Chapter 3371 - Wuming Fenghuo

Chapter 3371 - Wuming Fenghuo

“Say, little brother, it seems that friend of yours has encountered some sort of trouble.”

“With that being the case, what are you going to do now?”

“I’d urge you to leave this place, and not involve yourself in this matter anymore. If you are to leave right now, I will consider it as if nothing has happened,” Wuma Yantian said to Chu Feng.

He knew that, after what had happened with Bai Liluo, Chu Feng was no longer someone to fear.

However, he was still uncertain about their background. Thus, he was unwilling to go all-out in making them enemies. Even though Bai Liluo had injured him, he still decided to give Chu Feng a chance to escape.

He had done so because he wanted to leave himself some leeway.

“Friend, although I do not know who you are, our Wuma Heavenly Clan is extremely grateful for your help. Our Clan will forever remember this grace of yours.”

“However, our clan does not wish to implicate the two of you. Thus, you should leave.”

At that moment, even the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief began to urge Chu Feng to leave.

After him, there were many others from the Wuma Heavenly Clan that urged Chu Feng to leave.

It turned out that there were many people of integrity within the Wuma Heavenly Clan. Although they did not wish to die, they also did not wish to implicate Chu Feng.

“Since I’ve come here today, I will definitely not leave like this.”

Chu Feng carried Bai Liluo behind his back and looked to Wuma Yantian.

At that moment, Wuma Yantian started to frown. Chu Feng was wearing a special sort of gown. Thus, he was unable to see his true appearance. Yet, he was able to see Chu Feng’s eyes. Those eyes were filled with determination.

Those were eyes that he did not wish to see.

“It would appear that you’ve made the decision to insist on making an enemy of our Wuma Heavenly Clan,” Wuma Yantian spoke coldly.

“Precisely,” Chu Feng answered.

“Humph, in that case, we’ll have to see if you possess skills on par with that little lady.”

Wuma Yantian let out a cold snort. Then, a strong wind swept forth, and space started to tremble. He had unleashed his boundless oppressive might again.

“Truth be told, I do not possess the same strength as my big sister. However, I’m afraid that you will not dare touch me today,” Chu Feng said.

“Haha, what a joke. Since you know your strength, where did you get that confidence of yours?”

“Today, this old man will have you know if I dare to touch you or not.”

Wuma Yantian’s oppressive might became even more threatening. Even the surrounding space was being violently shattered by his oppressive might.

The region was plunged into endless darkness. Wuma Yantian and his overwhelming oppressive might were the only things visible. Like ferocious beasts of enormous power, his oppressive might wreaked havoc through heaven and earth.

However, although he was facing such an oppressive might, Chu Feng showed no fear. He streaked his palm across his Cosmos Sack, and a title plate appeared in his hand.

“Wuma Yantian, do you recognize this?”

Chu Feng tossed the title plate into the air as he spoke.


The title plate turned into a ray of light. Like a soaring dragon, the ray of light shot straight into the sky. When it reached far up into the sky, it suddenly stopped, and began to emit a dazzling light. Like a scorching sun, the light swept forth and bathed the vast earth.

The heaven and earth that were originally filled with darkness was now covered with light. The light was so dazzling that many people of the younger generation were unable to open their eyes.

Most importantly, after the light appeared, a voice echoed loudly.

“I am Wuming Fenghuo of the Starfield Master Realm.”

“Seeing this title plate is akin to seeing me. If anyone dares to go against me…”

“... they shall be killed without exception!!!”

That voice sounded from the title plate. That voice… was Wuming Fenghuo’s voice.

“It’s actually the personal title plate of one of the Starfield Master Realm’s Ten Great Experts, Lord Wuming Fenghuo?!”

At that moment, the main clansmen were all overjoyed. As for the branch clansmen, their complexions turned green.

Even Wuma Yantian’s aged face revealed an expression of fear.

He had already retrieved his oppressive might. The surrounding region had returned to how it was before.

However, the title plate was still present. The overwhelming and imposing ruler’s light was still illuminating the earth.

Even though Wuming Fenghuo’s voice was heard only once, it was resonating continuously in the crowd’s heads.

“You… the two of you are from the Starfield Master Realm?”

Wuma Yantian looked to Chu Feng. For the first time ever, there was an expression of reverence in his eyes.

“Who I am is not important. What’s important is that I possess this title plate. Do you dare disobey it?”

Chu Feng raised his hand, and the title plate that was floating high in the sky descended to his hand and returned to its original state.

At that moment, the people from both the Wuma branch clan and the main clan were looking at Chu Feng with reverence in their eyes.

“I am asking you a question. Yet you’re not answering me. Could it be that you’re really planning to disobey this title plate?” Chu Feng asked with a stern voice.

“This subordinate Wuma Yantian would not dare to disobey the order of Lord Wuming Fenghuo,” Although Wuma Yantian was feeling very unreconciled, he still clasped his fist and bowed to Chu Feng to express his humility.

Wouldn’t dare. He naturally wouldn’t dare.

Chu Feng’s title plate was forged extremely well. They were simply unable to tell that it was a fake.

