Chapter 555 - What Are You Planning

MGA: Chapter 555 - What Are You Planning

“How is this possible? You, you, you actually!” Seeing his two Mastered Elite Armaments truly grasped by Chu Feng, Shentu Lang’s eyes were widened even larger than a cow’s, his gaze full of astonishment.

“I must say, although in terms in quality, these two Elite Armaments are just a bit inferior to my Asura Ghost Axe, their quality is still quite good out of the Mastered Elite Armaments I’ve seen.”

“Little Rou, Little Mei, how about I gift these two Elite Armaments to you two for protection?” Chu Feng held the two Elite Armaments and cheerfully looked at Su Rou and Su Mei.

“Sure!” Seeing that, Su Rou and Su Mei nodded in agreement with faces full of smiles.

Although they were two powerful Elite Armaments, one blade and one sword, they had very elegant outward appearances, very suitable for females to use. If Su Rou and Su Mei used them, it would be perfect.

“Bastard thing, you dare to give away my Elite Armaments? You are looking down on me too much are you?!” Seeing Chu Feng actually pass his two treasures to others, Shentu Lang vividly grinded his teeth.

But he wasn’t too nervous because they were Mastered Elite Armaments! Treasures that were connected to his heart and mind, allowing him to freely control them!

So, radiance flashed in his palms, formless power pouring into the two Elite Armaments in Chu Feng’s hands. He wanted to summon his weapons back to his own hands.

“Hmph.” However, Chu Feng coldly snorted at Shentu Lang’s actions. His hands quivered faintly as he imbued what seemed to be infinite Heaven power into the Elite Armaments.

Then hearing a bang that came from the Elite Armaments, Shentu Lang’s face immediately turned incomparably deathly-white. At the same time, the light in his palms disappeared, then a large mouthful of blood sprayed out with a poof.

“What is happening?” Zhang Tianyi and the others were astounded as they saw the events unfolding in front of him because evidently, Chu Feng did not make a move on Shentu Lang, so why did he receive heavy injuries?

“You, you, you, you cut off my connection to the Elite Armaments?!” In that moment, Shentu Lang’s face was full of shock. His previous haughtiness existed no longer, endlessly fear taking its place.

As the victim, he understood very clearly what happened. The reason why he suffered heavy injuries was for none other reason but because Chu Feng cut off the link between him and the Elite Armaments. To be more precise, the two weapons currently no longer belonged to him.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard of things such as cutting off another person’s connection with their Elite Armament, but it applied only for situations when the render had strength far above the owner of the Elite Armament. Although Chu Feng aura was currently in the sixth level of the Heaven realm, he clearly shouldn’t be equipped with such an ability.

Yet Chu Feng did it. In addition to Chu Feng’s various methods previously, he made him aware of a very frightening problem: he was facing an extremely horrifying opponent.


Feeling things going awry, Shentu Lang quickly turned around, wind rising under his feet. He was using a bodily martial skill as he wanted to flee.


However, Chu Feng disdainfully smile at Shentu Lang’s actions. Quickly after, his hand turned into a claw shape, and he grabbed the air. Immeasurable Heaven power gushed out, formed a huge Heaven power hand, and clasped Shentu Lang down.

*boom* After snatching him down from high in the air, Chu Feng suddenly flicked his entire arm downwards, fiercely throwing Shentu Lang onto the ground.


The powerful force immediately formed a huge pit on the surface of the ground. Shentu Lang’s body even kept on making cracking noises; clearly, the bones throughout his body was shattered by Chu Feng.

After dropping Shentu Lang down, Chu Feng gradually walked up to him and stepped on his head.

“Bastard. You dare to do this to me? Do you know who I am?! If my father knows about this, he will definitely kill you! He will kill all of you!” Shentu Lang furiously howled. As a lofty prince, a famous genius within his clan, he had never received such ridicule.

“Are you certain your father will know about today?” The corners of Chu Feng’s mouth rose to form a strange smile.

*gulp* Hearing those words, Shentu Lang couldn’t help swallowing some spittle. His formerly still arrogant complexion was replaced straightaway by terror. He already understood Chu Feng’s thoughts because there was something called “silencing by extermination”.

“Just now, you said we delayed your journey, so we should die.”

“Then do you know the consequences of daring to attack my friends?” Chu Feng indifferently asked while looking at Shentu Lang beneath his feet.

“My brother, it’s a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding! It is really a misunderstanding. I initially had no intentions of touching your friends… Ah! Hey, brother, what are you doing? Just let me go and talk this out with words.”

At that instant, Shentu Lang panicked. He was truly afraid that Chu Feng would kill him, but Chu Feng did not give him any opportunities to explain himself. He lifted him up with a single hand, then spread out his Spirit power before flying to the northwest.

Zhang Tianyi and the others felt puzzled at Chu Feng’s actions, so they hurriedly rose into the sky and chased after the direction Chu Feng flew towards.

After ascending into the air, only then did they discover that the luxurious tavern became completely void of people. Other than the corpses which littered the ground, and themselves, there was basically no one left alive.

As for the reason, it was actually very simple. It was not the people from the Shentu Dynasty who killed everyone there.

It was just that after encountering the Shentu Dynasty’s carnage, of those who survived, which ones dared to stay behind? They had already slipped away like a sliver of smoke.

*boom* But just at that moment, Chu Feng came above a structure, threw his palm downwards, and demolished it with an explosion. After the structure vanished, a vast area contained yellow-coloured substances suddenly emerged onto the surface of the ground. Coinciding with that was an unbearable stench that came permeating through the air. It was a huge excrement pit.

*hmm* After blasting the pit into the open, Chu Feng waved his hand and enveloped layers of Spirit Formation onto Shentu Lang’s body.

In addition to that, Chu Feng even laid another formation on top of the Spirit Formation. Only after doing that did he chuckle towards Shentu Lang, and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

“Wha-wha-what are you doing?!” Seeing Chu Feng wicked smile, Shentu Lang immediately gulped as he broke out in a cold sweat throughout his entire body. Even his clothes were drenched by sweat. He truly broke down from terror.

“You will soon know what I am doing.” Chu Feng smiled strangely, then waved his hand and threw Shentu Lang downwards.

Hearing a poof, he shot immediately into the pit of excrement.

“Ahhh~~~~~~ Damn your ancestors! You dare to throw me into this pit?! I will kill you, I will kill you, I will definitely kill you!!” At that moment, Shentu Lang was incomparably furious and roared without end.

But Chu Feng paid no heed to his curses. Rather, a faint smile was always worn on his face. He started to lay a Spirit Formation, and actually covered the excremental pit, then moved over large pieces of debris to thoroughly bury the pit.