Chapter 644 - Misty Peaks

MGA: Chapter 644 - Misty Peaks

After a while of hurrying, Chu Feng and the others finally arrived into the land of the Misty Peaks from the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

However, just as they walked out of the Ancient Teleportation Array and entered the land, they suddenly discovered vast black clouds appearing above the distant sea surface.

The black clouds covered a very broad area. It veiled over a small part of the world, and within the black clouds, sounds of thunder rang out without end. Moreover, they were very odd. The first feeling they gave people would be uneasiness, as though there were some ominous things within.

*boom* Suddenly, an explosion that shook the world burst out from the boundless black clouds. A golden shock wave appeared, and it swept through the horizon, shattering the air, and a few black clouds were also forcibly dispersed. However, the black clouds were really too vast and soon, they covered the sky again.

*boom* However, shortly afterwards, another explosion rang out. An even stronger shock wave emerged, but like before, it quickly became engulfed by the black clouds.

It happened again and again. Unceasingly, explosions and shock waves came from the black clouds, and it even started to make extremely frightening shrieks. That sound did not seem like a normal wild beast’s. It was extremely strange. Those who heard it felt inexplicably terrified as chills went down their spines.

“Heavens! What is happening over there? Such horrifying clouds, and such terrifying shrieks!” Outside the Teleportation Array there stood a few people. Naturally, such things also attracted their attention.

“There are definitely people intensely fighting within the black clouds, and their cultivations are very strong too.” Chu Feng was also observing that. Judging by the distance from the clouds and here, in addition with the shock waves’ curvature and reflection of light, the person who attacked was at least an existence of a Martial King.

“Wanshi, bring Wuqing to the Misty Peaks first,” Qiushui Fuyan suddenly said to Jiang Wanshi in a grave tone. Although she knew of Chu Feng’s real name, after he was disguised, as well as in public circumstances, she would still call Chu Feng Wuqing in order to help him conceal his identity.

*whoosh* After speaking, Qiushui Fuyan waved her robe, rising into the air after becoming a rainbow. Her speed was quick and attracted endlessly exclamation from the bystanders. They all determined that Qiushui Fuyan was an unrivaled expert, and in the gaze they looked at Chu Feng and Jiang Wanshi with also became very reverent.

Both of them couldn’t even bother with such changes and stopped looking. They then flew in the direction of the Misty Peaks.

After Qiushui Fuyan left, Chu Feng actually didn’t need to be that restrained and became affable. All of that was because of Qiushui Fuyan’s excessive seriousness as well as her powerful strength. Chu Feng knew a person like that liked peacefulness, so their journey, for the sake of Qiushui Fuyan’s feelings, he held himself back a bit.

“Junior Wuqing, you seem to be a bit afraid of my master?” Jiang Wanshi asked with a smile when she saw Chu Feng’s change.

“Not afraid, just respect.” Chu Feng smiled back, but it was the words of his heart.

“Junior Wuqing is quite smart. You’ve seen through my master’s temper already! She does indeed dislike rowdiness and prefers silence. However, even though she is a bit strict normally, she has a very kind nature and treats others very well too,” Jiang Wanshi said with a smile.

“Mm, of course. Senior Qiushui is a kind person, or else she wouldn’t have helped me and Yan Ruyu. For example, the black clouds that we just saw. It is clearly not related to us, but Senior Qiushui went there to investigate. The reason is because she wants to remove an unnecessary disaster,” Chu Feng said.

“Junior Wuqing, do you feel that something is wrong with the black clouds just now?” Jiang Wanshi asked with a smile.

“There is something very wrong about the black clouds. They seem a bit strange, and there must be great peril within,” Chu Feng said.

“Junior Wuqing truly has great eyesight. It is an Evil Cloud, and there is definitely a demon inside,” Jiang Wanshi said.

“Demon?” Hearing that, Chu Feng couldn’t help being taken aback slightly, then praised, “Senior Jiang is the one who has great eyesight. You’ve actually analyzed it so in depth! Though, I wonder how you saw there was a demon inside, and what thing is this demon you talked about?”

“You jest, Junior Wuqing. How could I have such powerful eyesight? It’s only because I’ve accompanied Master many times to the Misty Peaks so I’ve seen this situation before. Any time we see it, Master always goes out.

“Afterwards, I did ask her once. She told me that the Misty Peaks is a land of immortals. It can be called the most special place in the Eastern Sea Region. However, it is also the strangest place, as a monster often appear.

“Although when the monster appears, it will not leave the land of the Misty Peaks, they must still be quickly eradicated or else it would harm the innocent who come to the Misty Peaks. As for what monster it is, I do not know,” Jiang Wanshi said.

“It’s actually that strange? No wonder I felt the black clouds to be so odd. They had an unspeakable feeling.” Chu Feng was very shocked. After arriving in the Eastern Sea Region, he experienced many things he had never heard of before, so he had really broadened his horizons.

“Hoh. Actually, in the Misty Peaks, there is a Demon Ambush Map. As long as the demon appears, the map will have an indication. So, if I’m not mistaken, the one fighting in the black clouds just now should be the master of the Misty Peaks, Senior Piaomiao. My master is heading over there only because she wants to lend her an arm,” Jiang Wanshi continued saying.

“I’ve heard that Lady Piaomiao is the number one hidden expert in the Eastern Sea Region. I wonder if that rumour is true or false. Is there truly a hidden expert that possesses a cultivation above Senior Qiushui’s?” Chu Feng asked with a smile. Before, he felt that the person fighting within the black clouds was very strong, and from Jiang Wanshi’s words, he could hear that the Lady Piaomiao seemed to be more powerful than Qiushui Fuyan, so Chu Feng really wanted to confirm.

“Of course Senior Piaomiao is stronger! The Misty Peaks is titled as the strangest land in the Eastern Sea Region. It contains limitless good things and the Immortal Execution Archipelago have had their eyes locked on it for a long time, but the reason why they didn’t dare to occupy it is only because they fear a single person,” Jiang Wanshi said.

“It’s Lady Piaomiao?!” Chu Feng asked.

“Exactly!” Jiang Wanshi replied.

“I didn’t expect Lady Piaomiao to reach this degree of strength. Even the Immortal Execution Archipelago fear her.”

Chu Feng felt stunned. Although he hadn’t been in the Eastern Sea Region for a long time, he had already, more or less, seen how powerful it was. One had to know that the enormous power, the Immortal Execution Archipelago, was indeed like the sun in the sky at present. Yet, Lady Piaomiao was able to make the Immortal Execution Archipelago afraid. From that, it could be seen how impressive of an existence she was.

“But of course! Senior Piaomiao is the chosen guardian of the Misty Peaks. Her cultivation talent is extremely high, and I’ve heard my master say that Senior Piaomiao nears a thousand years of age. Though, she is still healthy right now and there is no problem for her to live several hundred more years,” Jiang Wanshi said furtively, as though it was a secret.

“She has really lived that long? What cultivation does she have?”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng, again, was shocked. A person living almost a thousand years, and could continue living for several hundred years more. Wasn’t that person’s cultivation extremely high? Otherwise, how could she have obtained such a long life?

“No.” However, Jiang Wanshi shook her head to Chu Feng’s question, then said, “Senior Piaomiao’s cultivation is high, that’s indisputable; but it isn’t so high that she could obtain such a long life through cultivation.

“The reason she can, however, is all because of the Misty Peaks. Junior Wuqing, like I said, the Misty Peaks is the strangest land in the Eastern Sea Region, and it is called the land of immortals. You must know that the word ‘immortals’ isn’t spoken casually.”