Chapter 3372 - I’ve Come Because Of Chu Feng

Chapter 3372 - I’ve Come Because Of Chu Feng

“This subordinate Wuma Yantian pays his respects to Milord.”

Upon seeing Wuming Fenghuo, Wuma Yantian immediately released Chu Feng and knelt on the ground in fear.

“We pay our respects to Milord.”

Immediately afterward, the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s branch clansmen that were originally standing in the sky, those tens of thousands of elites, all descended from the sky and knelt on the ground in an orderly manner.

Both the people from the Wuma branch clan and the main clan were astonished by Wuming Fenghuo’s appearance.

Wuming Yan had clearly verified that Chu Feng’s title plate was a fake. As such, why would Wuming Fenghuo himself appear?

In that case, was that title plate real or fake?

Exactly what was going on?

That said, compared to all of that, they were more concerned about why Wuming Fenghuo decided to involve himself in the matter.

Did that member of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generation really possess such enormous face to move even Wuming Fenghuo?

However, the crowd had no idea that even Chu Feng was surprised to see Wuming Fenghuo.

“Wuming Yan, what were you doing earlier? Were you questioning my command?”

Wuming Fenghuo turned his cold gaze to Wuming Yan.

“Milord, this subordinate wouldn’t dare. Merely, merely…”

“Merely what?” Wuming Fenghuo’s gaze turned even colder.

“No… nothing, nothing at all. This subordinate was slow-witted. Milord, please punish me.”

Wuming Yan had originally planned to say that ‘the title plate was clearly fake, or I wouldn’t possibly be able to shatter it otherwise.’

However, he came to a realization that since Wuming Fenghuo had decided to appear, it was clear that he planned to shield Chu Feng.

Thus, if he dared to continue to say that title plate was fake, he would be asking for trouble. Even if he felt wronged, he had no choice but to swallow his grievance silently.

“The Wuma Heavenly Clan was planning to extinguish their fellow clansmen. As for you, instead of stopping them, you decided to help them. Did you think that I would let you get away with that?”

“However, I will not punish you. Instead, I will report this matter to Lord Fieldmaster. Lord Fieldmaster can personally make a decision on how to punish you,” Wuming Fenghuo said.

“Milord, I beg you for forgiveness, please spare me.”

“This subordinate won’t dare to do such a thing again.”

Wuming Yan immediately half-kneeled in midair out of fear, and began to apologize to Wuming Fenghuo repeatedly.

If Wuming Fenghuo were to handle the matter himself, it would still be fine. However, if he were to report it to the Fieldmaster, it would become much more serious.

“Milord, I was wrong. I beg of you, please give me another chance. I beg of you.”

Seeing that, Wuma Yantian and the branch clansmen also began to kowtow and beg Wuming Fenghuo for forgiveness.

“Give you another chance?”

“Is there a need for me to be the one to give you another chance in something like this?”

“No matter how vicious tigers are, they will still not eat their children, their kin. As for your two clans, they are of the same blood. The same blood flows through your bodies. What sort of animosity could cause you all to attempt to kill your fellow clansmen, and exterminate all of them on top of that?”

“In the future, after you die and enter the netherworld, would you still have the face to stand before your ancestors?” Wuming Fenghuo spoke coldly.

“Milord, I was wrong. I was foolish, I was foolish,” Wuma Yantian apologized repeatedly. He even started to cry with tears and snot. His appearance was truly sorrowful.

Although his weeping seemed very real, everyone knew that he couldn’t possibly be actually repenting. He was merely putting on a show because he feared Wuming Fenghuo.

“What use is there in apologizing to me? You should be apologizing to your fellow clansmen,” Wuming Fenghuo said.

“Brother Wuma, I was foolish. Could you please take into consideration that we are of the same clan and give us another chance to correct ourselves?” Wuma Yantian actually really apologized to the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

However, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that he couldn’t possibly fear the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief. He was merely forced with no alternative because of Wuming Fenghuo.

“Lord Wuming Fenghuo, if they are able to stop bullying and humiliating our clan again in the future, could you give them another chance?” The Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief began to ask Wuming Fenghuo for leniency.

“Did you all hear that?” Wuming Fenghuo asked.

“Yes, Milord. I, Wuma Yantian, pledge to the heavens that I will no longer cause trouble for them. If I dare to cause trouble again, I, Wuma Yantian, shall have no more descendants to carry on my name, and shall be met with a miserable death,” Wuma Yantian swore.

Wuma Yantian made a very fierce vow. The reason why he dared to do that was mainly because he had truly given up on the thought of creating trouble for the main clan.

