Chapter 3230 - The Only Hope

Chapter 3230 - The Only Hope

“We’re currently inside the concealment formation that little brother Chu Feng had meticulously set up. We’re safe in here. However, if we are to go out, it will no longer be safe.”

“Besides, we have already obtained a sufficient amount of cultivation resources. When the seal on our cultivation resources is completely lifted, we’ll all gain enormously from them. There’s no need to be greedy,” Chu Shuangshuang said.

“Chu Feng himself said that opportunities exist beside dangers. I feel that we cannot be satisfied with just this. Since you all have decided to stay, you can stay. When Chu Feng returns, inform him for me that I’ve left to seek out cultivation resources,” after he finished saying those words, Chu Huanyu soared into the sky and left the concealment formation.

“I’m going too,” seeing that, Chu Haoyan also soared into the sky.

“You two,” seeing this, Chu Shuangshuang wanted to stop them. However, she was stopped by Chu Qing.

“They’ve already made their decision, don’t bother to stop them, as they will only blame you for that,” Chu Qing said.

Chu Shuangshuang sighed and said, “Those two little brothers of ours, they truly make people worry for them all the time.”

“If everyone is able to act like Chu Feng, our Chu Heavenly Clan wouldn’t have degenerated to our current state,” Chu Qing spoke with a faint smile.

Hearing what Chu Qing said, Chu Shuangshuang sighed again.

She knew very well that if it wasn’t for the fact that there was internal strife in the clan, then perhaps their Chu Heavenly Clan, no, not perhaps, instead, it was certain that their Chu Heavenly Clan would be even stronger. Unfortunately… their clansmen all had ulterior motives.


Right at that moment, a scream was suddenly heard from above.

“Oh no! This aura!”

At that moment, Chu Shuangshuang’s expression changed enormously. She was able to feel an extremely powerful oppressive might that permeated through the entire deep sea, trapping Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu.

Sensing this, Chu Shuangshuang planned to set off to rescue Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu.

“Don’t go out. You wouldn’t be able to save them,” at that moment, Chu Qing stopped Chu Shuangshuang again.




Right after Chu Qing’s words left his mouth, the sea water exploded.

Three enormous monsters had leaped into the water. Each and every one of them had strength much stronger than Chu Qing and Chu Shuangshuang.

They were the ones that had used their oppressive might to restrict Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu. They had captured Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu with their enormous hands.

The three of them were all members of the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan.

“Haha, what enormous luck. We were originally just passing through when the tracking talismans suddenly started to react intensely. Originally, I had thought that the tracking talismans were malfunctioning. Never would I have expected to discover two bits of trash here.”

“Woah, they’re actually members of the Chu Heavenly Clan too. Haha! We’ve struck gold! Having captured trash from the Chu Heavenly Clan, perhaps Linghu Lun and the others will reward us.”

“Strange. Look at their Symbols of Light. How could they be that strong?”

“True. What’s going on? How could their Symbols of Light be that strong? That’s simply too frighteningly strong.”

The three Heaven-reaching Monstrous Clansmen were originally exclaimining at how they’d managed to harvest two Chu Heavenly Clansmen with the sudden guidance from their tracking talismans. However, they were soon stunned after discovering that the Symbols of Light on Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu’s foreheads were so abnormally strong.

“Look below! That should be a cultivation resource site, right?”

“So that’s the case. Such an enormous cultivation resource site was actually discovered by these two trash. No wonder they were able to form such powerful Symbols of Light.”

“It must be said that these two trash are truly lucky.”

“With how strong their Symbols of Light are, we should just plunder them directly instead of wasting them by handing them to the Linghu Heavenly Clan.”

“Don’t be foolish. That Linghu Lun is extremely cunning. How do you know he wouldn’t discover it should we plunder others’ Symbols of Light? If he is to discover it, we will suffer greatly.”

“That’s true. Since that’s the case, it would only end up profiting the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen. Hopefully they possess some conscience, and will properly reward us.”

“That’s definitely going to happen. After all, these two trash are from the Chu Heavenly Clan. Hahaha.”

As they laughed very loudly and excitedly, the three colossuses left.

Even though they left, the sea water remained unsettled. Like the sea water, Chu Shuangshuang and Chu Qing were also unable to be at ease.

“The Heaven-reaching Beast Clan, they actually also entered the Holy Spirit Formation of Light,” unease filled Chu Shuangshuang’s eyes.

“The Heaven-reaching Beast Clan is not one to be feared. However, from their words, it seems that Linghu Lun has also entered the Ancestral Martial Cultivation Realm, and is inside this Holy Spirit Formation of Light. That Linghu Lun is a thorny problem.” Chu Qing said.

“That’s right. Linghu Lun is the sixth ranked on the Ancestral Martial Decastars list,” Chu Shuangshuang lamented.

“The Symbols of Light that they mentioned should be the symbols on our foreheads. Furthermore, judging from their words, the so-called Symbols of Light should be able to be plundered.”

“It seems that they know a lot of secrets that we do not. They are holding a key advantage over us,” Chu Qing analyzed.

“All of that isn’t important right now. What’s important is that little brother Huanyu and little brother Haoyan have been captured by them. Likely, the two of them will end up suffering greatly. How are we to save them?” Chu Shuangshuang spoke with a worried expression.

“They’re too strong. Not to mention Linghu Lun, merely those three from the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan are existences that we cannot contend against. If we are to act rashly, we will only let ourselves be captured.”

“Although sitting and waiting is the most useless choice, we have no other alternative. We can only hope that little brother Chu Feng will be safe, hope that he will soon return,” Chu Qing said.

Hearing those words, Chu Shuangshuang looked to the spirit formation entrance below.

Like Chu Qing said, Chu Feng was their only hope.