Chapter 3384 - Wuming Xingyun

Chapter 3384 - Wuming Xingyun

Inside the palace at the top of the Ice Summit.

A group of grand characters were gathered in the palace. Even though Tantai Changfei was the person in charge of the Ice Summit, he could only sit on the lower ranking seats in the palace.

The reason for that was because even the Supreme Elders of the Tantai Heavenly Clan were present.

That said, not even the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elders were qualified to sit in the palace master's seat.

Sitting in the master seat was a handsome old man.

That’s right, although he was an old man, he had a very handsome appearance. Even though time had left traces on his face, it was unable to conceal his handsome features.

Furthermore, that old man’s eyes were very spirited. It was as if there were two galaxies contained within his eyes.

As for the gown he was wearing, it was even more extraordinary. Faint white light was being emitted from his gown in a winding manner. That was definitely not ordinary white light, as it appeared very sacred. Seeing the white light, one would not dare to show any blasphemy.

The gown that he was wearing was a World Spiritist Saint Cloak, something only Saint-cloak World Spiritists could wear.

That old man was the Starfield Master Realm’s Wuming Xingyun.

Not only was Wuming Xingyun a Saint-cloak World Spiritist, but he was also a peak Exalted-level expert.

Apart from Wuming Xingyun, there was also a young woman.

She was also sitting on a master seat right beside him.

Originally, there was only a single master seat in the palace hall. Yet, there was now another additional master seat. With this, one could tell how remarkable that woman was.

That young woman had a very beautiful appearance. Her beauty was so devastating that it could cause the downfall of a city or state. No, to be more exact, she resembled an alluring evil female spirit. Her beauty was more than capable of baffling all living things.

Especially her eyes. They seemed to be able to seize one’s soul.

Even though the people present were all experts, no one dared to look that woman in the eyes.

They all knew that if they were to look that woman in the eyes, they might end up suffering.

After all, that woman was none other than the renowned Queen Mother Fox Immortal.

Even though Queen Mother Fox Immortal resembled a young maiden in her early twenties and had a very delicate and innocent charm, she was actually an old monster that had lived for over ten thousand years.

She was not a human. Instead, she was a monstrous beast.

Like Wuming Xingyun, Queen Mother Fox Immortal was also a peak Exalted-level existence and a Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

However, compared to Wuming Xingyun, Queen Mother Fox immortal was even more frightening.

She was not a good individual at all. Instead, she was extremely notorious, and had killed countless individuals.

There were even rumors of her gouging out the eyes of people she didn’t like and eating them on the spot.

Queen Mother Fox Immortal was extremely vicious.

There were a lot of good individuals that had died by her hands. Unfortunately, there was no proof that they’d died at her hands. As such, no one could arm a crusade against her.

On top of that, as she was both a Saint-cloak World Spiritist and a peak Exalted-level expert, everyone decided to turn a blind eye to her crimes. Very few people were willing to make an enemy of her.

Originally, the feast was supposed to host all four Saint-cloak World Spiritists.

However, as Liangqiu Chengfeng and Grandmaster Long Xuan were exchanging pointers, they did not participate in the feast.

That said, it remained that it was a feast. Thus, the atmosphere was quite good.

Perhaps due to the alcohol that they’d drank, the crowd became very lively. The more they chatted, the more lively they became.

In a merry mood due to all the alcohol, Tantai Changfei raised his wine cup and began to boast.

With a beaming smile on his face, he said, “Milords, there’s a ridiculously funny thing that happened today. Might you all be interested in hearing it?” Although he had become particularly excited and much bolder due to the effects of alcohol, he knew very well how strong the grand characters present were.

Thus, he remained very cautious, and both his words and actions were somewhat restrained. He feared that he might offend Wuming Xingyun or the Queen Mother Fox Immortal.

Wuming Xingyun gulped down a cup of wine and said, “Tell us about it.”

