Chapter 645 - Martial Marking Immortal Realm

MGA: Chapter 645 - Martial Marking Immortal Realm

“The Misty Peak truly seems very special. Senior Jiang, please explain them so this junior can have a better understanding.” Hearing to that point, Chu Feng had a complete new comprehension of the Misty Peak.

Before, he even thought that the Misty Peak was only an ordinary peak, and it was only famous because hidden experts lived here, along with one of the great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region, Qiu Zhu.

But looking at it now, it seemed completely different. Chu Feng also knew that there were reasons why special places were special. Therefore, he felt that if the Misty Peak was truly as Jiang Wanshi said, then it was very likely that it concealed great possibilities.

“Actually, I don’t understand this place too much and I only heard my master say a few things about it. As for its origin, no one knows exactly. They only know that there are many special things in this place and it can even prolong one’s life. So, that’s why it’s called the strangest land in the Eastern Sea Region.

“According to my master, the Misty Peak is actually more like a super-huge sealing formation. Closed within is a demon that people lack comprehension over. It is unknown who sealed the demon there, but occasionally, it shoots out some phantoms to make trouble.

“The demon’s phantoms are the black clouds we saw before. Although they are only phantoms, and they cannot leave the land of the Misty Peak, if we ignore them it’s likely that it will completely unseal the monster. So, the Misty Peak requires a guardian responsible to eradicate the demons that are born at any time.

“This guardian is said to be chosen by the Misty Peak itself, and only females can hold the position. Right now, the guardian is Senior Piaomiao, and I’m sure the future guardian will be birthed from one of the four seniors,” Jiang Wanshi explained.

“It’s actually that mystical? Then who’s the first guardian of the Misty Peak?” Chu Feng asked.

“Junior Wuqing, you want to ask who the first owner of this Misty Peak is right?” Jiang Wanshi smiled.

Chu Feng scratched his head when Jiang Wanshi saw through his intentions, and said with a smile, “Heh, yeah. Hearing Senior Jiang’s words, even though I haven’t seen the Misty Peak yet, I already feel that place is impressive.

“If it is truly as Senior Jiang says, that the Misty Peak is, in reality, a huge sealing formation, then I’m sure that the owner of this place must be an extremely outstanding existence. Otherwise, how could they have such a great handiwork? If I don’t know the grand name of such a person, it would truly be a type of regret!”

At that instant, Jiang Wanshi shook her head, and said, “The Misty Peak has existed for many generations, and no one knows who the first owner is. However, from what I’ve heard, on the Misty Peak there are some murals engraved, and looking from some of the markings and symbols in the formation, the Misty Peak should have come from the Ancient Era.”

“Ancient Era? That means this Misty Peak is truly mysterious. More and more, I want to see what exactly it looks like.” After hearing those words, yearning surged in Chu Feng’s eyes.

“Don’t worry. The Misty Peak will absolutely not disappoint you.” Jiang Wanshi smiled very confidently.

After more quick journeying, Chu Feng discovered that they entered a vast and endless region of sea once again. Thinking back when Jiang Wanshi said the Misty Peak was not too far away, Chu Feng couldn’t help thinking that it very possibly was a beautiful island.

However, Chu Feng soon found out that he was wrong because the thing that finally appeared in front of him was an enormous area of white clouds.

The area of the white clouds was huge, and its shape was very beautiful, as though it were formed by countless super-sized cotton candy blankets. It would even be reasonable to say it was the most beautiful white cloud he had ever seen.

And after going through the endless white clouds, Chu Feng was involuntarily dumbstruck, and couldn’t avoid inhaling a breath of air.

It was because he astonishedly discovered in the distant white clouds, there stood a floating mountain range. The mountain range was not a steep one that penetrated through the white clouds. It actually grew atop the white clouds.

Moreover, that mountain range was very pretty. There were countless peaks within and waterfalls as well that cascaded down. They were like white-coloured water dragons as they entered the white clouds from the mountain peaks, giving rise to large splashes and projecting many rainbows.

Yet, when Chu Feng was still under the white clouds, he clearly didn’t see a single drop of water. Which meant the water that flowed down from the waterfalls, despite landing in the clouds, hadn’t seeped through them and sprayed down.

Chu Feng had seen floating islands. As long as an appropriate amount of formations was added, it was actually not hard. The Everlasting Sea of Blood had plenty of them.

However, it was the first time Chu Feng saw such an enormous mountain range floating. He simply didn’t dare to imagine what sort of formation was required to maintain it. He only knew that an extremely powerful technique was needed, and in short, it was something he could not even touch.

Most importantly, the Misty Peak was already built above the white clouds, but at that moment, as they stepped on the peak of the white clouds and looked up, Chu Feng amazedly discovered that in the distant sky upwards, there were still more beautiful white clouds.

The clouds were positioned too high and even though Chu Feng could already fly, he also knew that with his current strength, he could still not reach that height

Furthermore, although the white clouds were slowly drifting about, they still lingered on the Misty Peak. It meant that the white clouds might not be naturally formed, but from some sort of powerful formation.

It had to be said that even though he already knew how special the Misty Peak was before even arriving, when he truly saw it, Chu Feng still felt the scene to be extremely pleasant. At the same time, Chu Feng was even more curious as to whose great creation it was.

“How is this the Misty Peak? From what I see, it should be called the Floating Mountain Range,” Chu Feng jokingly said after praising.

“Junior Wuqing is truly comedic.” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Jiang Wanshi couldn’t help laughing while covering her mouth. Then, she said, “The mysticality of the Misty Peak does not stop there. Junior Wuqing, you see the white clouds above right? Those clouds and the ones under our feet are a part of the Misty Peak’s formation.

“The white clouds floating in the air will produce different temperatures according to the difference in time. That causes the Misty Peak to have the rare change in the four seasons.

“Usually speaking, this area is warm throughout the year. It’s quite evident when spring, summer, and autumn appears, but winter is, in reality, non-existent.”

“Using a formation to create change in the four seasons? That is truly impressive!” The more he heard Jiang Wanshi’s explanation, the more Chu Feng praised how special that place was, and more so, he knew what it was called the strangest land in the Eastern Sea Region.

“That’s right! Senior Jiang, isn’t the Misty Peak the place where Lady Piaomiao lives in isolation? Why are there so many young cultivators on the road here? Could it be that they are all coming for Lady Piaomiao, wanting her to be their master? Yet this amount is a bit too much isn’t it?”

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked curiously because on the road there, he really did see many cultivators with decent cultivation. Within, many were Martial Lords and only a small amount was in the Heaven realm. Moreover, they were not old: not a single one was over thirty years of age. That made Chu Feng suspicious.

At first, Chu Feng assumed those people only came to find a master; after all, Lady Piaomiao’s name was so widespread. But the nearer they got to the Misty peak, the more Chu Feng felt that something was wrong.

Putting aside that the people who were there could be called the “dragon within men”—young ages yet having extremely powerful cultivation—just the amount alone meant that something wrong, because there was really too many.

“Hoh.” Jiang Wanshi first chuckled with her mouth covered when she heard Chu Feng question, then said to Chu Feng with suspense, “It seems like Junior Wuqing still doesn’t know too much about the things in the Eastern Sea Region.”

“Senior Jiang, what exactly is happening?” Chu Feng asked curiously as he was successfully caught by tension.

“They should all be coming for the Martial Marking Immortal Realm!” Jiang Wanshi said.