Chapter 3264 - Supreme Secret Skill

Chapter 3264 - Supreme Secret Skill

Linghu Tiemian and Chu Feng stood in opposition to one another.

A great battle was about to happen.

As they waited for the start of the peak confrontation, everyone was wondering why Chu Feng dared to contend against Linghu Tiemian.

After all, when ignoring external power and only taking into consideration their own cultivations, Linghu Tiemian was the fully deserving strongest expert in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm.

That was a fact recognized by everyone.


Suddenly, Linghu Tiemian’s clothes began to flutter as his boundless oppressive might surged toward Chu Feng with enormous power capable of toppling mountains and overturning seas.

Linghu Tiemian’s oppressive might was not very fast. In fact, it was so slow that everyone present was able to clearly see its movement, and its power.

That said, it was precisely due to the fact that they were all able to clearly see and feel it that the crowd once again realized how powerful Linghu Tiemian was.

Rank six Martial Immortal, that was Linghu Tiemian’s cultivation.

His cultivation was so strong that he was capable of disdaining everyone present, capable of obliterating everything present.

Such overwhelming power was currently surging toward Chu Feng.

If he didn’t use the power of the spirit formation, how would Chu Feng be able to take on Linghu Tiemian’s oppressive might?


Right at the moment when Linghu Tiemian’s oppressive might reached Chu Feng, a Divine level Lightning Mark appeared on Chu Feng’s forehead, and in the next moment, oppressive might was released from Chu Feng.

The two oppressive mights collided, causing energy ripples to scatter about. The sky darkened. The two oppressive mights were actually equally matched. In the end, they canceled each other out.

“Heavens! The Lightning Mark on that Chu Feng’s forehead is actually the character ‘Divine’?”

“Could that be the legendary Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique?”

“Like his father and grandfather, that Chu Feng actually managed to successfully train in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique!?”

The expressions of many of the people present changed upon seeing Chu Feng’s Divine level Lightning Mark. Astonishment filled their faces, and many among them even cried out in alarm.

Even Linghu Tiemian had a shocked expression, and was unable to keep himself from opening his mouth in surprise.

The Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique was a legendary Mysterious Technique. It was also the best Mysterious Technique that Heavenly Bloodline possessors could train in.

That said, the reason why the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique was deemed to be a legendary Mysterious Technique was because it was something that one would not be able to train in even if one wished to do so.

Even their Linghu Heavenly Clan, the strongest of the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s Ten Great Heavenly Clans, did not possess a Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique for their clansmen to train in.

However, the Chu Heavenly Clansman that he looked down upon actually trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

With this, how could Linghu Tiemian not be astonished?

“After Chu Feng unleashed his Lightning Mark, his cultivation actually increased to rank six Martial Immortal?! Wouldn’t that mean Chu Feng’s actual cultivation has already reached rank five Martial Immortal?!”

“No wonder, no wonder even Linghu Mingye was defeated by him. No wonder he dared to challenge even Linghu Tiemian. Turns out, his cultivation is actually so frightening. That child is truly worthy of being Chu Xuanyuan’s son. He is truly a demon-level genius.”

At the same time as the crowd was astonished by Chu Feng’s Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, there were also people that were astonished by Chu Feng’s cultivation.

Chu Feng had canceled out Linghu Tiemian’s oppressive might with his own oppressive might.

Everyone was able to sense Chu Feng’s aura.

Chu Feng’s cultivation of rank five Martial Immortal was completely revealed to the crowd.

“How did Chu Feng manage to increase his cultivation so quickly?”

That said, in terms of feeling the most astonished, it would be none other than the people from the Dongguo Heavenly Clan, the Chu Heavenly Clan and the Li Heavenly Clan.

Among the people present, they were the ones that knew Chu Feng the best.

It was precisely because of the fact that they knew him that they were so astonished by Chu Feng’s current cultivation.

After all, before his arrival in the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm, Chu Feng’s cultivation had not even reached Martial Immortal. He was still only a Heavenly Immortal.

How did he manage to make such progress in such a short period of time?

This sort of growth speed was simply too terrifying. It was so fast that they found it hard to believe. Even though they knew that Chu Feng’s talent was exceptional, they still felt it to be unfathomable.

