Chapter 646 - Men Beating on Woman

MGA: Chapter 646 - Men Beating on Woman

“Martial Marking Immortal Realm.” Chu Feng was even more intrigued upon hearing those words.

“Junior Wuqing, didn’t I tell you that this Misty Peak is very special. This Martial Marking Immortal Realm is one of the representations of the Misty Peak,” Jiang Wanshi said with a smile.

“Senior Jiang, don’t keep me in the dark anymore. What exactly is so special about this Martial Marking Immortal Realm that has attracted so many young geniuses here? From what I see, all of the Eastern Sea Region’s geniuses have come, right?”

Chu Feng stood there observing, and had already discovered quite a few geniuses with outstanding cultivation. He believed that in the Eastern Sea Region, these geniuses were absolutely the apical ones. And since so many geniuses had appeared at this place, it meant one thing—there must be some sort of great benefit for the cultivators of the young generation contained within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.

“The Martial Marking Immortal Realm is a completely different world. The entrance of this world is on top of the Misty Peak. However, the gate of this entrance opens every six years, and those over the age of thirty cannot enter.

“Also, within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, there are mystical Martial Markings. After entering, one can collect these markings. From what I’ve heard, the Martial Markings collected can be exchanged in the Misty Peak’s Martial Skill Building for an equivalent martial skill.

“In the Martial Skill Building, the worst skills are still rank seven martial skills. As long as you collect many markings, you can even obtain a Taboo martial skill.”

“Taboo martial skill?!” Interest immediately came to Chu Feng upon hearing those words because from Ya Fei, he had experienced a Taboo martial skill first-hand. He knew that despite possessing the danger of backlash, Taboo martial skills still had unordinary power.

Although the Secret Skills Chu Feng grasped were powerful, they had to grow bit by bit. But Taboo martial skills did not need to. As long as one successfully cultivated them, they could obtain powerful strength. So, Chu Feng was very interested in the Taboo martial skills.

“That’s right. It’s the Taboo martial skills. They are priceless treasures, and in the entire Eastern Sea Region right now, the number of people who grasp Taboo martial skills are few within few. Even the ones that the Immortal Execution Archipelago own can only be learnt by the peak of geniuses. Thus, the price of Taboo martial skills is extremely high.

“And in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, there exists a chance to obtain Taboo martial skills. Naturally, it makes the powers of various places gaze at it with greed. So, every time the Martial Marking Immortal Realm opens, every power will send their most excellent people in the younger generation to this place.

“But sadly, up until now, there are very, very few people who were able to obtain a Taboo martial skill in that place. For example, in the last time the Martial Marking Immortal realm was open, only one person obtained a Taboo martial skill—the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Murong Xun,” Jiang Wanshi said.

“Murong Xun?” Hearing that name, Chu Feng’s gaze couldn’t help but slightly flicker. It wasn’t the first time he had heard that name after coming to the Eastern Sea Region, and naturally, he knew who Murong Xun was: the man who was going to marry Zi Ling.

“Junior Wuqing, you also know of Murong Xun? He is indeed quite a character, so young yet already possessing a sense-defying level of cultivation. He can put up a fight against those in the older generation, and he’s the publicly recognized number one genius in the Eastern Sea Region.

“There are even some people who say that Murong Xun’s talent far surpasses the exceptional genius back then whose name stunned the Eastern Sea Region, Huangfu Haoyue.

“However, regretfully, Murong Xun is exactly thirty this year, and already exceeds the limit to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.

“Otherwise, with his current cultivation, I’m sure he would reap even greater rewards if he were to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm again. After all, he was already so outstanding six years ago.” When Murong Xun was mentioned, Jiang Wanshi also praised without end, her face full of reverence.

Chu Feng only smiled faintly at Jiang Wanshi’s action without even an iota of blame. Even though Murong Xun was his archenemy, that was completely unrelated to Jiang Wanshi. Besides, females liked excellent males, and naturally Jiang Wanshi was no exception. There was nothing wrong about that.

“Run? Keep on running! Let me see how far you can run for? When I catch you, I will definitely cripple you!”

But just at that moment, from the direction of the Misty Peak, there suddenly came bursts of yells. Looking towards the origin of the sound, several people were flying over with quick speed.

The one in the front was a female who wore cloth clothing and looked like a beggar. She was too dirty: chaotic hair and mud all over her body. Who knew how long she hadn’t bathed for, and if weren’t for the decent curve in front of her chest, it was likely that no one could recognize that she was a woman.

But even though the female was dirty and looked like a beggar, she had the cultivation of the ninth level of the Heaven realm, even a bit stronger than Jiang Wanshi.

At that very instant, she was using a very special bodily martial skill and crazily dashed towards them.

Behind the woman followed five men. The cultivation of the five men was not weak; they were all Martial Lords, four of whom were rank one Martial Lords, and one slightly fat man was a rank two Martial Lord.

The speed of the five men was extremely fast as well, especially so, for the slightly fat man who was a rank two Martial Lord. His speed far surpassed the other four, and at that instant, he was also using a fairly strong bodily martial skill.

As he chased, no matter how much more profound the unclean woman’s bodily martial skill was, it mattered not as the difference between a Martial Lord and the Heaven realm was too great. Gradually, she was getting caught up.

“Still escaping? Let me see where you can escape to!” Suddenly, the rank two Martial Lord explosively shouted. Boundless purple-coloured gas then surged out of his body.

It was a Spirit Formation. It covered the sky and earth, instantly wrapping around the woman. Finally, it became a cage, imprisoning her.

At first, the woman tried to use martial skills to break open the Spirit Formation, but it was useless as it was one laid by a Martial Lord. How could she, a mere person in the Heaven realm, break through it? So, as she could do nothing, she started to loudly curse, “God damn, let me out! You five bastards, on what basis are you catching me for? I came here to enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm! By treating me like this you are violating the rules of the Misty Peak! Are you not afraid that Lady Piaomiao will punish all of you?!”

“Hmph. Entering the Martial Marking Immortal Realm? You, with your Heaven realm cultivation, think you’re qualified? Besides, not only did you create fake Misty Badges, you even dared to sell them to us, causing us to be humiliated and lose face within many of the same generation. If I don’t give you a lesson, you will truly think us to be fools!” the rank two Martial Lord shouted loudly as he held a strange badge in his hand.

“I only said it was a Misty Badge, but I never said that it’s the same one as the Misty Badge of the Misty Peak! Moreover, it wasn’t I who forced the deal, but all of you who obstinately wanted me to sell them to you. What does that have to do with me?” the young woman said cunningly while forcing reason with her hands on her waist.

“Damn. You even dare to refute? Today, b*tch, I will beat you to death!” Seeming to be quite infuriated by her, one of the rank one Martial Lords waved his hand, and sent a slap through the air.

*whoosh* However, the unexpected thing was as she faced the attack from a rank one Martial Lord, she slanted her body slightly and actually evaded it. In addition, she started to use her Heaven power and shouted loudly to her surroundings, “Help! Five men are beating a woman, everyone come see!”