Chapter 639 - Horrifying Huge Hand

MGA: Chapter 639 - Horrifying Huge Hand

In the bright night sky, suddenly there appeared a tear that looked as if a giant had ripped it opened with its hands. That made people shocked, terrified, and very uneasy.

It’s because it was very, very high up in the sky. If that were truly a human act, how big of a body and how much power would they need to create such a tear?

None of them dared to imagine such a situation because the more they seriously thought about it, the more they felt their hairs stand on end with endless fear. They subconsciously felt that it simply wasn’t something that a human did, because it was impossible for humans to have such power. Even cultivators could not.

Thus, everyone felt that it was either a demon, or it was a god. However, they were more willing to believe that it was only an abnormality, a phenomenon. That it was completely unrelated to them.

That scene was really too shocking, so much that it surpassed their bearable limits. They felt it wasn’t something they could participate in, nor was it something they ever wanted to participate in.

Every single person in the entire Eastern Sea Region could see the tear in the sky, and almost everyone was stunned. Naturally, Chu Feng discovered it as well.

But Chu Feng didn’t have the heart to admire it, nor could he be bothered to guess what was happening because at that instant, his mind was only thinking of one person—Little Fishy.

“Chu Feng.” Suddenly, a voice rang out, and at the same time, a fairy-like beautiful figure appeared in front of Chu Feng, blocking his path. It was Qiushui Fuyan.

“Senior Qiushui, have you seen Little Fishy?” Chu Feng asked concernedly.

But Qiushui Fuyan shook her head, and said, “Chu Feng, continuing to search like this isn’t the way to go. The Eastern Sea Region is so vast, and Little Fishy’s speed in water is also very quick. If she went out to play, she may not remain within the Everlasting Sea of Blood. With your speed, how could you find her?

“So, it’s better for you to return and wait there. If Little Fishy finishes playing and returns, at least there will be a person to bring her back to the floating island.

“But don’t worry about her being caught by Ya Fei. You know Little Fishy’s speed. Ya Fei definitely doesn’t have the ability to catch her.”

After speaking, Qiushui Fuyan also couldn’t help raising her head and look at the sky. She lightly sighed. “This night is truly unpeaceful.” Afterwards, she leaped forward and like light, rushed towards the distance, and disappeared. At the same time, she also spread out her Spirit power, increasing her range of detection.

Seeing that, Chu Feng knew Qiushui Fuyan was continuing to look for Little Fishy. Thinking carefully, he felt that she was correct. If Little Fishy truly went out to play, to want to find her would truly be quite hard. But going out to play meant she would eventually come back, and if no one were waiting on the floating island when she came back, she would not be able to return onto the floating island. That would instead put her in danger.

So, Chu Feng no longer blindly searched for her. He used a bodily martial skill and flew back to the floating island that they resided in.

“Junior Wuqing, have you seen Little Fishy?” After returning to the floating island, Chu Feng discovered that Jiang Wanshi had returned as well. Likely, it was Qiushui Fuyan who sent her back.

Chu Feng shook his head, and said, “Senior Jiang, don’t worry too much. I believe that Little Fishy will return soon. I’ll wait for her under the island. It’ll be fine if you wait on the island.

“That girl has many abilities, after all. Even I’m not sure if she will return flying in the air or not. If she does, she will definitely directly return to this island. At that time, Senior, just come down and tell me.”

“Mm. Junior Wuqing is correct.” Jiang Wanshi nodded.

After that, Chu Feng said nothing more and leaped down from the floating island, landing above the blood-coloured sea surface.

Chu Feng stood above the sea, initially wanting to calm his heart and wait for Little Fishy; however, he was quite helpless as it was the center area of the Everlasting Sea of Blood. Every person in the sea resided in that area.

And because an abnormality appeared in the sky, shouts and sighs rang out everywhere, even frightened wails and cries. Affected by the rowdiness, Chu Feng too couldn’t help looking at the night sky.

“Eggy, although this phenomenon is grandiose, even more so it is troubling. What exactly is it, do you know?” Chu Feng carefully examined it and also discovered that it was overly peculiar. Faintly, it made people uneasy, so he did not feel that it was something made by the birth and descent of a Divine Body.

“Heh. Although I have seen a lot, I have always stayed in the Asura Spirit World. The situation at present is also the first time I’ve seen it. Rather than you and me guessing, why not use the Heaven’s Eyes and observe it?” Eggy chuckled and did not directly answer his question.

Hearing that, without dawdling, Chu Feng used the Heaven’s Eyes. Instantly, his gaze was like a sword, and when he looked back at the sky, his complexion changed greatly. With the Heaven’s Eyes, he truly found a few problems.

In an ordinary person’s perspective, they only felt that the edges of the tear was similar to fingers pulling the tear open, so they felt that there was a person using their hands to rip open the sky.

But with Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes, he actually saw a faint image. Though it was fairly indistinct, and one was even unable to determine if it were real or fake, that image was indeed a large hand piercing through and rending the sky.

“This...How has this happened?!” Seeing that, even Chu Feng couldn’t remain calm and couldn’t help being frightened.

Regardless of how strong cultivators were, there was always a limit. Even though they could walk on air and pass through layers of white clouds, they could never touch the stars and the moon, let alone the space above the stars and moon.

At that instant, there was truly a pair of hands that ripped the sky at that location. How could Chu Feng continue remaining collected?

He still could not imagine exactly how big the huge hand was and exactly what power it contained to be able to rip open the sky.

However, Chu Feng was able to imagine the entirety of the incomparably vast Eastern Sea Region becoming completely wiped out by not the descent of the huge hand, but of the press of a single finger.

Those two hands were too terrifying. So terrifying that they surpassed Chu Feng’s range of comprehension. The owner of those hands must certainly be even more terrifying, and truly have might that could destroy the heavens and earth.

At that instant, Chu Feng, who didn’t believe in the existence of god, for the first time, connected those hands with a word. God.

Could they be the hands of god? That was the greatest question currently in Chu Feng’s heart.

“Eggy, do you see it?!” Chu Feng hurriedly asked Eggy while frightened. As they shared vision and hearing, the things he saw Eggy could as well.

“Mm. Looking at this, it is likely not fake.” At that instant, even Eggy’s tone became strangely serious. Her former naughtiness existed no longer.

“Eggy, what do you mean? Don’t tell me that the illusion in between the tear is real?” Chu Feng became even more frightened upon obtaining Eggy’s answer.

“If it’s fortune, it will not be a disaster. If it's a disaster, it cannot be evaded. There’s no use worrying about it when you can do nothing about it. I only hope that regardless of fortune or disaster, it will be unrelated to you.” After those words, Eggy went silent and said no more, as though even the great queen who feared nothing was frightened as well.