Chapter 3265 - Chu Hanxian’s Sword

Chapter 3265 - Chu Hanxian’s Sword

“What are those? Are those treasures?”

“They’re actually capable of granting him heaven-defying battle power? Why have I never heard of such treasures?”

The crowd were all astonished. After all, it was an extremely astonishing feat to be able to gain heaven-defying battle power at the cultivation of a Martial Immortal.

Furthermore, as Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Axe and Ancient Era’s War Sword resembled protective artifacts spinning around him after they fused with him, they did resemble treasures. That was why the crowd was wondering what sort of treasures they might be.

After all, they had all heard about the famous treasures present in the Ancestral Martial Starfield. This was even more so for treasures capable of granting a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation.

However, it was the first time that they’d seen treasures like the ones Chu Feng was using.

“No, those aren’t treasures. From their auras, they’re secret skills. Chu Feng is using supreme secret skills!”

Soon, someone noticed that Chu Feng was not using treasures, but rather secret skills.

“Secret skills?!”

“Heavens! Those really do seem to be secret skills! There are actually secret skills so powerful in the world?!”

The crowd began to realize that what Chu Feng was using were indeed secret skills after the first person spoke.

However, after they realized that those were secret skills, they became even more astonished.

Before reaching the True Immortal realm, secret skills were truly quite powerful.

However, at the cultivation of Martial Immortal, secret skills were practically useless. Their effects were much inferior to Immortal Taboo Martial Skills, and could not even match Immortal Techniques.

However, the secret skills Chu Feng was using were actually capable of granting him heaven-defying battle power. Not to mention Immortal Techniques, that was a power that not even extremely powerful Immortal Taboo Martial Skills did not possess.

To be able to utilize such powerful secret skills at the Martial Immortal realm, this served to prove that Chu Feng’s abilities were not something that ordinary people could compare to.

Not to mention the others, even Linghu Tiemian, who was fighting against Chu Feng, started feeling more and more astonished by Chu Feng’s abilities.

“No wonder you were able to defeat Mingye. Your abilities are truly extraordinary.”

“However, I fear that just increasing your battle power is not sufficient. I will have to verify your strength personally first.”


After Linghu Tiemian finished saying those words, he waved his sleeve, and a golden, bright and dazzling blade appeared in his hand.

That blade was three meters long. Not only was it radiating golden light, but it was also extremely sharp.

Generally, blades would be engraved with dragon designs. However, Linghu Tiemian’s blade was engraved with both a dragon and phoenix.

The dragon and phoenix were very vivid and lifelike. If one were to pay close attention to them, one would actually notice that they were moving. The dragon and phoenix seemed to want to break free from the weapon and fight one another, kill one another.

Once Linghu Tiemian’s weapon was revealed, the space around it started to tremble violently. It seemed to be foretelling that the weapon would soon reveal its overwhelming might.

The blade that Linghu Tiemian unleashed was an extremely famous Immortal Armament in the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

Its name was the Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge.

“It’s the Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge! That’s a top quality Immortal Armament!”

After Linghu Tiemian unleashed his weapon, the crowd all turned their eyes to Chu Feng.

The power of an Immortal Armament was also a sign of the power of its user.

As for the Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge, it was undoubtedly powerful.

If Chu Feng did not take out an equally powerful Immortal Armament now, even if he had gained the heaven-defying battle power to surmount a level of cultivation with his supreme secret skills to match Linghu Tiemian’s battle power, he would still be at a disadvantage against Linghu Tiemian.

Meanwhile, Linghu Tiemian began to look at Chu Feng with a proud look in his eyes. There was a trace of contempt too.

It wasn’t that Linghu Tiemian felt that Chu Feng was unable to take out a top quality Immortal Armament.

Actually, there were quite a number of top quality Immortal Armaments in the Ancestral Martial Starfield. However, there weren’t that many top quality Immortal Armaments that possessed great fame.

It just so happened that Linghu Tiemian’s Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge was an Immortal Armament with resounding fame.

It was precisely because of the fame of his Immortal Armament that Linghu Tiemian felt so proud.

“It’s a pity that I don’t have my bow with me,” Chu Feng sighed and shook his head helplessly.

Whilst Linghu Tiemian’s Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge was a very powerful Immortal Armament, Chu Feng had Immortal Armaments that could contend against it. For example, there was his Immortal Archery Bow.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng had given the Immortal Archery Bow to Wuma Shengjie.

Nothing could be done about that. After all, Chu Feng had accidentally witnessed Wuma Shengjie’s naked body. Wuma Shengjie was a young woman, and an exceptionally beautiful one on top of that. Thus, regardless of whether or not Chu Feng had intended to see her naked or not, it remained that he had seen her naked, and thus should compensate her for it.

After sighing about his bow, Chu Feng still moved his palm towards his Cosmos Sack.


In the next moment, a short sword appeared in Chu Feng’s hand.

Once the short sword appeared, the surroundings immediately started to tremble violently.

An enormous might swept forth in all directions.

That short sword was completely black, and approximately three feet long.

At a glance, it did not appear to be special at all. Even among Immortal Armaments, it looked very mediocre.

However, three characters were engraved onto the short sword. Those three characters captured the eyes of everyone present.

‘Chu Hanxian!!!’

Engraved onto the black short sword were the characters ‘Chu Hanxian.’

“Heavens! Chu Hanxian! Carved on that Immortal Armament are the characters ‘Chu Hanxian?!’”

Someone immediately noticed the characters ‘Chu Hanxian’, and revealed an astonished look.

Although they were, strictly speaking, also people of the younger generation, everyone in the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield knew of Chu Hanxian’s prowess.

After all, Chu Hanxian was an exceptional genius that managed to travel around the Ancestral Martial Starfield completely unhindered, someone who showed disdain for even the outstanding geniuses and heroes of his era.

Astonished by the might of the short sword, someone cried out, “That Immortal Armament’s might is actually not at all inferior to that of the Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge! That’s a top quality Immortal Armament!”

Indeed, the enormous might unleashed by that black short sword was not at all inferior to Linghu Tiemian’s Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge.

“Not only is its might very powerful, but Chu Hanxian’s name is also engraved onto it. Likely, that sword has some sort of famous origin.”

“Could it be an Immortal Armament created by someone who admires Chu Hanxian?”

At that moment, many people began to make guesses as to the origin of Chu Feng’s Immortal Armament sword.

Right at that moment, someone cried out in alarm, “It’s the Blackflame Ghost Sword!”

“It’s the long-lost Blackflame Ghost Sword, the sword Chu Hanxian used back then!”

Someone actually managed to recognize the black short sword!!!