Chapter 3231 - Fire Qilin Armor

Chapter 3231 - Fire Qilin Armor

At that moment, Chu Feng had entered an isolated space.

That space was a very desolate world.

Chu Feng was standing in the center of that desolate world. He was not moving at all. His movements had been confined.

That said, Chu Feng was able to see countless powerful creatures fighting one another there 

There were enormous creatures that reached ten thousand meters tall. When they stood up, even the clouds could only be below their bodies.

There were also martial cultivators that were only two meters tall, but were capable of utter destruction with a wave of their hand.

All kinds of different creatures, humans, monsters, ferocious beasts and others, had appeared and fought one another.

The scenes were quickly appearing and disappearing before Chu Feng repeatedly.

After a long time passed, the battles finally started to gradually settle. When everything disappeared, Chu Feng finally regained his freedom of movement.

"What were those things earlier all about? So frightening. Could that have been the battles of the Ancient Era?"

Chu Feng had landed on the ground. However, he was unable to calm himself.

He had been completely fascinated by the scenes from earlier. Not to mention having his movements restricted, even if his movements weren't restricted, Chu Feng would not have allowed himself to miss those scenes.

It was precisely because Chu Feng had managed to witness all those scenes that he was exclaiming in admiration.

Chu Feng was able to tell how frighteningly powerful those existences were. Before those existences, not to mention him, even the strongest existences of the Ancestral Martial Starfield would be akin to ants.

Too powerful. Those were simply no longer battles of mortals. Instead, they resembled battles between gods and demons.

"I wonder if existences as powerful as them still exist in the current martial cultivation world?" Chu Feng gasped with admiration.

Although Chu Feng felt that there would definitely not be any existence as powerful as those that he witnessed in the Ancestral Martial Starfield, he was uncertain if there would be martial cultivators that powerful in other starfields.

After all, the world of martial cultivators was a vast world, beyond Chu Feng's imagination.

That said, whilst Chu Feng was gasping with admiration, he immediately set off and began to use his Heaven's Eyes to carefully observe the isolated world.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had not forgotten his purpose in being there. He had not entered to gasp in admiration. Instead, he was there to seek out opportunities.

Since he had regained his freedom to move, he would naturally have to properly inspect that place.

Earlier, whilst Chu Feng had his movements restricted, whilst the battles were occuring beside him, the surroundings were boundlessly vast. Chu Feng had felt that, with his current strength, he would not escape that world in his entire life.

At that time, Chu Feng was even worried about whether he would end up being trapped there.

However, when the scenes of the battle started to dissipate, the world became very small, extremely, extremely small.

As such, it was not difficult for Chu Feng, with the power that he currently possessed, to survey the world.

Sure enough, in mere hours, Chu Feng had managed to travel through the entire world. Unfortunately, he had gained nothing.

He sighed. “It seems there’s nothing here.”

“Since there’s nothing here, why were so many slaughtering formations set up at the spirit formation entrance? Could it be toying with me?”

Chu Feng felt a bit gloomy. He had spent great effort in order to enter that isolated world. After all, there were truly some slaughtering formations that were capable of killing him or trapping him for the rest of his life.

If Chu Feng didn’t inspect everything carefully, he would’ve likely been buried amongst the slaughtering formations.

Originally, Chu Feng had thought that he would be able to gain a great harvest after going through all those dangers. Unfortunately… there was nothing at all.

“Forget about it,” in the end, Chu Feng decided to leave that place. He discovered the exit and began to proceed toward it.

On the way back, Chu Feng had to pass through all those dangerous slaughtering formations again. However, as Chu Feng had already passed through them once, returning was simply a walk in the park for him. In a relatively effortless manner, Chu Feng walked out.

However, when Chu Feng returned to that vast body of water, he did not see Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu. He only saw Chu Shuangshuang and Chu Qing. Both of them had extremely worried expressions.

“Such a thing actually happened?!” Chu Feng learned of what had happened from Chu Shuangshuang and Chu Qing.

Chu Feng was very surprised upon finding out what had happened.

He was not surprised by Chu Haoyan and Chu Huanyu being captured. Instead, he was surprised by the fact that not only did the Linghu Heavenly Clan know more about the Holy Spirit Formation of Light, but they actually even possessed tracking talismans that could track their location.

Had Chu Shuangshuang and Chu Qing not stayed in the concealment formation, they would’ve likely been detected by the tracking formation too.

“It would appear that, apart from the three of us, all of the newcomers that have entered this place have already been met with misfortune. Never did I expect the Linghu Heavenly Clan to have such a trick up their sleeve,” Chu Feng lamented.

“Little brother Chu Feng, what should we do?” Chu Shuangshuang asked.

“Big sis Shuangshuang, don’t panic. Leave this matter to me. You and big brother Chu Qing should stay here and wait for me,” after Chu Feng finished saying those words, he set off.

Chu Shuangshuang and Chu Qing did not say anything else to Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because they knew that they would not be able to help Chu Feng with anything.

Rather than following Chu Feng and becoming his burden, it was better for them to stay there and wait for good news.

Chu Feng’s train of thought was very clear-cut. He planned to find the clansmen of the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan and the Linghu Heavenly Clan to scout them out and get some information.

Although Chu Feng did not manage to encounter anyone from the Linghu Heavenly Clan or the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan, he encountered people from the Nightmare Spirit Clan. Immediately, he determined that they were working with the Linghu Heavenly Clan and the Heaven-reaching Beast Clan.

Furthermore, Chu Feng successfully gained information from the Nightmare Spirit Clansmen he encountered.

“He’s actually a rank one Martial Immortal. That Linghu Lun is a problematic individual.”

“It would appear that it’s time to put you to use.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he pulled his clothes and looked inside his gown.

There was a suit of armor there.

The armor was red, and the veined pattern on the armor resembled scales interwoven in an orderly manner. Furthermore, flames were moving through the armor. It was very beautiful. It was as if the armor was made of flames.

As for that armor, its name was the Fire Qilin Armor.

That armor was the gift bestowed to him by the Saintly Stellar Monk after Chu Feng defeated the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations by himself.