Chapter 3266 - Battle Between Immortal And Demon

Chapter 3266 - Battle Between Immortal And Demon

“Blackflame Ghost Sword? That Chu Hanxian’s sword?”

“Truly? Are you certain that’s the sword?”

After that person spoke, the crowd immediately began to voice their questions.

After all, this subject was no small matter.

“There’s no mistake, that is the Blackflame Ghost Sword, Chu Hanxian’s sword. I have heard of it from my grandfather, and have also seen a picture of it.”

“Both its aura and appearance are exactly the same. I’m certain, that is the Blackflame Ghost Sword,” the man who had declared Chu Feng’s black short sword to be the Blackflame Ghost Sword said with an expression of certainty.


“Wasn’t the Blackflame Ghost Sword said to be lost? Turns out it wasn’t lost at all. Instead, it was given to his grandson.”

Soon, the crowd started to believe that the sword was indeed the Blackflame Ghost Sword; they began to accept it as the truth.

Their reactions were understandable. After all, the person in possession of the Blackflame Ghost Sword right now was none other than Chu Hanxian’s own grandson, Chu Feng.

Faced with the crowd’s voices of astonishment, Linghu Tiemian started feeling displeased.

After all, Linghu Tiemian’s Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge was also an extremely famous weapon.

Originally, Linghu Tiemian felt  proud to possess the Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge.

However, all because Chu Feng’s weapon was a weapon that had been used by Chu Hanxian, the crowd immediately turned their looks of envy toward Chu Feng, and completely ignored the Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge that he held in his hand.

This caused Linghu Tiemian to feel a sense of defeat.


Suddenly, two ear-piercing roars sounded from Linghu Tiemian’s Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge.

Those were a dragon roar and phoenix roar. As the two roars interwove with one another, two bodies of light were emitted from the Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge.

The two bodies of light rapidly expanded in size, and then turned into a dragon and a phoenix.

The dragon and phoenix looked vivid, lifelike and extremely ferocious. They resembled rulers among beasts. Baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, the two beasts pounced toward Chu Feng.

They appeared to be planning to tear Chu Feng apart.


At that moment, the Blackflame Ghost Sword that Chu Feng held in his hand trembled slightly.


In the next moment, accompanied by waves of ghost-like wails and wolf-like howls, boundless black gaseous flames erupted forth.

The dragon and phoenix that shone brightly with golden light collided with the black gaseous flames. In the instant they collided with one another, the dragon and phoenix shattered into pieces.

After destroying the dragon and phoenix, the black gaseous flames continued to move toward Linghu Tiemian to oppress him.

witnessing that scene, the crowd’s hearts all tensed up.

The scene they were witnessing was completely unrelated to Chu Feng and Linghu Tiemian’s strength. Instead, it was purely a showdown between two top quality Immortal Armaments.

The outcome of that confrontation was extremely clear.

Even though the Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge was a renowned top quality Immortal Armament, it was still defeated by the Blackflame Ghost Sword.

As expected of the sword that Chu Hanxian used in the past, the Blackflame Ghost Sword was not something that ordinary Immortal Armaments could compare to.

At the moment when the crowd was astonished, the oppressive might emitted by the Blackflame Ghsot Sword had, like blacks clouds that covered one’s head, arrived before Linghu Tiemian.


Linghu Tiemian waved his sleeve and boundless martial power swept out from his sleeve. Immediately, he dispersed the black gaseous flames.

Although the Blackflame Ghost Sword’s oppressive might was very strong, without Chu Feng controlling it, the Blackflame Ghost Sword, purely by itself, was no match for Linghu Tiemian.

Although Linghu Tiemian managed to effortlessly disperse the Blackflame Ghost Sword’s black gaseous flames, the defeat of his Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge in the confrontation between the two Immortal Armaments caused Linghu Tiemian’s expression to turn uglier.

This time around, Linghu Tiemian didn’t bother to say any superfluous words to Chu Feng. Instead, he held his Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge tightly and flew toward Chu Feng.

