Chapter 643 - Disappear

MGA: Chapter 643 - Disappear

At that instant, the first things to enter Ya Fei’s and Ya Zongyun’s eyes were Ya Fei’s hundred female servants, as well as the group of people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago. All of them had faces rife with shock, and with their roundly widened eyes in confusion and fear, they closely stared at Ya Fei and Ya Zongyun.

Looking around them, the two discovered that the Everlasting Sea of Blood was as serene as usual. All of the floating islands were still undamaged, and upon raising their heads, gazing at the sky once more, despite the tear still being there, the sky full of stars were there as well.

Yet, when they gazed at themselves, their bodies were actually wet—it was the smell of seawater. They seemed to have fell into the Everlasting Sea of Blood below, and other than the seawater soaking their bodies, there was even cold sweat, Ya Fei especially. At that instant, she was still unable to control her quivering body.

“What exactly is going on here? What happened?” Ya Zongyun asked a person by his side when he saw the peculiar situation.

“Lord First Immortal, this...” The person who was asked had a face full of panic. There seemed to be some sort of unspeakable thing as she did not dare to say anything.

“Speak the truth!” Ya Zongyun forcefully asked.

“Lord First Immortal, before, we were following you and Lady Ya Fei, but suddenly, both of you looked at the sky with faces full of fear. Lady Ya Fei even shrieked and leaped into your embrace.

“Afterwards, you, Lord First Immortal, laid an extremely blinding Spirit Formation in the same place you stood. The formation was extremely powerful, simply something that this servant has never seen before. But soon, you released the Spirit Formation and jumped into the Everlasting Sea of Blood below.

“Seeing you enter the sea, Lady Ya Fei also quickly followed and brought you up. Your conversation with her afterwards was something that we couldn’t understand,” the person replied seriously.

At that instant, Ya Fei and Ya Zongyun looked at each other, four eyes opposite to one another. Then, they looked at the crowd. Seeing that everyone nodded in agreement, that the person’s words were truthful, both of them couldn’t help furrowing their brows tightly, then sighed and said at the same time, “Could it be everything that just happened was only my imagination?”

“Look! The tear is closing!” Suddenly, from the distance came a loud shout.

Raising their heads to look, they indeed discovered that the tear appearing above the Nine Heavens was slowly closing.

“Grandfather, what do we do?” Ya Fei currently didn’t know what to do, so she could only asked her grandfather for help.

Ya Zongyun first wiped the cold sweat on Ya Fei’s face, then patted her shoulder and sent a mental message, saying, “Fei’er, first tell me what that Little Fishy is all about.”

Ya Fei didn’t dare to conceal anything. She simply and directly told Ya Zongyun about Little Fishy and Chu Feng. Of course, she also told him about the conflicts that happened between them.

After knowing about the things that happened, Ya Zongyun’s complexion turned strangely grave. Then, he asked, “Fei’er, do you think everything that happened was real?”

“Mm. Being there personally, it’s so real that it cannot be more real.” Ya Fei nodded her head. In reality, even now she could not confirm whether it was just her imagination just now or it truly happened.

“Not to mention you, even I, as a Gold-cloak World Spiritist, could not feel anything being in that illusion. That already says how powerful the person who used the illusion on us is.

“Don’t provoke that Wuqing anymore, and even more so, don’t provoke that Little Fishy. Everybody who is related to them cannot be provoked.” Ya Zongyun said.

“Grandfather, could everything that happened just be some false might and fakery? Must they be let off because you and I were in the illusion?” Ya Fei was still a bit bitter.

“Idiot girl, you are still too young and lack an understanding of the situation’s severity. The illusion just now was not some false might. If the person were willing to, we would have died already,” Ya Zongyun said lightly through mental messaging.

*gulp* After hearing those words, Ya Fei couldn’t help gulping and once again, broke out in a cold sweat.

If even her grandfather was like that, it meant Little Fishy was truly not a simple person. At least, the person who made a move on her grandfather and herself was not simple at all.

In a situation like that, no matter how much unwilling Ya Fei was, she still feared in her heart. She had no choice but to give up finding Chu Feng, Daoist Qiushui and the others for revenge.

Afterwards, Ya Zongyun commanded the people who were there to not tell anyone about them losing control of themselves, and they, who already feared Ya Fei and Ya Zongyun, naturally dared not to reveal anything.

Just like that, the aggressive group of people, who initially planned to find Daoist Qiushui and Chu Feng for a debt, were forced to return in low spirits before they had even walked far.

Even though it was quite embarrassing to do so, Ya Fei and Ya Zongyun had no other choice. It didn’t matter much for Ya Fei; after all, she was still a Martial Lord. However, as a Martial King, even Ya Zongyun felt the pressure from before. He knew there was an existence that he could not offend.

As he could do nothing, Ya Zongyun couldn’t help but raise his head and look at the sky. He looked at the gradually closing tear above and knitted his brows tightly. He kept on feeling that the tear seemed to have some sort of relation with the things that he met today.

However, he did not dare to continue thinking beyond that point. He did not dare to imagine what consequences there would be if he offended people related to the tear in the sky. Perhaps the entire Eastern Sea Region would truly be eradicated because of him.

At the same time, Chu Feng had returned to the floating island, and after telling Jiang Wanshi about Little Fishy leaving, he returned to his room to rest.

He did not continue observing the tear in the sky because he was no longer in the mood to. After Little Fishy left, for some reason Chu Feng felt a bit downcast.

Besides, Chu Feng also knew that even if the tear in the sky truly brought along something, it wasn’t something that he could evade. So, he just looked away from it, so his heart was not troubled.

Just like that, as usual, the lengthy black night was finally replaced by the day again. As for the tear in the sky, it had already closed off completely before daylight, and vanished within the night.

Although it closed, there was nothing aberrant that happened in the Everlasting Sea of Blood. But, people were still awaiting news because they did not believe that such an anomaly would bring no abnormal things. Thus, everyone was waiting for the arrival of shocking news, and expecting a good show.

However, just as many people put forth their expectations and yearned for news related to the strange phenomenon last night, Chu Feng and the others had already left the Everlasting Sea of Blood, and went forward to a place called the Misty Peaks.

But, at the same time, in the deepest parts of the Everlasting Sea of Blood, there was a person speedily rushing about like light.

Finally, he stopped, and if one neared, they would see that it was the blind old man who Chu Feng met just as he entered the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

At present, the old man held in his hand an object wrapped by black cloth. After tightly clenching the object, an expression of incomparable panic surged upon his face, saying with a soundless wail, “How has this happened? Why can’t I feel the slightest bit of aura? It disappeared! It’s not in the Everlasting Sea of Blood! Where exactly did it go? Where did it go?!”