Chapter 642 - Warning

MGA: Chapter 642 - Warning

“That is?” However suddenly, Ya Fei’s pupils suddenly shrunk, then she hurriedly flew downwards.

Because within the flowing magma which released a scathing heat, she saw a person—her grandfather Ya Zongyun.

“Grandfather!” Seeing her grandfather, Ya Fei was both surprised and joyed, and she hurriedly raised him up from the bubbling magma.

Only then did she discover that her grandfather, whom she had great pride in, was extremely weakened. However after her examination, she discovered that her grandfather still had a pulse and heartbeat; he hadn’t died yet.

“Why is it like this? Have we not died yet?” After discovering her grandfather’s anomaly, Ya Fei also examined herself. She found out that her pulse and heartbeat were very stable. These were the special characteristics of life that did not correspond to someone who was dead.

After all, she knew that dead people had no heartbeat nor pulse, and that the soul was actually just one's Consciousness. After humans died, it was tantamount to their Consciousness entering a different world; a very terrifying world. However, since her heart still beat, it meant that she had yet to die.

“Cough cough, Fei’er, are you all right?” Just at that moment, Ya Zongyun intensely coughed a few times. He actually awoke, and the first thing he did after awaking was to carefully examine his granddaughter. He was quite afraid that his granddaughter, whom he doted on, had any injuries.

“Grandfather, Fei’er is fine. How are you? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Seeing her grandfather awaken, Ya Fei rejoiced and rushed into Ya Zongyun’s embrace, wailing sorrowfully.

“Silly Fei’er, don’t cry. Grandfather is perfectly fine. It’s just that the Spirit Formation I laid before was a Taboo Formation so I lost too much strength,” Ya Zongyun explained.

“That means Grandfather isn’t injured?” Ya Fei asked.

“Mm.” Ya Zongyun nodded with a light smile.

And after hearing Ya Zongyun’s words, Ya Fei was even happier. Although, at present, the sky was falling and the ground was crumbling, and the world looked nothing like before, not much had happened to her and her grandfather, and they survived. It was fortune within misfortune.

“Who is it?” However just at that moment, Ya Zongyun’s eyes lit up and he put Ya Fei behind him as he loudly yelled in front of him.

Seeing that, Ya Fei also quickly cast her gaze in the direction Ya Zongyun shouted angrily at. Only then did she discover that several hundred meters away from them, out of the blue, there appeared a vast stretch of white mist. That mist was not present before.

At that instant, Ya Fei’s anxiousness reached its peak because when she examined the mist, she simply couldn’t detect anything. Yet at that very instant, from the mist, there came sharp and clear footstep sounds.

*ta, ta, ta, ta, ta...*

Those sound of footsteps arose one after another, and came closer and closer. Not only Ya Fei, even Ya Zongyun tightly furrowed his brows. His eyes glittered unstably and even his heart formed a lump at his throat.

They, who personally experienced the disaster, experienced the strength and terror of the huge hand in the sky. In a time like this, they could not determine exactly what thing was approaching them.

*whoosh* As the two were tightly staring, the mist finally dispersed and simultaneously, a person appeared in Ya Fei’s and Ya Zongyun’s line of sight.

Upon seeing that person, no matter if it was Ya Zongyun or Ya Fei, both of them were dumbstruck, their faces full of surprise.

At that very moment, the one who came forward in the air and gradually nearing them was a young woman.

She had jet-black hair that scattered behind her, as well as long brows, beautiful big eyes, tall nose, small cherry-like lips, and a youthful complexion. She simply reached the limits of beauty, and definitely surpassed Ya Fei’s.

Especially her pure and charming demeanor. It was something that Ya Fei couldn’t even compared to. She was simply like a fairy from the heavens—nearing perfection.

Not only did the young female have a fairy-like prettiness, her figure was also extremely good. Of her snow-white exterior, there was a faint rosiness, and her skin was also very glossy, like jade.

Though the thing that made Ya Fei and Ya Zongyun shocked wasn’t her fairy-like appearance, it was the revealing clothes she wore.

She had such a beautiful appearance, such an alluring figure, but she wore extremely little. She was clad in only undergarments. Indeed, it was a pink bodice.[1. Undergarment, aka bodice.]

It was worn in front of her chest, and even though it concealed all the private areas, a large area of snow-white skin was still shown. Especially her straight and slender legs, it was pretty much revealed completely in front of their eyes.

However other than the pink undergarment, the exceptionally beautiful young female also had another ornament. There was a beautiful footlace tied around her ankle—it was an Elite Armament.

“You, you are?”

At that instant, Ya Fei was thoroughly stupefied because she recognized the pink undergarment. It was so familiar to her—the exact same as the one the special girl wore in the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

So, Ya Fei made a bold guess. The person that appeared in front of her eyes very possibly was the little girl who she wanted to catch even in her dreams, Little Fishy.

“Fei’er, you recognize her?” Ya Zongyun had never seen Little Fishy before, but he could see that his granddaughter possibly knew the mysterious young beauty.

The young woman did not have too great of a reaction as she gazed upon their stunned and fearful expressions. When there were still a hundred meters between her and the two of them, she stopped.

“Y-you, you are Little Fishy?” she questioned finally, with a tone of disbelief.


However, just at that moment, Little Fishy’s clear eyes faintly shifted. Boundless pressure then came slamming from above, causing Ya Fei and Ya Zongyun to kneel in the air with a poof. The strong power even made the air they kneeled on crack.

At that instant, Ya Fei and Ya Zongyun felt their heads bearing irresistible power. Even breathing was a very hard task, as though they could die at any given moment. Their faces were also fraught with agony.

However, there was not a single trace of sympathy from her as she looked at their painful states. She first disdainfully looked at the two, then said with an absolute ordering tone, “Listen up. Do not attack Wuqing, and do not do anything detrimental to Wuqing. Otherwise, the ones who will die will definitely not only be the two of you, but the entire Eastern Sea Region.”

*hmm* After speaking those words, a large area of white mist emerged around her again, and very soon, it veiled over her outstandingly beautiful body, then she disappeared.

Moreover, the mist was rapidly dispersing. It covered Ya Fei’s and Ya Zongyun’s line of sight, and at the same time, the unbearable power also faded like the clouds.

Ya Fei and Ya Zongyun hadn’t recovered from the previously dangerous scene before they suddenly heard endlessly familiar voices.

“Lord First Immortal, Lord First Immortal!”

“Lady Ya Fei, Lady Ya Fei!”

Those voices were so familiar. They were the voices of Ya Fei’s servants and the Immortal Execution Archipelago experts.

And along with the ringing of the voices, the mist surrounding them also began to slowly disintegrate. Then when the mist thoroughly disappeared, the two of them who experienced such a horrifying scene changed their faces greatly.