Chapter 641 - Natural Disaster

MGA: Chapter 641 - Natural Disaster

After deciding, Ya Zongyun brought Ya Fei and Ya Fei’s hundred servants, as well as the experts guarding the Immortal Execution Archipelago in the Everlasting Sea of Blood, and went forward to Daoist Qiushui’s residence.

Ya Zongyun and Ya Fei didn’t say why they were going to search for Daoist Qiushui, but the Immortal Execution Archipelago crowd still looked forward to seeing the might of the head of the Nine Immortals. After all, that old man was the second strongest person in the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

As for Ya Fei, her face was full of complacency. She, who had to bear Qiushui Fuyan’s anger, already had a chance for revenge so soon. She truly couldn’t wait to see Qiushui Fuyan’s fearful reaction.

*boom rumble rumble rumble*

However, just as they started moving and before they arrived at the floating island Qiushui Fuyan was residing in, an explosion suddenly came from the night sky.

Raising their heads and looking, everyone’s faces lost all colour. Their faces were overwhelmed with shock, and within their roundly widened eyes was nothing but fear.


At that instant, many people lacking in mental fortitude already started screaming. Some even loudly bailed.

At that very instant, above the Nine Heavens, within the enormous tear, an illusory huge hand that covered the sky came slamming down from above.

The hand occasionally appeared and disappeared. Symbols swirled all around it, making it difficult to determine what exactly that hand was. However, something undeniable was that everyone felt a horrifying aura that could destroy everything originating from the huge hand.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble*

In the instant the huge hand came down, everyone could clearly see the space collapsing inch by inch. One after another, stars were destroyed, and coincident with the destruction of the stars, a sky full of meteors started to come crashing down.

At that moment, the sky had crumbled. One could no longer see the sun, moon, or stars. They could only see the fragments of space.

But even so, the earth hadn’t entered endless darkness. Instead, it became even brighter.

The reason it was like so was because of the sky full of meteors. There were countless of them and every single one had at least the volume of a continent. Every single one was lit with raging infernos.

And it was exactly the raging infernos that lit up the earth. It brightened it to a fiery-red from its pitch-blackness, and brightened the blood-red Everlasting Sea of Blood to as blinding as magma.

The always calm Everlasting Sea of Blood was no longer calm at present. It was bubbling like lava.

“Run! The apocalypse has truly arrived! Everybody run!”

Seeing that, everyone was petrified. They didn’t even have time to think about other things, and the first reaction they had was to escape.

Escape! But putting aside the gradually descending illusory huge hand that covered the entirety of the sky, just the meteors that were ubiquitous already covered the entire Eastern Sea Region. Where could they escape to?

“Grandfather, what do we do?” Ya Fei had already lost her heart of revenge quite a while ago. She, who was usually arrogant, currently also had a face as pale as paper, an effect of her being terrified. Even her body was trembling slightly, and like a child she stayed in her grandfather’s embrace, not daring to move at all.

“Fei’er, don’t be afraid. With Grandfather here, even if I have given up my final breath, I will definitely keep you safe.”

With one hand, Ya Zongyun tightly hugged Ya Fei, and at the same time, with the other, laid a golden Spirit Formation.

The golden Spirit Formation did not veil over everyone who was there. It veiled over only himself and Ya Fei. Regardless of how the others from the Immortal Execution Archipelago begged, he was not willing to let anyone in.

The reason he did that was because he didn’t want to disperse more of his power to protect others. In that instant, he only wanted to protect himself and his granddaughter.

Thus, even though the Spirit Formation Ya Zongyun currently laid didn’t have too big of an area, it was formed with the entirety of his Spirit power. It almost exhausted all of his martial power, because in that situation, he really didn’t dare to hold anything back.

Finally, with his full power, he successfully made a small golden tower less than five meters tall and two meters wide. Although the tower wasn’t very big, it contained extremely strong Spirit Formation power. It was the strongest defense formation Ya Zongyun had.

*boom rumble rumble*

But just as the formation was successfully created, noise even more deafening than thunder rang out from the distance. At the same time, the air started to quiver, and the Everlasting Sea of Blood below was like an exploded pot. Water started to surge into the sky, and everything was in chaos.

*boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom*

Afterwards, the explosions endlessly rang out, and the sounds came closer and closer. Ya Fei and Ya Zongyun were then able to see clearly that it was the meteors in the sky that were falling. It was the meteors that were making the explosions.

Dragging behind a tail of flame, they descended from above. After crashing into the ground, they would burst open and become extremely ferocious shock waves, pushing outward ripples in a circular shape. The ripples would then be unstoppable as they passed through areas and destroyed anything that existed. Regardless of what it was, it would be killed by the ripples.


Finally, a meteor crashed into the Everlasting Sea of Blood. Instantly, the sea boiled and burst out water like a volcano erupting.

And when the shock waves swept past, other than Ya Fei and Ya Zongyun in the Spirit Formation, everyone else became ashes. No remains remained, dying extremely thoroughly.

But even though the Spirit Formation stopped one shock wave that slammed past, cracks appeared and its power greatly diminished.

“How is this happening? Why is this happening? My Immortal Execution Archipelago has just risen in power, and the Eastern Sea Region is already peaceful. Gods, why must you treat us like so? Have we done something wrong?”

Ya Zongyun looked at the sky and howled in quite a bit of confusion at the illusory huge hand that stopped in the air and enveloped the sky.

At that instant, he, who usually thought highly of himself, no longer had any traces of such an attitude, and he completely changed because he discovered even though he was the head of the Nine Immortals that everyone respected in the Eastern Sea Region, a martial cultivation master, when he faced a true disaster, he was so powerless. He didn’t even have any strength to fight back.

“Grandfather, this isn’t good!” But just at that moment, Ya Fei’s incomparably terrified voice suddenly rang out.

When he turned his head and looked, Ya Zongyun’s face changed greatly too because a super-huge meteor, with completely devastating power, was heading straight in their direction. Its speed was quick, and its area large—it almost covered that portion of the Everlasting Sea of Blood. They simply couldn’t evade.


Finally, a deafening explosion rang out, and at that instant, Ya Zongyun and Ya Fei felt their eyes go dark. All awareness vanished, and they went unconscious.

Only after some unknown length of time did Ya Fei gradually open her eyes. But after she did, she discovered that the world from her impressions completely changed.

The sky was blood-red and full of cracks. The earth was blood-red and full of surging magma. In between the sky and the earth, there was not a single trace of life. It was terrifyingly desolate.

“Could it be that I’ve already died?” was Ya Fei’s first thought. After experiencing everything that happened, she didn’t feel that she was able to survive.