Chapter 640 - Departure

MGA: Chapter 640 - Departure

When even Eggy became solemn as if frightened, Chu Feng became more uneasy. He had always known of the principle “There’s a man beyond a man, and a sky beyond a sky”.

But when he truly saw the unbelievable power from beyond the sky, Chu Feng involuntarily felt fear and anxiousness.

If everything in the sky at present was real, then Chu Feng and the people from the Eastern Sea Region—all the Martial Lords, Martial Kings, and even Martial Emperors—were too minuscule. Simply so minuscule that they were less than dust.

Was the road of martial cultivation truly endless and limitless? Beyond the Nine Heavens, was there truly some existence that had the divine power to rend the sky?

Were the so-called martial cultivation masters and peerless experts in the Eastern Sea Region, in their eyes, inferior to even dust, and were even less than fart?

“Yiyayiya! Big Brother!”

But just when Chu Feng was submerged in that shock, a sweet and mellifluous voice rang out unendingly from the distance.

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng’s mood instantly exploded in elation. His worry and uneasiness before all disappeared like a whisper of smoke, and he quickly cast his gaze in the direction that the sound came from.

Indeed, he saw a straight wave explosively shooting towards him from the surface of the sea, and at the end, a cute little person jumped out and appeared before Chu Feng. She immediately leaped into Chu Feng’s embrace, and she was none other than Little Fishy.

“Little Fishy, you’ve finally returned!” Seeing her, Chu Feng’s tense heart finally relaxed. He didn’t blame her at all, and what he had was only happiness and an eased heart.

“Hehe, Big Brother, were you worried about Little Fishy?” Little Fishy asked cleverly and naughtily as she blinked.

“Of course I was worried! Little Fishy is Big Brother’s angel! How could I not be worried when my angel’s gone?” Chu Feng said gigglingly as he rubbed Little Fishy’s jet-black hair. He truly liked that little girl so much he could not release her.

“Heh, Big Brother? Little Fishy’s got to go,” Little Fishy said suddenly.

“Go? Go where?!” Upon hearing those words, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Go to another place to play! Little Fishy has played enough here,” Little Fishy said smilingly.

“Then when will Little Fishy come back?” Chu Feng asked.

“Come back? I think I won’t come back. Little Fishy won’t come back to play in a place where she has played enough. Little Fishy wants to go to a better place to play,” Little Fishy said.

“Ehh… Then, Little Fishy, when are you prepared to leave?” Chu Feng asked.

“Right now!”

“Right now?”

“Mm.” Little Fishy nodded her head firmly.

For some reason, as he looked at the cute little girl in front of his eyes, he felt his heart ache. He would really miss Little Fishy. Though they were only together for a very short period of time, in his heart, Chu Feng liked that child, and he wanted to protect that child.

However, Chu Feng could only think those thoughts because he also knew that he didn’t have the strength to protect that child. So, that was the reason why he didn’t speak to ask for her to stay behind, and also didn’t say he wanted to accompany her.

Chu Feng actually knew already that Little Fishy was possibly only a passerby in his life. It was impossible for a special girl like her to always stay by his side.

Besides, Chu Feng himself had many things to do. He had a heavy responsibility on him. He could not always bring a girl to experience sufferings with him.

Even though Chu Feng knew they were going to separate eventually, he hadn’t expected it to come so soon.

“Big Brother, Little Fishy has a present for you!” She giggled, then spread open her hands. A necklace appeared on her fair and tender hands.

When Chu Feng focused on it, he discovered that the necklace was truly interesting. It was a normal hemp rope tied around a small black-coloured rock.

Looking carefully, regardless if it was the rope or the rock, there were no special things about them. They were common objects. Not only were they common, the tying of the rope was even very rough.

“This was made by Little Fishy personally! Does it look good?” Little Fishy asked proudly as she put the rock necklace on her cupped hands.

“It does! I didn’t expect my Little Fishy to be so adroit and could even make a necklace on her own!” Although it was poorly made, after all, it was made by a three-year-old child. Naturally, Chu Feng praised ceaselessly as he put on an appearance of extreme fondness.

“Hehe, then Big Brother, you must always wear it! Don’t lose it, or else Little Fishy will be mad!” She stuffed the necklace into Chu Feng’s hands.

“Little Fishy needs to leave now, but Big Brother also has a present to give to you.” The number of treasures Chu Feng had on him was countless, but at that instant, he meticulously picked out a beautiful footlace and personally tied it on Little Fishy’s ankle.

Not only was that footlace gorgeous, it was even an Elite Armament. It had the effect of automatically protecting its master.

“Yiyayiya! The gift Big Brother gave to Little Fishy is so beautiful! Little Fishy likes it a lot.” Although she didn’t know what Elite Armaments were, she currently skipped and jumped about in extreme happiness. Then, she leaped into the water and merrily swam around Chu Feng.

“Big Brother, Little Fishy will leave now!” However, after some unknown number of laps of swimming, Little Fishy finally stopped and said her farewells to Chu Feng.

“Mm. Little Fishy, good bye. Big Brother will miss you.” Chu Feng didn’t hold her back. He stood on the sea surface, enduring longing, and waved his hand at Little Fishy, who was in the sea, with a smile.

“Little Fishy will also miss you! Big Brother, good bye!” Little Fishy flashed a dazzling smile as she blinked, then turned around, and like a mermaid, swam away. With cheerful sounds of “yiyayiya”, she disappeared from Chu Feng’s line of sight.

He looked in the direction of Little Fishy’s departure. Only after a while did Chu Feng smile relievedly. He spread open his hands and once again looked at the necklace Little Fishy gave him. Then, he put it over his neck, and buried the rock under his clothes.

“This scene runs through the horizon. It may not be related to the Eastern Sea Region. Even if it related to this place, it may not be a bad thing. So, Fei’er, there is no need for you to be afraid.”

Simultaneously, in the centermost region of the Everlasting Sea of Blood, as Ya Zongyun gazed at the abnormality he consoled her granddaughter.

“Mm.” Although Ya Fei was indeed frightened by the tear, after a while of soothing, the fear gradually vanished. Especially as the abnormality remained for much longer yet there was nothing out of the ordinary there, she was even more at ease.

So, she said to Ya Zongyun, “Grandfather, since this phenomenon has appeared for such a long time yet nothing has happened, there is no need for us to continue observing. Right now, let’s go and take care of that Daoist Qiushui first in case she gets hold of news and knows that you’ve come to the Everlasting Sea of Blood then furtively escapes.”

“Mm. Fei’er is right. No matter what this abnormality is foretelling, it’s not something that we have control over. Let us first pay a visit to the Holy Daughter, a person that I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Ya Zongyun also nodded with a smile. In order to show his strength and majesty, he even brought a group of Immortal Execution Archipelago experts and went forth together to the Qiushui Fuyan’s residence.