“Milord, before coming here, I was patrolling the mountain, and discovered that there were people causing a disturbance. Upon going there to have a look, I was surprised to discover that it was actually a younger generation of the Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“A younger generation of the Chu Heavenly Clan? That failure of a clan dared to stir up trouble in our Tantai Heavenly Clan’s territory?” Many of the Tantai Heavenly Clan elders narrowed their brows upon hearing those words. A faint amount of anger emerged in their eyes.

“That’s not all. When I went to warn them, they were not only not afraid, but that Chu Heavenly Clansman even took out a title plate. With full confidence, he told me that they’d come to see Lord Wuming Xingyun,” Tantai Changfei said.

“See Lord Wuming Xingyun? What title plate was that?” Someone asked.

“He said that the title plate was given to him by Lord Wuming Fenghuo,” Tantai Changfei laughed.

“What utter nonsense! How could a Chu Heavenly Clansman possibly be related to Lord Wuming Fenghuo? That’s definitely a fake title plate,” someone said.

“Indeed, it's definitely a fake. Originally, I had planned to directly drive him out. However, he actually demanded that I bring that fake title plate here to see Lord Wuming Fenghuo,” Tantai Changfei had a wide smile on his face as he said those words. That smile was filled with mockery.

“That’s quite ridiculous indeed. That Chu Heavenly Clansman must’ve gone mad.”

“The way I see it, he’s not mad. Instead, he’s a fool. If one isn’t mentally deficient to a certain extent, how could one do such a foolish thing?”

“After all, to forge Lord Wuming Xingyun’s title plate is a major offense.”

“What happened after that? How did you take care of him?”

Tantai Changfei’s story had piqued the crowd’s interest. One by one, they were all staring at Tantai Changfei, waiting for him to tell them what happened.

Seeing that, Tantai Changfei grew even more energetic in his narration.

“I tossed him into the Fire Prison. How could I possibly spare someone who dared to forge Lord Wuming Xingyun’s title plate?” Tantai Changfei deliberately took a fawning glance at Wuming Xingyun as he said those words.

Seeing that Wuming Xingyun also had a smile on his face, the smile on Tantai Changfei’s face grew even stronger.

“Right, someone like that must be taught a proper lesson that he can remember.”

“That’s right, someone like that must be severely punished, and not let off lightly.”

“Changfei, you’ve done very well. I will report this matter to Lord Clan Chief so that you will be rewarded for your meticulous service.”

The crowd present began to echo Tantai Changfei’s decision. At the same time, they were actually trying to curry favor with Wuming Xingyun. Even that Tantai Heavenly Clan’s Supreme Elder was doing the same.

“Oh, that’s right, what does that title plate look like? Let me see what sort of fake title plate that trash from the Chu Heavenly Clan could forge.”

“That’s right. Do you still have that title plate? Let us have a look at it.”

Some people spoke curiously.

“Oh, perfect timing. I actually kept the title plate,” Tantai Changfei said.

“Then why are you still not taking it out? C’mon, quickly, let us have a look,” the crowd grew increasingly excited. It was as if they were all waiting to see something brilliant. With excited expressions, they stared at Tantai Changfei, waiting for him to take out the title plate to relieve their boredom.

“Here, it’s this,” as Tantai Changfei spoke, he took out the title plate.

He even deliberately fiddled with it before Wuming Xingyun.

Upon seeing that title plate, the expressions of Wuming Xingyun and Queen Mother Fox Immortal changed.

“Wuming Xingyun, isn’t that your title plate?” Queen Mother Fox Immortal said as she looked to Wuming Xingyun.


The crowd’s expressions all changed upon hearing those words. Especially Tantai Changfei; he was immediately stunned.

Upon seeing the current expression of Wuming Xingyun, he was so scared that he dropped the title plate in his hand. His expression had turned so ugly that it seemed like he had been fed dog feces.

The reason for that was because he discovered Wuming Xingyun’s expression had turned so gloomy that it seemed like he was planning to kill someone.