Chapter 552 - Tianyi's Secret

MGA: Chapter 552 - Tianyi's Secret

“Heh, Lady Su Mei, you need to get used to this! This is only the Eastern Sea Region. I’ve heard in the Holy Land of Martialism, some Monstrous Beasts with noble bloodlines are born in the Profound realm!” Jiang Wushang hiddenly sent a mental message as he saw Su Mei’s stunned expression.

After hearing his words, Su Mei’s already shocked face became even more shocked because it was the first time she truly felt what “there’s a sky beyond a sky, and a person beyond a person” meant. It was not strange that the continent of the Nine Provinces was called a tiny place in the eyes of many experts.

However, even though it was the Eastern Sea Region and cultivators with decent cultivation were scattered everywhere, in actuality, there weren’t many people who stepped into the Heaven realm.

At least, within the several thousands of people in the luxurious tavern, there were no more than a hundred who were in the Heaven realm, and even of those who did, most of them were middle-aged uncles or aged people. There were very, very few people who were as young as Chu Feng and the others.

That was also why the appearance of Chu Feng and the others struck fear into so many people. They were not only afraid of their cultivation, they felt more strongly about there being an enormous power behind their backs.

After a short moment of sighing, they booked a fairly good room in the tavern. They were comfortably prepared to have a taste of the Eastern Sea Region’s delicious foods.

“Junior Chu Feng, I have something I want to discuss with you in private.” But just as they entered the room, Chu Feng received a mental message. Following along the sound and looking over, he saw Zhang Tianyi currently looking at himself with smiles.

“Go ahead and order some dishes. I’m going to take a leak.” In response, Chu Feng quickly stood up, and headed out.

“Junior Chu Feng, wait for me, I’m going as well!” Understanding, Zhang Tianyi also followed out.


But just as they walked out of their booked room, there was rumbling like bursts of deafening thunder.

Gazing at that direction, they saw several extravagant chariots being pulled by Heaven realm Monstrous Beasts from the east. They travelling along in the air, and at the end, landed in the tavern.

After those chariots landed, several armoured men walked out of the chariot. There was thirty-eight of them, and they were all in the Heaven realm.

What surprised Chu Feng and the others the most was that the one who led was already in the fifth level of the Heaven realm, but the most significant thing was his age. It was similar to Zhang Tianyi’s; he was a young man.

The young man was clearly the leader in that group of people, and from his conversations to his subordinates, Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi also learnt their identity.

Like Jiang Wushang, they came from the east as well, from a place called the Shentu Dynasty. They were special people who had Inherited Bloodlines.

As for the young man with strength in the fifth level of the Heaven realm, his name was Shentu Lang. He was a prince of the Shentu Dynasty, and was also preparing to enter the Four Seas Academy for cultivation.

They were the same as Chu Feng and the others. After such a long voyage, they saw this tavern, and decided to take a small break.

“Waa, a group of truly impressive characters came from this year’s Shentu Dynasty of the Eastern Continent!”

“Yeah. A few days ago, two Shentu Dynasty princes have already come from the Eastern Continent. They had the cultivation of the fourth level of the Heaven realm. That age, that cultivation; if they entered the Four Seas Academy, they will be able to receive focused development.”

“I didn’t expect the Shentu Dynasty to send some in the fifth level of the Heaven realm today. The Shentu Dynasty should be the strongest power in the Eastern Continent right?”

The appearance of Shentu Lang and the others drawn many people’s attention. Some of the surrounding observers even started to exclaim and discuss with low voices.

The Eastern Continent they mentioned was actually the place Chu Feng and the others came from. At that place, several continents were connected with one another, separated only by “rivers”. So, the entirety of the continents was called the Eastern Continent by the people of the Eastern Sea Region.

“The hell are you looking at? Scram! If you disturb my prince’s rest, you will all die.” However, not only did the people from the Shentu Dynasty ignore the crowd’s exclamations and praises, they even pointed at them and loudly cursed. A very vile attitude.

“They are truly looking to die.” As he saw that scene, Chu Feng’s complexion couldn’t help changing, his fists unavoidably clenching lightly.

Even though the people from the Shentu Dynasty were pointing at the crowd and cursing, in reality, they also included Zhang Tianyi and him, insulting them as well.

*bam* But before Chu Feng went forward, he felt a hand pulling him back. Turning his head to look, Zhang Tianyi was shaking his head slightly to himself, saying quietly, “Junior Chu Feng, it is our first time here. Given the choice to do more or less, why not do less? Endure one moment, the winds will be calm and the waves serene; take one step back, the ocean will be peaceful and the sky clear.”

Hearing that, Chu Feng remained silent. He wasn’t afraid, but just didn’t want to give no face to Zhang Tianyi.

Afterwards, they no longer paid attention to the people from the Shentu Dynasty, and left the tavern towards an unpopulated area.

“Senior Zhang, just speak your mind. There is no need to hold yourself back on anything.” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

“Mm, then I won’t bother with courtesy words. By calling you out here, I do indeed have one thing I want you to help me with.” Zhang Tianyi said.

“What is it? Just say whatever’s on your mind.” Chu Feng smiled brightly.

“It’s actually nothing big, but Junior Chu Feng, since you’re not planning to cultivate in the Four Seas Academy, according to your nature, you should be planning to journey around the Eastern Sea Region right?” Zhang Tianyi said.

“Mm. That’s not false. I have some things I need to do, and those things destine me to travel through the Eastern Sea Region.” Chu Feng nodded his head without confirming nor denying.

“Then that’s great! Junior Chu Feng, take this with you. When you traverse places, please look around and if you see this symbol, please tell me.” As he spoke, Zhang Tianyi took out a jade ornament from his pocket and handed it over to Chu Feng.

“This is?!” Accepting the jade ornament, Chu Feng’s pupils couldn’t help shrinking and on his calm face some astonishment emerged.

That jade ornament was black, the material it was made of was special, and even with Chu Feng’s current strength it was impossible to break the jade ornament. Clearly, it was not an ordinary jade ornament.

Moreover, engraved on the jade ornament was a special picture. A delicate sword.

If the scale of the sword was enlarged, it would be a very long and broad sword. However, by the sides of the sword, a pair of wings was engraved. The wings stretched outwards, as if it was going to fly out with the large sword. So, looking at it from that perspective, it seemed more like a special symbol, or something that contained a special meaning.

“Senior Zhang, where did you get this jade ornament?” Chu Feng asked curiously. Intuition told him that the origin of the jade ornament was absolutely not simple.

“To be honest, I’ve had amnesia.” Zhang Tianyi said a bit embarrassedly.

“What, amnesia?” Hearing those words, instantly, Chu Feng was even more astounded.