Chapter 557 - Aberrant Treatment

MGA: Chapter 557 - Aberrant Treatment

The disciples of the Four Seas Academy could benefit from extremely excellent treatments because in the land of the academy, there were specialized training grounds. Large amounts of cultivation resources were grown as well.

There was even land that belonged to every single disciple, and they could build structures they liked in their own land, and do anything they enjoyed to do.

And since the area of the Four Seas Academy was this large, in order for convenient travelling, World Spiritists built countless Teleportation Arrays on the vast grounds. The Teleportation Arrays were built by Purple-cloak World Spiritists.

With the Teleportation Arrays that spanned the mighty-sized terrain, really, no matter where one wished to go, it became a lot simpler because the speed of the Teleportation Arrays was not something comparable to other basic means of transportation.


At that instant, in the middle area of the Four Seas Academy, there was a huge city. The city could contain several hundred thousand people, and was primarily used to welcome those who prepared to enter the Four Seas Academy.

Inside the enormous city, there were countless Teleportation Arrays brimming with purple light. As the radiance flashed, several people walked out from behind, and a few of them were Chu Feng and the others.

“This Four Seas Academy is indeed not simple. They’ve actually set up so many Teleportation Arrays! The speed of movement when using these Teleportation Arrays is quite extraordinary. It can even be said to be scary.”

After such a long distance of displacement completed in only a short moment, even Chu Feng felt disbelief. Although, as a World Spiritist, he had once used the power of Teleportation Arrays, he had never tried such a far teleportation. As such, he deeply understood as well how difficult it was to complete Teleportation Arrays for such great distances.

“There is nothing to be amazed at, as this isn’t a genuinely single long-distance Teleportation Array. These are many overlaying, smaller Teleportation Arrays that create the illusion of them being a single long-distance teleportation.”

“Although Teleportation Arrays such as these can also show the effect of speedy transportation, it is an enormous construction project. To build so many Teleportation Arrays in such a large span of land, they must have used an enormous number of Purple-cloak World Spiritists, as well as no less than several hundred years.”

“It can be said that the Teleportation Arrays you see today are the lifeblood of the Four Seas Academy’s seniors.”

“However, if it were laid by a Royal-cloak World Spiritists, that person alone could finish such a project with merely a few years of time.”

“And if it were laid by an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, it would be complete with only a few days of time, and the Teleportation Array they create would be far superior to the one you see now.” Eggy, who was always in the Spiritual World, explained.

“Royal-cloak World Spiritist? Immortal-cloak World Spiritist? Those are the World Spiritists above the Gold-cloak rank?” Chu Feng asked with joy, because he knew that absolutely, the Gold-cloak rank was not the end point of World Spiritists.

But Eggy had always been unwilling to tell him what realms were above the Gold-cloak one, saying it would be useless telling him too much with his inadequate cultivation. But now, it seemed like Eggy planned to tell Chu Feng.

“Above Gold-cloak World Spiritists are Royal-cloak World Spiritists, and above the Royal-cloak are Immortal-cloak World Spiritists.” Eggy said.

“Then what about above Immortal-cloak World Spiritists? Are there stronger realms above the Immortal-cloak?” Chu Feng closely asked.

“Above Immortal-cloak? There are, of course there are. But I’m afraid even in the so-called Holy Land of Martialism there are none. So, it’s better if you don’t ask more because those things are too distant from you.”

“Take a Royal-cloak World Spiritist for example. Unless they have exceptional talent, otherwise, without the cultivation of Martial Kings, they should not even think of becoming a Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Even if they have the cultivation of Martial Kings, without certain comprehension strength, they cannot become a Royal-cloak World Spiritist because the Royal-rank Spirit Formation power is not something that’s on the same level as Purple-coloured Spirit Formation power. The distance between the two of them is like the heaven and the earth.”

“Even Martial Emperors may not be able to become Immortal-cloak World Spiritists. So now, you should know how difficult it is to become someone who surpasses Immortal-cloak World Spiritists right?” Eggy giggled and said.

Hearing everything to that point, Chu Feng also couldn’t help sucking in a breath of cool air, as he finally knew about the profoundness of the World Spiritist road. When Martial Emperors were already that strong, how terrifying would those above Martial Emperors be? Chu Feng truly did not dare to imagine.

“Excuse me, are you planning to enter the Four Seas Academy?” Shortly after walking out of the Teleportation Array, a man flew over with a face full of smiles.

That man was over the middle-ages, probably already over forty years old. On his face that seemed to have experienced the undulations of life, there seemed to be an outer appearance of maturity engraved within. His cultivation was not weak as well, being in the fifth level of the heaven realm, and speaking in terms of cultivation, he could be said to be stronger than Chu Feng and the others.

More importantly, the blue-coloured clothes he wore, the two huge black words “Four Seas”, and the badge worn on his waist revealed his identity. He was a person from the Four Seas Academy.

“Senior, we are indeed preparing to enter the Four Seas Academy. I’ve heard this place can allow us to rest, so we came here.” Jiang Wushang kindly replied. He did not dare to be rude to disciples of the Four Seas Academy.

Especially as, on the road there, they saw the haughtiness and unreasonableness of the people from the Four Seas Academy, even if it was Jiang Wushang he didn’t dare to be disrespectful towards those from the Four Seas Academy.

“There is a place, of course there is! Juniors, follow me. I’ll arrange resting grounds of the highest quality.” But the thing that surprised Chu Feng and the others was the complete lack of arrogant attitude from the person in front of them. Rather, he seemed very kind. That really made Chu Feng and the others nonplussed.

Initially, they thought the man in front of them was very different from the masses, as he had a very considerate nature. Only after several people accidentally blocked their path, sparking a string of curses from the man, did Chu Feng and the others discover that they were very wrong.

The man was only amiable and warm to them. When he treated others, not only was he plentiful imperious, he was even incomparably ferocious. He scared many people to the point where they first bobbed their heads and bent their waists in apology, then scattered and fled.

Facing that scene, Chu Feng and the others looked at one another and were numb. Only later on did they learn why the man treated them so friendlily. It seemed like Chu Feng and the others were exceptions.

Even though there were several tens of thousands of people who prepared to enter the Four Seas Academy today, in reality, they were not young. The number of people who were truly young and stepped into the Heaven realm were few within few.

So, the ones who were young and strong like Chu Feng’s group could pretty much easily pass the exam, and could even possibly have quite a nice future in the Four Seas Academy.

Thus, even disciples of the Four Seas Academy would not be willing to offend Chu Feng and the others. They would even use the excuse of welcoming them to befriend them.

He, the one who greeted them, hoped that if Chu Feng and the others had achievements in the future, perhaps they could pull him up as well. After all, he was already so old. Even though he was quite impressive in the eyes of outsiders, in reality, within the Four Seas Academy, he was bullied quite a bit.

Just like that, the middle-aged disciple prepared a rather fine residence for Chu Feng and the others. Moreover, he prepared a servant for them. However, that servant did not belong to the Four Seas Academy and was his own, as only the elders and disciples could afford to support a servant in the Four Seas Academy.