Chapter 3229 - Ruthless Methods

Chapter 3229 - Ruthless Methods

“As we are of the same clan, we should not massacre one another. Even if it isn’t fatal, we should still not plunder each other’s Symbols of Light. That is why big brother Tiemian decided to use the Nightmare Spirit Clansmen and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clansmen to help us,” after Linghu Lun said those words, a cold and sinister smile emerged on his face.

“So that’s the case,” hearing what Linghu Lun said, the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen came to a sudden realization. They finally understood Linghu Lun’s intention.

It turned out that they were not sitting there and waiting without doing anything. Instead, they were deliberately allowing the Nightmare Spirit Clansmen and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clansmen to go and extract all the cultivation resources so that they could form Symbols of Light on their bodies. They would not have to waste time to seek out and extract the cultivation resources. Instead, they would be able to reap the efforts of others.

In the end, their Linghu Heavenly Clansmen would plunder the Symbols of Light from the Nightmare Spirit Clansmen and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clansmen.

This scheme of theirs could be said to be extremely ruthless and heartless. After all, the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan were their allies.

“But, if we are to do that, it will inevitably cause the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan to become displeased with us, no?” A Linghu Heavenly Clansman asked worriedly.

“Big brother Tiemian has discovered that the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan have privately colluded with one another and planned to join hands to steal cultivation resources from the Overlord Region that don’t belong to them.”

“Our actions this time around will only serve as a warning to them,” Linghu Lun said.

“So that’s the case. If that’s the case, then the Nightmare Spirit Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan deserve what will happen to them,” the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen said.

Soon, some Linghu Heavenly Clansmen began to voice their confusion. “Since that’s the case, why did we try to prevent Chu Feng and the others from entering this Holy Spirit Formation of Light? We should’ve directly allowed them to enter so that we could seize their Symbols of Light later.”

“That’s right. Fortunately, Chu Feng brought them in here. Otherwise, wouldn’t we have missed out on all these Symbols of Light?”

“We have only discovered the fact that the Symbols of Light can be plundered during the last opening of the Formation of Light. Until just now, we too were uncertain if the Symbols of Light could really be plundered.”

“As such, we decided to use the Nightmare Spirit Clansmen and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clansmen as an experiment.”

“If we could plunder their Symbols of Light, we would do so. If we couldn’t, then we would end up letting them gain a small advantage with the cultivation resources.”

“If we had allowed Chu Feng and the others to enter from the very start, only to discover that we couldn’t plunder their Symbols of Light, wouldn’t we have allowed them, that bunch of trash, to benefit from our cultivation resources?” Linghu Lun said.

“That’s true,” the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen nodded.

“It could only be said that the Heavens are standing on the side of our Linghu Heavenly Clan. Originally, we had already blocked those newcomers from entering this Holy Spirit Formation of Light. Yet, they insisted on coming in, and thought that they’d be able to benefit from the cultivation resources here. Unfortunately for them, they never expected that they’d end up becoming a stepping stone to our Linghu Heavenly Clansmen’s increase in cultivation,” Linghu Lun sneered.

The others from the Linghu Heavenly Clan also had cold and joyful smiles on their faces.

Meanwhile, the Nightmare Spirit Clansmen and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clansmen had no idea what the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen were plotting. Relying on their tracking talismans, they were frantically pursuing the newcomers that had managed to condense their Symbols of Light.

Whenever they captured a newcomer, they would immediately bring them back to the Linghu Heavenly Clansmen.

That said, Chu Feng and the others had no idea what the Nightmare Spirit Clansmen and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clansmen were doing.

Currently, Chu Feng and the other Chu Heavenly Clansmen were at the bottom of a deep sea.

That place was an enormous mine. Merely, the ores in that place had been completely extracted. That said, Chu Qing and the others still did not leave.

The reason for that was because they were waiting for Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had discovered a spirit formation entrance at the cultivation resource mine.

They had no idea where that spirit formation entrance connected to. However, they were certain that the spirit formation entrance had very powerful slaughtering formations.

Apart from Chu Feng, none of the four possessed the strength to enter that spirit formation entrance.

Before Chu Feng entered the spirit formation entrance, he told them to stay there and not leave without permission.

As such, Chu Qing and the others continued to stay there.

“When will Chu Feng return? If we are to continue waiting like this, wouldn’t we all be wasting time?” Chu Haoyan spoke impatiently. The reason for his impatience was because it had been two days since Chu Feng had entered that spirit formation entrance.

To them, a period of two days was a very precious period of time. After all, they had no idea how much longer the Holy Spirit Formation of Light would remain open.

“Wasting time? Look at that symbol on your forehead. It is thanks to him that you’re able to gather that much natural energies.” Chu Shuangshuang refuted Chu Haoyan.

“Eh…” At that moment, Chu Haoyan revealed a slightly embarrassed look.

Although they did not know the symbol on their foreheads was called the Symbol of Light, the symbols on their forehead were indeed much more powerful than that of the other newcomers.

After all, they’d obtained a truly vast amount of Ores of Light. With that many Ores of Light being condensed in one place, they would naturally form even more powerful Symbols of Light.

After being embarrassed, Chu Haoyan explained, “I am not blaming Chu Feng. I merely think that if he is to continue on like this, he will not only be wasting our time, but he’ll also be wasting his own time.”

“That spirit formation entrance is filled with slaughtering formations, filled with danger. Instead of worrying about Chu Feng’s safety, you speak of such a thing. Do you think it’s appropriate?” Chu Qing also spoke to refute Chu Haoyan.

“Of course I worry about his safety. If I wasn’t worried, why would I complain? But what use is there in worrying about him? Are we able to enter it to save him?”

“I merely felt that since worrying about him will not do any good, we should not resign ourselves to fate. At least, we cannot stay here forever,” Chu Haoyan said.

“I feel what Chu Haoyan said to be very correct. We have already obtained quite a lot of ores with Chu Feng’s help. However, we cannot rely on Chu Feng forever. Since he still hasn’t returned after so long, we shouldn’t waste our time here.”

“I feel that it’s time for us to go and seek our cultivation resources ourselves,” Chu Huanyu said.