Chapter 638 - Rending the Night Sky

MGA: Chapter 638 - Rending the Night Sky

However, after hearing Ya Fei’s words, Ya Zongyun sank into contemplation. Only after a long while did he ask, “Fei’er, you said that this Daoist Qiushui is a Gold-cloak World Spiritist?”

“Mm.” Ya Fei nodded her head in confirmation.

“Does she wear a white skirt?!” Ya Zongyun continued asking.

“Mm. Grandfather, how did you know? Could it be that you know her?” Ya Fei asked puzzledly.

“Fei’er, does that woman have an outstanding appearance? Although she nears the age of forty, does she still have a complexion and demeanor that is superior to others?” Ya Zongyun continued asking.

“She used a veil to cover her face, so I couldn’t see, but looking at her figure and the outline of her face, I could see that she was decently pretty. As for her demeanor… Thinking about it, and from your words, she truly did have some unordinary demeanor that seemed as if she left the mortal world,” Ya Fei replied.

“Judging by that, it’s likely her.” After hearing Ya Fei’s words, Ya Zongyun lightly nodded his head, a hint of an interested smile appearing, as the corners of his mouth rose.

“Grandfather, who exactly is that Daoist Qiushui?” At that instant, Ya Fei confirmed that her grandfather definitely knew who Daoist Qiushui was, else he wouldn’t have acted like so. Thus, she was also very curious as to who she was.

“If my guess is correct, then this ‘Daoist Qiushui’ is not a simple person at all. She should be the person who was called the number one beauty in the Eastern Sea Region back then, and at the same time, the Holy Daughter of the Burning Heaven Church, Qiushui Fuyan,” Ya Zongyun said.

“Holy Daughter of the Burning Heaven Church, Qiushui Fuyan?!

“Grandfather, she wouldn’t be, right? Didn’t you say that over ten years ago, the Burning Heaven Church already led the entire church into the Heavenly Road, and moved to the Holy Land of Martialism?

“If so, how is it possible for Qiushui Fuyan, the Holy Daughter of the Burning Heaven Church, to appear in the Eastern Sea Region?”

Ya Fei’s face was full of shock. After all, Qiushui Fuyan’s name was very well known in the Eastern Sea Region. Even though the Burning Heaven Church had disappeared for many years, many people could not forget her great name. She was a symbol of an era, a lover that countless people had in their dreams.

“Then you probably don’t know about this. Back then, when the Burning Heaven Church was moving, I had sent them off along with the archipelago master. At that time, I had carefully observed the people from the Burning Heaven Church. I discovered that all famous experts were there, but only the Holy Daughter Qiushui Fuyan hadn’t shown herself.

“At that time, I felt that she possibly hadn’t left with the Burning Heaven Church. And now, the Daoist Qiushui you spoke of, no matter age or characteristics, are very close to Qiushui Fuyan. So, I determined that she is very likely Qiushui Fuyan,” Ya Zongyun said.

“So that means she truly is Qiushui Fuyan? No wonder. No wonder she didn’t even put the Immortal Execution Archipelago in her eyes. As the Holy Daughter of the Burning Heaven Church, she does have such qualifications.” Ya Fei sighed helplessly with a face of grievance.

“Silly girl, although the Burning Heaven Church is powerful, that was, after all, many years ago. Right now, the Burning Heaven Church exists no longer, and Qiushui Fuyan also doesn’t have an enormous power protecting her. At most, she is an expert hidden away from the world. There is no need to fear her,” Ya Zongyun said.

“But Grandfather, Qiushui Fuyan is still the Holy Daughter of the Burning Heaven Church. She was already fairly strong back then, so now, I’m sure she’s even stronger. It’s better for you not to provoke her,” Ya Fei advised intentionally. Though really, she was goading her grandfather to make a move.

“Haha, my silly Fei’er, you truly overestimate that Qiushui Fuyan.

“The Holy Son of the Burning Heaven Church, Huangfu Haoyue, is indeed powerful, but the Holy Daughter Qiushui Fuyan is far from strong. Back then, she couldn’t even beat me, your grandfather, let alone now?

“From what you’ve said, she’s residing in the Everlasting Sea of Blood currently? Quickly bring me there. If I don’t give her a lesson, she truly will think that my precious granddaughter is fun to bully!” Ya Zongyun said while patting his chest. As expected, he believed Ya Fei’s words.

“That’s great! I knew my grandfather is the most powerful one.” Ya Fei happily skipped and jumped about. She was ecstatic. In front of her own grandfather, her arrogant attitude remained no more. She was like a child, even a bit cute.

*bam* But just at that moment, the tightly shut door was suddenly pushed opened by someone. A female servant, face fraught with panic, ran in and loudly said, “Lord First Immortal, Lady Ya Fei, this isn’t good!”

“Insolence! I’m talking with my grandfather. Who allowed you to intrude without reporting in?” Seeing her, Ya Fei became enraged, and as she pointed at the servant, she was going to hit her.

“Wait.” However, before letting her act, she was stopped by her grandfather, Ya Zongyun. After stopping her, he gravely asked, “What urgent matter do you have, say it directly.”

“Lord First Immortal, Lady Ya Fei.

“There is an abnormality in the sky outside, please come out and observe it,” the female servant replied tensely.

“What? Abnormality in the sky?” Hearing those words, Ya Zongyun’s and Ya Fei’s expressions changed slightly, then Ya Zongyun grabbed Ya Fei. Then his body moved slightly, and became a strand of light, arriving in the sky outside the palace.

At that instant, they discovered above the many floating islands, quite a few people had risen to the sky, and were gazing at the night sky with faces full of surprise.

And when they raised their heads to see as well, even Ya Zongyun’s and Ya Fei’s faces changed greatly. Incomparable shock surged within their roundly widened eyes.

It was because at that very instant, in the sky full of stars, an abnormality truly appeared.

It was unknown how far it was from them, but it was definitely above the rivers of stars in the Nine Heavens where no one could reach. There, a tear appeared.

Indeed, it was a tear. Even though the night surrounded it, one could still see that it was a tear. That tear was gradually enlarging, as though the sky was ripped apart.

“Heavens! The sky has been torn! What is happening? Is this the apocalypse that the legends depict, and the sky will crash down upon us?!” Seeing the tear getting larger and larger, some people with weaker hearts started to yell this and that.

“Grandfather, what is happening? Could there be a Divine Body descending?” It wasn’t the first time Ya Fei had seen such a situation. From when she was young, she had seen an abnormality in the sky, and at that time there was a Divine Body that came into the Eastern Sea Region. That Divine Body was Zi Ling.

“No. The phenomenon of the descent of a Divine Body always takes away one’s eyes. It also represented the special Divine power that they would grasp.

“But this time, the scene is different. It doesn’t seem like the descent of a Divine Body. It seems more like some terrifying existence is forcefully tearing the sky asunder.

“Fei’er, look carefully. Look at the shape of the tear. Doesn’t it look like a person’s using their hands to rend the sky apart?” Ya Zongyun asked as he pointed at the night sky.

After hearing her grandfather speak, Ya Fei looked in detail again, at the sides of the endlessly enlarging tear in the sky.

Though on the surface it seemed ordinary, indescribable terror instantly emerged onto her already shocked face. Even her body started lightly quivering, she then said with a very meek voice, “Grandfather… Wha-wha-what is that?!”