Seeing such a reaction from Wuma Yantian, Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

After all, only he knew that the title plate was fake.

At the same time, Chu Feng was unable to keep himself from gasping in admiration.

Although the Starfield Master Realm showed no regard for others under their rule, they held an enormous power of deterrence in the Ancestral Martial Starfield.


However, right at that moment, a burst of laughter was suddenly heard.

Following that, an old man appeared.

When that old man appeared, not only did Chu Feng’s expression chang enormously, but the expressions of the people from the main branch also changed enormously.

Everyone was able to tell with a single glance...

...that that old man was from the Starfield Master Realm.

“We pay our respects to Milord.”

Compared to Chu Feng and the main clansmen’s shock, Wuma Yantian and the branch clansmen hurriedly bowed to the old man respectfully. They seemed to have anticipated the appearance of the old man, and were not at all surprised.

That old man was an elder from the Starfield Master Realm. His name was Wuming Yan.

Although his reputation was inferior to that of Wuming Gangxiong, both his status and strength were on par with Wuming Gangxiong.

In the Ancestral Martial Starfield, that old man was someone with great status.

“Oh no!”

Upon seeing Wuming Yan, the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief cried out ‘oh no’ in his heart.

He was able to tell that that Wuming Yan must be a helper requested by Wuma Yantian.

Although Wuming Yan possessed the same strength as Wuma Yantian, both being rank eight Exalted, Wuming Yan possessed a status that caused others to fear him.


Suddenly, Wuming Yan extend his hand and made a grabbing motion, and the title plate in Chu Feng’s hand was sucked into his hand.

“Boy, this title plate of yours is forged very well. However, there’s one thing that I think you didn’t know. The title plate of our Wuming Clan is made from Pure Nameless Iron. Unless one is an Utmost Exalted-level expert, no one will be able to damage it.”

After he finished saying those words, Wuming Yan clenched his fist. Following a ‘bang,’ the title plate shattered.

“Sure enough, this is a fake,” Wuming Yan smiled.

As it turned out, he was merely guessing when he said that Chu Feng’s title plate was forged. However, after he destroyed the title plate, he verified that it was indeed fake.

“Impudent! You dare forge Lord Wuming Fenghuo’s title plate! Your crime shall be punished with ten thousand deaths!”

“I shall see exactly who you are for you to have such nerve!”

Right at that moment, Wuma Yantian shouted furiously.

In the next moment, he arrived before Chu Feng and pressed his palm on Chu Feng’s shoulder. Then, boundless power rushed into Chu Feng’s body.


Chu Feng’s gown shattered, and his appearance was revealed before the crowd.

“Chu Feng?!!!”

At that moment, the expressions of the Wuma Heavenly Clansmen changed enormously. The Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Wuma Shengjie and the others all recognized Chu Feng immediately.

None of them expected that Chu Feng was the person who had come to help them.

At that moment, the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Wuma Shengjie and the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s elders all felt very complicated.

They were feeling both moved and distressed. At the same time, they were also feeling ashamed.

They were moved because Chu Feng was willing to brave such risks for them. He even went as far as to forge a title plate of the Starfield Master Realm, an enormous crime.

They were feeling distressed because Chu Feng had been exposed, and was now in the same sort of dangerous circumstance as them.

However, they were powerless to help him. As such, how could they not feel ashamed?

“Chu Feng? Could it be that you’re from the Chu Heavenly Clan?” Upon hearing the cries of surprise from the Wuma Heavenly Clansmen, that Wuming Yan who stood high and above began to carefully size Chu Feng up.

“I, Chu Feng, shoulder the consequences of my own actions. This matter has nothing to do with my Chu Heavenly Clan,” Chu Feng replied.

“You’re quite an affectionate and loyal person. However, forging a title plate is an enormous crime. Today, not only will you die, but your Chu Heavenly Clan… shall also suffer.”

“Wuma Yantian, kill him,” Wuming Yan spoke coldly.

“Yes, Milord.”

Wuma Yantian’s expression turned sinister. He was feeling overjoyed.

Originally, he was filled with confidence in taking care of those main clansmen. However, the appearance of Chu Feng and Bai Liluo caused him a fit of worries.

This was especially true after Chu Feng took out the title plate. Seeing that, he felt despair.

However, it turned out that Chu Feng’s title plate was a fake. Furthermore, he was actually only a member of the Chu Heavenly Clan. With this, all of the worries that he held toward Chu Feng vanished like smoke into thin air.

At that moment, he only wanted to ruthlessly take care of Chu Feng so as to vent the anger in his heart.


However, before Wuma Yantian could attack Chu Feng, his face suddenly turned pale. Fear emerged in his eyes.

He felt an enormous power sealing his movements.

It was not only him. Everyone present felt that enormous power. Even Wuming Yan was no exception.

“Who said that the title plate was a fake?”

Right at that moment, a voice was heard.

The crowd looked toward the direction of the voice. When they saw the person who had appeared, not only did Wuma Yantian reveal a frightened expression, but even Wuming Yan was extremely frightened.

It was impossible for them to not recognize that person.

For the person that had appeared was one of the Starfield Master Realm’s Ten Great Experts.

Wuming Fenghuo.