Linghu Tiemian did not use any Immortal Techniques, nor did he use any Immortal Taboo Martial Skills. He rushed forth to confront Chu Feng head-on with his weapon in hand.


Facing Linghu Tiemian’s incoming attack, Chu Feng chuckled lightly. There was no trace of fear in his eyes. Grasping the Blackflame Ghost Sword in his hand tighter, Chu Feng rushed forth to confront the incoming Linghu Tiemian.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng and Linghu Tiemian collided.

With every wave of their respective weapons, either golden gaseous flames or black gaseous flames would be unleashed.

With every collision between the two Immortal Armaments, energy ripples spread out.

Even those energy ripples were respectively black and gold.

At that moment, the confrontation of Chu Feng and Linghu Tiemian resembled a battle between an immortal and a demon.

Linghu Tiemian was the immortal, whereas Chu Feng was the demon.

This sort of description could not be helped.

After all, the auras emitted by their respective Immortal Armament were very distinctive.

The Dragon Phoenix Battle Edge shone brightly with golden light and resembled the descent of a god upon the mortal world.

As for Chu Feng’s Blackflame Ghost Sword, not only was it surging with black flames, but it also emitted ghost-like cries and wolf-like howls. It was as if there were countless demonic creatures from hell hidden within the Blackflame Ghost Sword.

That said, it must be admitted that in that battle that resembled a battle between good and evil, the evil side was holding the upper hand.

Even though the golden light was clearly more dazzling, it was the black flames that were more eye-catching.

“So fast! It’s simply impossible to see clearly!”

“For the two of them to fight in a close range melee without using any Immortal Techniques or martial skills is actually even more of a test to their battle experience. Although Chu Feng has exceptional talent, I wonder what his battle experience is?”

Due to the fact that their cultivations were too low, the crowd was simply unable to clearly see the battle between Chu Feng and Linghu Tiemian.

They could only sense the might of their confrontation. Although Chu Feng had the upper hand in terms of might, the crowd felt that it was Linghu Tiemian who was more likely to be holding the upper hand in the battle.

As for the reason for that, it was purely because Linghu Tiemian was relatively old among the people of the younger generation.

Linghu Tiemian was someone who had been to countless cultivation grounds in the Ancestral Martial Starfield. Not only did he possess exceptional talent, but he also had abundant battle experience.

Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for Linghu Tiemian to be the third ranked among the Ancestral Martial Decastars.


At the moment when the crowd was looking forward to the outcome of the confrontation, a figure flew out from the battle.

That person flew a very far distance before finally managing to stabilize his body.

When the crowd turned to look closely at that person, they discovered that it was actually Linghu Tiemian.

“That is?!”

Seeing the current Linghu Tiemian, the crowd’s expressions all changed.

The reason for that was because they discovered that there were multiple wounds on Linghu Tiemian’s body.

Although his wounds were healing, it remained that Linghu Tiemian had been injured. As for those wounds, they were clearly injuries caused by a short sword.

Not only was Linghu Tiemian injured, but his complexion was also somewhat pale. Furthermore, he was panting as if he was out of breath.

Seeing Linghu Tiemian’s current state, the crowd knew right away that the confrontation between Linghu Tiemian and Chu Feng was most definitely a fierce battle.

With Linghu Tiemian in such a state, what sort of state would Chu Feng be in?

That was what many people were wondering.

“Step, step, step~~~”

At that moment, footsteps could be heard from within the havoc-wreaking energy ripples.

Soon, a figure slowly emerged from the energy ripples.

As for that person, he was none other than Chu Feng.

When the crowd saw the current Chu Feng, the astonished looks on their faces intensified.

Not only were Chu Feng’s clothes completely undamaged, but his complexion was also rosy, and he looked so very calm and composed. He simply did not resemble someone who had just gone through a fierce battle.

Chu Feng created a clear-cut contrast to Linghu Tiemian.

One could tell from a single glance exactly who had won in their close-range confrontation using only one’s Immortal Armament, and without using any Immortal Techniques or martial skills.