Chapter 556 - A Person Beyond A Person

MGA: Chapter 556 - A Person Beyond A Person

After completing the deeds, Chu Feng flipped his hand, and several Cosmos Sacks appeared. All of those were from the people of the Shentu Dynasty.

Although Chu Feng killed many people, he struck appropriately. Not only did he absorb their Source Energy for Eggy before their deaths, he even looted their Cosmos Sacks as well as the treasures they brought along and had on themselves.

Chu Feng finished all of that in an instant. If it were before, Chu Feng wouldn’t be able to do such things, but he, at present, can. That was Chu Feng’s current power.

“I didn’t expect the Shentu Dynasty to be this wealthy.”

After examining the objects in the Cosmos Sacks, Chu Feng nodded his head satisfiedly. It could be said that the Shentu Dynasty was truly quite wealthy. Especially Shentu Lang. He himself brought a frightening amount of fortune. For Heaven beads alone he obtained ten thousand.

One must know if Chu Feng were to convert all of the Ji Dynasty’s wealth he plundered into Heaven beads, he could get, at most, a bit over one hundred thousand.

But Shentu Lang, he alone actually brought ten thousand Heaven beads. Either he was an insanely wasteful person, or his Shentu Dynasty was truly abundant in wealth.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, you really do have good ideas. You are drowning him alive with excrement!” At that moment, Jiang Wushang flew over and said with a smirking face as he looked towards the pit of excrement below, already covered by Chu Feng.

“Junior Chu Feng, that brat is too full of himself. He dared to attack Brother Wushang and had malicious thoughts towards Lady Su Rou and Lady Su Mei! We should punish him well. Killing him immediately is too benevolent.” At the same time, Zhang Tianyi vented his anger.

As he faced their gazes, Chu Feng, a light smile on his face, said, “No. I am not drowning him to death. That Spirit Formation will protect him, preventing him from directly contacting the excrement.”

“What? Junior Chu Feng, what are you planning? Why not just use excrement to drown him to death?”

“Yeah! Big Brother Chu Feng, what are your plans? Could it be you are preparing to starve him to death?” Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang expressed confusion to Chu Feng’s words, and started to guess his intentions.

“No, I’m not starving him to death either.” Chu Feng shook his head with a smile.

“Ahhh! Big Brother Chu Feng, exactly how are you planning to take care of him? Don’t leave us in suspense and quickly tell us!” Jiang Wushang really impatiently wanted to know the answer.

“That Spirit Formation will protect him, separating him from the excrement. But he will not starve to death because on the Spirit Formation that’s protecting him, I laid another formation. That formation absorbs the energy from the outside and forcefully channels it into his body. Incidentally, that energy is sufficient to sustain his life.”

“As for that outside energy, I’m sure all of you know what it is right?” Chu Feng grinned evilly.

Hearing those words, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang looked at each other with their four eyes, their heads completely foggy. But soon, they understood something and asked together, “Is it excrement?”

“That’s right, excrement.”

“He cannot escape because my Spirit Formation bound his power.”

“He will not starve to death because that formation will feed him the energy converted from excrement. No matter if he’s willing or not, the formation will turn the excrement into energy and imbue it into his body.”

“Unless one day he completely absorbs all of the excrement, he will not die.” Chu Feng smiled and said smugly.

“Haha, Big Brother Chu Feng, good thing you thought of forcefully submerging this Shentu Lang into excrement.” Jiang Wushang swayed back and forth from laughter.

“Junior Chu Feng, I must say that this move is even eviler than what I had initially thought. I’m guessing that this Shentu Lang must really want to die right now!” And on Zhang Tianyi’s face, even some admiration appeared.

Su Rou and Su Mei seemed a bit speechless when seeing their reactions. Although they knew Chu Feng was venting their anger for them, in their perspectives, forcefully feeding a person excrement, no matter how one thought of it, was revolting.

That made them, who originally wanted to cram themselves with food, lose their appetite completely. In addition, there was no one else able to prepare them food in the luxurious tavern, so Chu Feng and his group continued their journey.

After a while of travelling, they finally entered the Four Seas Academy’s territory. It was a continent formed by countless archipelagoes. Although it was fragmented, its total surface area was several times larger than the continent of the Nine Provinces.

And such a huge land was all of the Four Seas Academy’s territory.

Most importantly, on the large stretch of land, all of the structures were under the name of the Four Seas Academy. From that, it could be seen how enormous the Four Seas Academy was. A truly large force of power.

But despite the Four Seas Academy’s massive size, there were not many disciples in there. One must know that the peak powers of the Nine Provinces had around ten million people.

But it was said that the Four Seas Academy, a power so distinguished, had no more than several hundred thousand people when all elders and disciples were summed up. And most of those were even elders.

Though there were few people in the Four Seas Academy, the disciples there could be called the dragons within men. Just take the simplest thing: if one desired to enter the Four Seas Academy, it mattered not if you were a male or a female. There were even no restrictions on age. But there was one mandatory requirement: you had to be in the Heaven realm.

The Heaven realm. They were all in the Heaven realm. Several hundred thousand Heaven realm experts. They were real elites.

“My god, they are actually all in the Heaven realm! Cultivators titled peak experts in the continent of the Nine Provinces are everywhere here!” At that moment, as she looked upon the continual emergence of people, Su Mei’s face was full of amazement.

It was because no matter if she gazed at an old one, or middle-aged one, or a young one, there was not any who was in the Profound realm. All of them belonged in the Heaven realm, and there was a large number of them. It was difficult for her not to be amazed.

“No need to be awed. This is, after all, the Eastern Sea Region! The Heaven realm isn’t much in this place, and only Martial Lords are the truly strong ones. Only Martial Kings are the unparalleled experts. There are too many people who can step into the Heaven realm.” Jiang Wushang explained.

“Brother Wushang is correct. A certain area of land brings about a certain type of people. The spiritual energy, Origin power, Profound power, and even Heaven power here are many times denser in comparison to the continent of the Nine Provinces. It can’t be helped that the cultivators in this place have cultivation that is not weak.”

“Moreover, disregarding the natives of the Eastern Sea Region, those who are able to come to the Eastern Sea Regions from faraway lands do not have weak cultivation. The weak would not dare to come to this place.”

“Even more so as the Four Seas Academy have very strict requirements for disciple recruitment. Although they do not limit based on age, or origin, or gender, for those who wish to join them, the minimum is the Heaven realm. Even those in the Heaven realm need to pass through examinations and tests. So, that’s why everyone who shows up here are cultivators in the Heaven realm, yet even that may still not be enough.” Chu Feng explained with a smile.

“It seems like the proverbs are quite correct. Right now, I truly understand what ‘there is a person beyond a person, and a sky beyond a sky’ means.”

After hearing Chu Feng’s and Jiang Wushang’s words, Su Mei seemed to be serene. A hint of happiness even emerged onto her face. By relying on the Pearl of Flames, her cultivation reached the Heaven realm. Because of that, she initially even thought that she was exceptional. After all, in the Azure Province, the Heaven realm was like a legend.

So, in that instant, she knew that the Heaven realm wasn’t really anything. That being said however, the reason she rejoiced was exactly because she obtained the power from the Pearl of Flames. If not, she would have been an existence equivalent to trash in the eyes of the Eastern Sea Region’s people, and would lack any great achievements in her entire life.