With Wuming Fenghuo backing the main clan, he truly didn’t dare to provoke them again.

Wuming Fenghuo was someone that he could not afford to provoke.

“In that case, I will give you all another opportunity. You may leave now,” Wuming Fenghuo waved his hand.

“Thank you Milord, thank you Milord.”

How could Wuma Yantian possibly dare hesitate? He immediately took his branch clansmen and left.

The grand army of elites had arrived aggressively. Yet, they all cut very sorry figures as they left.

As for the main clan’s clansmen, they were still dazzled by what had just happened. They were clearly on the verge of being exterminated earlier. Yet, those branch clansmen had left in such a dejected manner.

This turn of events was simply too shocking, so much that they found it very difficult to accept, and were all doubting if it was real or not.

After all, that was the branch clan, one of the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s Ten Great Heavenly Clans.

Would they really no longer seek out trouble with them in the future?

Right at that moment, a voice was suddenly heard.

“Milord, what about me?”

It was Wuming Yan. That grand existence of the Starfield Master Realm was still kneeling in midair and trembling with fear as he looked to Wuming Fenghuo.

Without Wuming Fenghuo’s permission, he didn’t even dare to move, much less leave.

“I know very well what sort of shady business you’ve been conducting with the Wuma Heavenly Clan. You yourself should know even better than me. However, taking into consideration that we are of the same clan, I will give you a chance.”

“However, if that Wuma Heavenly Clan dares to invade them again, I will definitely not only seek out the Wuma Heavenly Clan. You… will not be able to escape either,” Wuming Fenghuo spoke sternly.

“This subordinate understands. This subordinate will definitely supervise them. If they dare to make trouble for the main clan again, I will definitely not let them get away with it,” Wuming Yan guaranteed.

“You may go now,” Wuming Fenghuo waved his hand.

Wuming Yan immediately excused himself. Before leaving, he was unable to keep himself from taking a glance at Chu Feng.

He knew that Wuming Fenghuo’s appearance today was most definitely not because of the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s main clansmen. They simply did not possess the ability to move Wuming Fenghuo.

Wuming Fenghuo had come here because of Chu Feng.

However, their Starfield Master Realm and the Chu Heavenly Clan were enemies in the past.

Even though the current Chu Heavenly Clan was no longer a threat worthy of their Starfield Master Realm’s attention, conflict between them had truly occurred in the past.

As such, why would Wuming Fenghuo help that person of the younger generation by the name of Chu Feng?

Could there be some sort of change within the clan, or could Wuming Fenghuo be up to something?

With confusion in his heart, Wuming Yan left.

“Thank you, Lord Wuming Fenghuo, for your assistance!” After Wuming Yan left, thunderous voices resonated through heaven and earth.

Under the leadership of their Lord Clan Chief, the Wuma Heavenly Clansmen uniformly knelt and expressed their thanks to Wuming Fenghuo.

“You all need not thank me. I have come here today because of him,” Wuming Fenghuo looked to Chu Feng.

At that moment, all of the Wuma Heavenly Clansmen turned their eyes to Chu Feng.

Gratitude filled their eyes. Even without Wuming Fenghuo telling them, they knew that Chu Feng was their actual benefactor.

They had witnessed all that Chu Feng had done.

They were only able to survive, because Chu Feng had placed his life on the line for them.

They would likely not be able to return the favor, that grace of his. After all… he had saved their lives.

Furthermore… he had saved their entire clan.

“Young friend Chu Feng, your kindness today…”

“Senior, you don’t have to be so courteous with me. I actually only came here today because I was entrusted to do so by my Lord Clan Chief. He was very worried about your situation.”

The Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had wanted to express his thanks to Chu Feng. However, Chu Feng interrupted him before he could finish.

Hearing what Chu Feng said, the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was very startled. Not even he had expected that Chu Feng was there on the order of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“I actually can testify to that. The Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief indeed requested my assistance in the matter between your clan and the branch clan.”

Wuming Fenhuo confirmed Chu Feng’s words.

‘You old codger, I’ve owe you a favor that I cannot repay in my entire life now.’

The Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief didn’t say much. However, a smile appeared on his face as a feeling of warmth filled his entire body.

That sort of friendship was truly hard to come by.

“Milord, could you help me check out my big sister Liluo’s condition?” Chu Feng asked Wuming Fenghuo.

Wuming Fenghuo descended from the sky and began to diagnose Bai Liluo.

“Chu Feng, I will speak frankly. That inverse seal is very powerful. I will not be able to unseal it.”

“However, there is someone who might be able to help you,” Wuming Fenghuo said.