“Is this the talent of Chu Xuanyuan’s son?”

Li Anzhi clenched his fists tightly inside his sleeves as his expression became complicated.

Before, he had always thought that the disparity between his talent and Chu Feng’s talent was not great. It was only at this moment that he truly realized that the disparity between them was actually enormous.

Seeing Chu Feng, who was fighting against Linghu Tiemian, Li Anzhi realized that it would likely be very difficult for him to catch up to him.

That Chu Xuanyuan’s son had already emerged in power. It was not only him; Li Anzhi and all of the geniuses of the Ancestral Martial Starfield would be surpassed by Chu Feng in succession.

“Chu Feng, your cultivation was clearly only that of a Rank Two Martial Immortal back in the Holy Spirit Formation of Light, how did you manage to increase your cultivation by this much in such a short period of time? Did you forcibly increase your cultivation using the power of the grand formation?”

At that moment, someone from the Linghu Heavenly Clan began to question Chu Feng’s cultivation.

He was someone that had witnessed Chu Feng’s strength inside the Holy Spirit Formation of Light. The disparity between the Chu Feng from back then and the Chu Feng before him was simply too enormous.

Because of that, he did not believe that Chu Feng was able to make successive breakthroughs and increase his cultivation all the way to rank five Martial Immortal in such a short period of time.

“If I, Chu Feng, had used the power of the grand formation to increase my cultivation, why would I increase it to only rank five Martial Immortal? I could’ve directly increased my cultivation to the Exalted realm. With that, there wouldn’t be a need for this match, no?” Chu Feng asked instead of answering.

The crowd nodded at Chu Feng’s words. They felt what he said to be very reasonable.

“Besides, it’s not only martial cultivators that are present among the crowd here; there are also world spiritists. Are you suggesting that they’re unable to determine if my cultivation is real or not?” Chu Feng added.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, the people that were suspecting Chu Feng’s cultivation began to believe that Chu Feng’s cultivation was real.

Indeed, when they inspected Chu Feng’s cultivation with their perceptive abilities, they felt that it was very realistic, and did not resemble something gained with the power of a spirit formation at all.

“Chu Feng, even if you’re a rank five Martial Immortal, you will still undoubtedly be defeated in this battle.”

“The reason for that is because you are not the only person with a Heavenly Bloodline!”

Linghu Tiemian suddenly spoke.

At the same time as he spoke, a Heaven level Lightning Mark appeared on his forehead.

After the Heaven level Lightning Mark appeared, Linghu Tiemian’s cultivation increased from rank six Martial Immortal to rank seven Martial Immortal.

At that moment, everyone turned their gazes to Chu Feng.

Indeed. Even if Chu Feng’s cultivation was that of a rank five Martial Immortal and he had trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, the Divine level Lightning Mark was still only capable of increasing his cultivation by a single level.

Even though Linghu Tiemian’s Heaven level Lightning Mark was less imposing than Chu Feng’s Divine level Lightning Mark, it was equally capable of increasing his cultivation by an entire level.

With the two of them both using their Lightning Marks, Linghu Tiemian’s cultivation was an entire level above Chu Feng’s. This meant that Linghu Tiemian possessed absolute dominance over him. How would Chu Feng contend against Linghu Tiemian?

Faced with the crowd’s confused gazes, Li Anzhi shook his head. The reason for that was because he knew that Chu Feng’s abilities were most definitely not limited to only his Divine level Lightning Mark. Apart from the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, Chu Feng also possessed powerful secret skills that emitted the auras of the Ancient Era.

One of his secret skills was capable of granting Chu Feng a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a single level of cultivation.


Faced with the questioning gazes from the crowd, Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, golden light covered his body as the Ancient Era’s aura began to emit from him.

“Heavens, those are?!”

At that moment, the great majority of the crowd present revealed a great change in expression. Even Linghu Tiemian revealed a surprised look.

Although Chu Feng had not increased his cultivation again, he had gained the heaven-defying battle power to surmount an entire level of cultivation.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had unleashed the treasures of the Ancient Era’s War Clan, their Ancient Era's Secret Skills.