Chapter 554 - Taking On Elite Armaments Barehanded

MGA: Chapter 554 - Taking On Elite Armaments Barehanded

“Go, kill everyone here. Leave none alive.” Shentu Lang spoke to the guards behind him after killing the powerful group.

“Yes sir!” Hearing Shentu Lang’s words, a few guards unhesitantly rose into the air. Those who were seen by their naked eyes received their cruel slaughter.

In an instant, the luxurious tavern became a war zone. Flames rose into the sky, rumbling unceased. Coincident with those noises were dismal implorations and screams.

“You are so freely killing innocents! Are you even human?” Seeing the events unfolding in front of her, Su Mei could not continue enduring. She pointed at Shentu Lang and furiously rebuked.

“Human? Of course I’m not human. To be more precise, I’m God.”

“The people here occupy too much space. That’s why I can’t even book a slightly more luxurious room after coming to this place. They’ve delayed my journey, disrupted my plans, and no matter if it was intention or not, death is the best punishment for them.” Shentu Lang said complacently.

“You! You are simply an animal!” Su Mei loudly cursed.

“Animal? Okay, okay, okay. You dare to say I’m an animal? I’ll let you know what a true animal is!”

“Men! Strip these two women. I’ll give your eyes a treat and act out a scene in a ‘Chun Gong Tu’[1. Equivalent to the Japanese “Shunga” (slightly NSFW)].” As Shentu Lang sinisterly cackled, he lustfully swept over Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s proud beautiful bodies.

“Yes sir.” Hearing his words, the two guards currently standing behind Shentu Lang flew up together, dashing towards Su Rou and Su Mei in the air. The cultivation of those two guards was not weak, as both were in the fourth level of the Heaven realm.

“You are truly looking to die!” Looking at them, Jiang Wushang’s eyes could spit fire from anger. Revolving the Heaven power within his body as well as his Bloodline power, he wanted to give those two guards a good lesson.

Although he was no match for Shentu Lang, his battle power was more than enough to take care of the two guards.


However, before Jiang Wushang got a chance to attack, suddenly, seemingly limitless Heaven power fell down from above. With a boom, a huge pit appeared ten meters away from Jiang Wushang. Shifting his gaze back at the two guards, they were already crushed to death forcefully, becoming two meat patties.

Simultaneously, a voice filled with bloodlust descended from the heavens. Soon afterwards, two figures landed in front of Jiang Wushang, Su Rou, and Su Mei. Those two people were none other than Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi. The one who attacked just now was, of course, also Chu Feng.

“God damn, you dare to attack my people? You are truly looking to die! Men, send them all to death!” Seeing two of his own guards killed, Shentu Lang became enraged as well, and howled at the sky.

Hearing those words, the guards who were massacring became furious as well. All of them flew back, and without another word, started to attack Chu Feng.

“You wish to kill me? None of you are qualified.”

However, Chu Feng did not fear in the slightest as he faced the powerful ones flying towards him from all sides, of which the weakest were only in the second level of the Heaven realm, while several were even in the fourth level of the Heaven realm.


His hand waved, then immense Heaven power stormed into the sky, and like fierce, wild beasts, consumed them in one go.


“Prince, save me~~~~~~”

At that instant, one could hear continuous cries of misery and unbroken screams. The guards of the Shentu Dynasty were experiencing great agony.

They were because Chu Feng didn’t immediately kill them. He was tormenting them, using Heaven power to, bit-by-bit and inch-by-inch, rip their skin, bones, and even nerves. The pain made them wish they were dead as they were in pain.

“You! You are truly looking to die!”

Seeing his own guards being abused and mocked right in front of himself, Shentu Lang’s killing intent overflowed out of him. A furious howl rang out, then a dazzling “royal” appeared on his forehead with a flash.

At that instant, his aura of the fifth level of the Heaven realm increased by several times. His battle power did indeed not allow for any underestimating, and he was many times stronger than those guards.

“Hmph.” However, to Chu Feng currently, no need to even mention the fifth level of the Heaven realm, even the sixth level, or even the seventh, was not enough to strike fear into him.

Lightning surged within Chu Feng’s eyes and his aura rose rapidly. In a blink, he rose from the third level of the Heaven realm to the sixth level of the Heaven realm.

After his cultivation raised, with a thought, several bangs resounded like explosions. The Shentu Dynasty guards in midair all became pools of blood, and like rain, sprayed down and fell upon Shentu Lang’s body.

“This...” At that instant, not only Shentu Lang, even Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang, Su Rou, and Su Mei were stunned.

They already knew Chu Feng was very strong, but they never would have thought he reached such a level of power. Chu Feng’s strengthened cultivation entered the sixth level of the Heaven realm already.

Especially when they thought about Chu Feng’s horrifying battle power and also thought about Chu Feng’s cultivation at present, they were totally able to imagine how strong Chu Feng’s real power reached. Even those in the eighth level of the Heaven realm might not defeat Chu Feng.

“You, you, you, you… I will cut your corpse into ten thousand pieces!”

When he faced Chu Feng currently, Shentu Lang, who overflowed with self-confidence and was already consumed by anger, simply did not feel the perilous aura. Disregarding everything he started his attacks on Chu Feng.


A furious roar could be heard before radiance flashed in his two hands. There was then two Elite Armaments, a blade and a sword, that appeared in the air.

“Go.” Quickly after, he pointed at Chu Feng. The two Elite Armaments streaked through the air, and with the might of Elite Armaments, pressed towards Chu Feng.

At that instant, Su Rou, Su Mei, Jiang Wushang, and even Zhang Tianyi felt the strong pressure, and had to admit that Shentu Lang was indeed very strong.

Not only was his cultivation quite good, his battle power was extremely powerful as well, seen from his ability to channel power into two Mastered Elite Armaments.

If they were fighting one-on-one, likely even Zhang Tianyi could not defeat him.

But regretfully, the one confronting Shentu Lang was not Zhang Tianyi, but Chu Feng.

“Good timing.”

*whoosh* Facing the two Elite Armaments descending from the sky, Chu Feng did not retreat, and instead rose into the air.

Coming into the air, Chu Feng spread both of his arms, formed a claw shape with his hands, and actually clawed towards the Mastered Elite Armaments which contained very strong power.

“Chu Feng!” Seeing that, Su Rou and Su Mei both deeply broke out in a cold sweat for Chu Feng. After all, they were able to feel the might bottled within the two Elite Armaments.

At that instant, only Zhang Tianyi was comparatively serene. He who had truly fought against Chu Feng knew deeply how powerful he actually was.

“You dare to receive Elite Armaments barehanded? You are truly looking to die!” Seeing Chu Feng’s actions, Shentu Lang coldly snorted, and formed a hint of a derisive smile. At the same time, he put all his strength into the two Mastered Elite Armaments, wanting to kill Chu Feng in a single direct blow.


Just at that moment, Chu Feng’s palms already neared the blade and sword, the two Elite Armaments. Both weapons and palms seemed to wish to go through one another as blinding sparks arose and layers of ripples never-endingly exploded in the air.

But Chu Feng was unstoppable. Putting strength into his palms, he actually grabbed the two Elite Armaments into his hands, then one could see his arms tremble as two bursts of boundless power were channeled into the Elite Armaments.

At that instant, the two weapons were intensely vibrating, but very quickly, the horrifying might disappeared, and finally, the Elite Armaments were taken down by Chu Feng from the air. Chu Feng truly took on the two horrifying Mastered Elite Armaments barehanded.