Chapter 3370 - Inverse Seal

Chapter 3370 - Inverse Seal

“What arrogant boasting! Today, this old man must teach you a lesson, or else you will not know why our Wuma Heavenly Clan is one of the Ten Great Heavenly Clans of the Ancestral Martial Starfield!”

After Wuma Yantian finished saying those words, he suddenly shot forth a palm strike explosively. An enormous palm formed from martial power appeared before him. Like a mountain, it moved to oppress Chu Feng and the others.

That palm strike was simply not meant to teach Chu Feng and Bai Liluo a lesson. Instead, he simply wanted to exterminate Chu Feng along with all the people from the Wuma Heavenly Clan.

Once the palm strike was sent forth, the Wuma Heavenly Clans's Main Branch clansmen immediately closed their eyes.

They all knew very well that that was simply not a simple palm strike. Instead, the power of that palm strike was capable of taking their lives. What was coming towards them was their doom.


However, faced with Wuma Yantian’s palm strike, Bai Liluo let out a soft snort. Then, she pointed her finger at the space before her. Immediately, a ray of light that resembled a sharp sword shot out from her fingertip.


A loud explosion was heard. The sharp sword of golden light not only pierced through the palm of martial power, but instantly shattered it.

When the shattered martial power of the palm scattered in all directions like starlight, the crowd’s expressions all became very complicated.

This was especially true for the people of the branch clan. At that moment, panic covered their faces.

It turned out that Bai Liluo’s attack had not only shattered Wuma Yantian’s attack, it had also pierced through Wuma Yantian’s body. 

The previously arrogant and prideful Wuma Yantian had actually lost an arm.

“Lord Clan Chief!!!”

At that moment, the branch clansmen were all extremely worried.

The complexion of their Lord Clan Chief was very bad, and his aura was growing increasingly weaker.

That was most definitely not a simple superficial wound. Otherwise, Wuma Yantian would not have been like that.


Subconsciously, the crowd looked to Bai Liluo.

It was only at that moment that they realized how terrifying of an existence the person who let out the voice of a little girl was.

Among those of the same cultivation, Wuma Yantian was someone rarely matched by others.

However, he was defeated by a single attack from his opponent.

“You… exactly who are you?”

The gaze with which Wuma Yantian looked to Bai Liluo had become exceptionally serious.

He had used his Heaven level Lightning Mark and increased his cultivation from rank eight Exalted to rank nine Exalted.

Furthermore, the palm strike earlier was not an ordinary palm strike.

As for Bai Liluo, she had only casually attacked to counter his palm strike.

The disparity between him and Bai Liluo was simply a night and day difference. Because of this, he had no choice but to squarely face the two people before him.

However, Bai Liluo did not respond to Wuma Yantian’s question.

In the beginning, the crowd felt that Bai Liluo was not taking Wuma Yantian into consideration. This had caused Wuma Yantian to feel very embarrassed. However, soon, Chu Feng discovered that something was amiss.

“Big sister, are you alright?” Chu Feng arrived beside Bai Liluo and asked her through a voice transmission.

“Little brother, quickly leave this place. Do not worry about me,” Bai Liluo replied through voice transmission.

“Wuuu~~~” After Bai Liluo finished saying those words, she suddenly half-knelt on the ground. Her body also began to change nonstop.

“Big sister Liluo!” Seeing this, Chu Feng immediately supported Bai Liluo.

“Damn it, this animal is actually doing it again…”

“Leave immediately. Otherwise… even if those scum of the Wuma Heavenly Clan spare you, that bastard will not let you get away.”

“He failed to ruin your reputation and kill you earlier. Now… if he occupies my body, he will definitely try to kill you personally,” Bai Liluo said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng realized what was happening.

It was the black silhouette.

Bai Liluo had not really managed to suppress the black silhouette. At that moment, the black silhouette was attacking her.


Bai Liluo seemed to be wracked by massive pain. She actually ripped apart the gown that covered her and revealed her actual appearance.

“This girl, she really is a child?!”

The crowd were all astonished by Bai Liluo’s appearance. It was not only the people from the branch clan; even those from the main clan were astonished.

No matter what sort of method they used, they were unable to determine Bai Liluo’s actual age. They could only judge her age according to her appearance. As for her appearance, it was that of a child.

Furthermore, she was such a pretty and sweet-looking little girl.

“No, that’s wrong. That girl seems to be some sort of monster.”

Soon, Bai Liluo’s appearance began to distort. Black gaseous flames began to flow from her body. Soon, Bai Liluo’s body dissipated into thin air, and turned into black gaseous flames.

There were two shadows within the black gaseous flames. It seemed like they were fighting, trembling and emitting strange sounds. Seeing that, the crowd felt their blood run cold.

“Run, get away immediately!” Bai Liluo shouted. She was no longer sending voice transmissions to Chu Feng. Instead, she was shouting at him directly.

“Damn it.”

Chu Feng would naturally not escape on his own. He was trying his hardest to think of a way to help Bai Liluo. Unfortunately, he had no way to prevent everything from happening before him. This caused him to feel extremely worried.

If he failed to prevent the black silhouette’s takeover of Bai Liluo, it was very possible that Bai Liluo would lose her life.

“It would appear that something unexpected is happening,” At that moment, Wuma Yantian revealed a smile.

Originally, he had thought Bai Liluo to be very difficult to deal with after he was injured by her. Because of that, he felt an enormous headache.

However, the current situation was evidently very advantageous to him.

He had a feeling that, apart from Bai Liluo, the other mysterious individual was not someone to fear.

“Bastard, don’t you think of harming my little brother!!!”

Suddenly, Bai Liluo shouted loudly. Then, boundless gaseous flames were emitted from her body.

When the gaseous flames were emitted, not only did her surroundings start to tremble violently, but everyone present also felt an enormous threat.

At that moment, the people from the main clan and branch clan, and even Chu Feng, were all frowning.

Compared to Wuma Yantian’s previous attack, the gaseous flames emitted by Bai Liluo at that moment were much more terrifying. If that power were to sweep forth, all of them would end up dying.

“Big sister Liluo, you…”

However, soon, Chu Feng’s expression changed. He was surprised to discover that Bai Liluo’s overwhelming power was not aimed at the bystanders. Instead, it was aimed at herself.

Bai Liluo attacked herself with her overwhelming power.


Bai Liluo sprayed out a mouthful of blood. The black gaseous flames dissipated, and she returned to her original appearance.

Merely, at that moment, her complexion had turned ashen. Furthermore, upon regaining her previous appearance, she was unable to even stand. Instead, she lost consciousness, and fell toward the ground.

Chu Feng hurriedly caught her. However, when he caught Bai Liluo, his heart sunk, and worry filled his face.

Not only had Bai Liluo lost consciousness, her body was also ice-cold and extremely heavy. Even someone of Chu Feng’s cultivation, someone who could shatter space with a thought, shatter the earth with a stomp of his foot, and dry up a vast body of water with his mouth, felt difficulty catching Bai Liluo.

“Inverse seal?”

Although Chu Feng was uncertain, he had a guess in his mind.

He felt that Bai Liluo must’ve been unable to stop the black silhouette from taking over her body and, with no alternative, decided to use an inverse seal to seal both herself and the black silhouette.