Chapter 553 - The Arrogant Shentu Lang

MGA: Chapter 553 - The Arrogant Shentu Lang

“That’s right. When I lost my memories, I was only six. I don’t remember what happened before I was six years old. I only know that back then, I was situated in an alien land, and only later on did I learn that the land was called the Azure Province.”

“Me back then had absolutely nothing. Other than the set of clothes on my body, there were only two things. The first was this jade ornament, the other is this.” As Zhang Tianyi spoke, he took out a book. On the front were three big words: Forbidden Mysterious Technique.

“Senior Zhang, you...” At that instant, Chu Feng was also incomparably startled, because he seemed to have understood a few things.

It appeared like the Forbidden Mysterious Technique Zhang Tianyi cultivated was not found by chance, it was already on him. More importantly, the jade ornament and Mysterious Technique proved already one thing. Zhang Tianyi’s ancestry was likely very special as well.

“I don’t know why I lost my memories, but I feel that I don’t belong to the Azure Province, nor to the continent of the Nine Provinces. This jade ornament should be able to unravel the mystery of my ancestry, and perhaps it can help me retrieve the memories I had before six years of age.”

“Junior Chu Feng, you don’t need to specially search anything for me because these things rely merely on luck. You only need to pay slightly more attention and it’ll be fine just like that. Honestly speaking, even I cannot confirm whether they are in the Eastern Sea Region or not.” A light grin was worn on Zhang Tianyi’s face, but Chu Feng could feel the sorrow veiled over by his smile.

A child of only six years old, fatherless and motherless, completely alone. Chu Feng could imagine the kinds of hardship one needed to face in that situation.

When he was young, even though his life in the Chu family wasn’t optimal, there was at least someone taking care of him. But Zhang Tianyi on the hand didn’t. Clearly, his younger times were more painful than his.

The most important thing however, was Chu Feng also having great desire to understand his own background. Hence, Chu Feng was able to closely sympathize with Zhang Tianyi and feel his current emotions.

“Senior Zhang, don’t worry. I will definitely pay attention.”

“But keep the jade ornament on you. I have already memorized its appearance.” Chu Feng somberly guaranteed. While he spoke, he returned the jade ornament to Zhang Tianyi because he knew how important it was to him.

“Then sorry to trouble you, Junior Chu Feng.” After hearing Chu Feng’s response, Zhang Tianyi also smiled happily.

Afterwards, Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi returned to the tavern, but before approaching it, their faces experienced change.

It was because they discovered bewilderedly that there was smoke rising inside the tavern. Clearly, someone initiated an attack inside, but at present, Jiang Wushang, Su Rou, and Su Mei were still inside the tavern. Naturally, Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi were very anxious.

At that moment, within the tavern, the room booked by Chu Feng and the others had been flattened. Many structures surrounding it became wreckages as well. That place already became ruins.

Su Rou and Su Mei stood in the heart of the ruins with faces full of fury. They supported a person together, that person being exactly Jiang Wushang.

“I’m fine. It is but a scratch.” On Jiang Wushang current forehead he wore a golden, dazzling “royal” character. It could be seen that he used the power of his Bloodline. But in spite of that, on his body, there were a few wounds, and a sliver of blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth.

There stood a group of people from the Shentu Dynasty in front of Jiang Wushang. Unquestionably, the ones who injured Jiang Wushang were them.

“Hmph. You were so arrogant I thought you must have impressive strength, but in reality, you are only trash. You’re surnamed Jiang, right?” The prince called Shentu Lang questioned with contempt.

“That’s right. What about it?” Jiang Wushang stubbornly wiped the traces of blood from the corners of his mouth and loudly asked.

“What? Hmph.” Shentu Lang sneered, then said to the guards next to him, “Remember. He is surnamed Jiang, so his dynasty should be called the Jiang Dynasty. By giving birth to garbage like this, it seems like there is no need for his dynasty to continue its existence.”

“When you return to the dynasty, remember to report this to Father. Send people to eradicate that Jiang Dynasty. Leaving a dynasty like that in this world will do naught but lower the status of royalty. They are not worthy to possess Inherited Bloodlines.”

“You!!” Hearing those words, Jiang Wushang gnashed his teeth in rage and as he spoke he was going to attack Shentu Lang again.

But before letting him make his move, he was stopped by Su Rou on the side. Her brows knitted lightly, hiddenly warning him not to be rash, to wait for the return of Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi. They would then naturally be able to take care of Shentu Lang.

Jiang Wushang did not belong to the category of fools, so he clearly knew he could not defeat Shentu Lang after his previous exchange against him. If he continued being foolhardy, though it would not count for much whether he got injured or not, if he were to drag Su Rou and Su Mei down with him, he would let Chu Feng down too much.

Thus, he who was usually reckless also forcibly pushed down the flames in his heart, and didn’t say anything more.

“Milord, milord, stop, stop! It’s my fault, it’s my fault!” Just at that moment, an old man beautifully dressed ran over with an apologetic smile on his face.

That old man’s cultivation was not weak, being in the third level of the Heaven realm. Following behind him was a group of cultivators, their cultivation also not weak. However, looking at their attire, they were likely staff of the tavern so clearly, the old man was the boss of the luxurious tavern.

“Who are you?” Shentu Lang looked at the boss disdainfully.

“Milord, I’m the owner of this tavern.” The boss said with a smile.

“Hell, you’re the owner of this tavern? You dare to even appear in front of my prince?!” After knowing who the boss was, one of the Shentu Dynasty guards in the fourth level of the Heaven realm gripped the old man’s clothes and angrily howled.

“Ah, manners, manners! Pay attention to manners. We are ones with status!” Shentu Lang smiled strangely and said.

“Hmph.” Only after seeing Shentu Lang personally speak did the guard release that boss.

“Thank you milord, thank you milord.” Being released, the boss hurriedly kowtowed as gratitude to Shentu Lang because their strength did indeed cause him endless horror.

However, what he didn’t know was that things were not as simple as they seemed. He saw Shentu Lang wear a smile on his face, yet speak chillingly, “I grace you with my presence, but you didn’t even prepare a decent room for me? Do you know what sentence you deserve for committing such an offense?”

“Th-this… I do not.” Hearing those words, the boss’s expression unsettled, and he subconsciously retreated a few steps.

“The death sentence.” Shentu Fang’s face abruptly turned cold. His hand struck out, fiercely slamming the boss’s face.

Powerful Heaven power went through his body, and with a bang, the tavern’s boss became a mist of blood, dissipating in the air.

“Ah! Murder! Murder! The ones from the Shentu Dynasty are murdering in the Eastern Sea Region!”

Seeing that, the people who went along with the boss broke out in a cold sweat from terror. As they screamed loudly, they scattered.

“Where are you going? All of you, stay behind and accompany your boss to the grave.” However, Shentu Lang coldly snorted, then waved his hand, emitting boundless Heaven power, forcefully crushing the dozens of experts in the Profound realm into pools of blood.