowing that no one would help Chu Feng, the Tantai Heavenly Clansmen burst into loud laughter.

Then, their gazes suddenly turned grim.

“We are supported by Lord Tantai Changfei; how could we fear your mere Chu Heavenly Clan? Enough of your rubbish, today next year shall be the anniversary of your death.”

After they finished saying those words, those Tantai Heavenly Clansmen rushed toward Chu Feng.

Seeing that, Chu Feng narrowed his brows. A ruthless expression emerged in his eyes.

Those Tantai Heavenly Clansmen were merely people that had just set foot into the Martial Immortal realm. They were simply no match for Chu Feng. As such, he would naturally not allow himself to be captured by them.


However, right at that moment, rumbles began to sound from the summit of the Fire Prison. The Fire Prison was opened.

Following that, a figure shot straight down from the entrance of the opened Fire Prison, landing right before Chu Feng and the Tantai Heavenly Clansmen.

“That is?”

Upon seeing the person that had landed, the expressions of the Tantai Heavenly Clansmen, the bystanders and even Chu Feng himself all changed enormously.

The person who had landed was completely covered in blood and lash marks. Evidently, that person had been whipped to such a state.

His aura was very weak. From this, one could tell that he had been met with very serious punishment.

Most importantly, that person was someone that practically everyone present knew.

He was none other than the person in charge of the Ice Summit, the person that the people in the Fire Prison feared the most… Tantai Changfei.